How to Convert ICNS to PNG Image - Here are 3 Ways to Choose

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The ICNS format is commonly used to store icons on macOS systems. However, in some cases, whether for cross-platform compatibility or for specific use cases, it is necessary to convert ICNS to PNG. In this guide, we'll explore three general methods for converting ICNS to PNG images. Each method has its own unique advantages and can satisfy users with different preferences and technical requirements. Whether you are a designer, developer, or someone who needs a fast and efficient conversion solution, understanding these methods will enable you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Convert ICNS to PNG Image

Part 1: How to Convert ICNS to PNG Image with Preview on MacOS

Using Preview, the built-in image and PDF viewer on MacOS, you can easily convert ICNS files to PNG format. Preview will export the ICNS file in PNG format to the specified location. This method is quick and easy, requiring only a simple file conversion using native MacOS applications.

Step 1: Find the ICNS file on your computer, right-click to bring up the shortcut menu, and select Preview to open and edit the ICNS file. In Preview, you can also perform some basic editing on the ICNS file, such as resizing images, etc.

Preview File

Step 2: Switch to the File tab in the upper toolbar and click the Export button. An export and editing dialog box will appear. Select PNG as the export format in Export As, click the Save button and the ICNS will be successfully converted to a PNG image.

Preview Save Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: How to Convert ICNS to PNG on a Computer

While Preview is a handy tool for basic conversions, it doesn't do much for more advanced features and batch processing. Batch processing of images requires more professional software to achieve this function. There are many professional image conversion software, but it is very rare to support both batch image and ICNS image import. WidsMob ImageConvert is one of them. WidsMob ImageConvert is a professional image conversion tool that can easily convert ICNS files to PNG images.

1. Provides instant preview function for easy adjustment at any time.

2. Modify the size of the image through 4 different modes.

3. Supports importing and converting more than 100+ image formats.

4. Customize and add text or image watermarks.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer. After the installation is complete, launch the software. Click the Import button on the home page of the software, select the ICNS image in the dialog box that appears, and import it into the software. After the import is successful, you will be able to view the image details in the Library.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: The software allows you to import multiple images for conversion at the same time. Just click the Add button and select more image import software in the pop-up dialog box. After the import is successful, select the image and click the Convert button to enter the image conversion page.

WidsMob Convert ImageConvert

Step 3: On the image conversion page, there is a preview box that allows you to view the changes in the image in real-time. On the right side of the preview box, there are a series of tools for editing the image. Click the Resize button, select By Width in Mode, and then enter the corresponding value in Width to resize the image without changing the proportion of the image.

WidsMob Resize ImageConvert

Step 4: You can get different viewing angles by rotating the image. In Rotate & Flip, you can do it. By selecting an appropriate rotation angle in Rotate and flipping it in different directions, you can get a brand-new image.

WidsMob Rotate ImageConvert

Step 5: After all editing is completed, click the Convert button to summon the ICNS file conversion dialog box. Select PNG as the storage format in Format, select the output address of the file in Output, and finally just click the Convert button to convert the PNG from ICNS and store it in the folder.

WidsMob Export ImageConvert Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Online Free Converter to Convert ICNS Files to PNG Images

Aconvert is primarily an online file conversion platform that supports multiple file formats. It is commonly used to convert documents, images, videos, and other files from one format to another. Converting ICNS images to PNG images is a specific feature of the Aconvert platform.

Step 1: Open your browser and enter directly to enter Aconvert’s ICNS to the PNG function page. Click the Choose Files button, select the ICNS image in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the website.

Aconvert Choose File ICNS PNG

Step 2: After the import is successful, select PNG as the export format in Target Format, and set the export quality of the image in Image Quality. If you need to resize the image, just set it in Resize Image.

Aconvert Convert Now ICNS PNG

Step 3: After all settings are completed, click the Convert Now button to start converting ICNS images. After the conversion is successful, click the Download icon to save the PNG image..

Aconvert Download ICNS PNG Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQ to Convert ICNS Files to PNG Images

1Is it possible to maintain transparency when converting ICNS images to PNG?
The ability to maintain transparency during ICNS to PNG conversion depends on the specific conversion tool. PNG supports transparency, but you should check the settings of the tool you are using to ensure transparency is preserved.
2Is there an offline software option for converting ICNS to PNG?
Yes, there are some offline software options, such as WidsMob ImageConvert, which specializes in image conversion, including ICNS to PNG. These tools often offer additional customization options and are a good choice if you frequently need to work offline.
3Can I convert multiple ICNS files to PNG at the same time?
The ability to convert multiple ICNS files to PNG simultaneously depends on the specific tool or platform you are using. Many online and offline conversion tools support batch processing for greater efficiency.


The process of converting ICNS to PNG can be carried out through a variety of methods, each with its own set of features and benefits. Whether you prefer the simplicity of online tools or the control of image editing software, this guide will walk you through the steps for a successful conversion. Now, let’s delve into each method and explore the step-by-step process for converting ICNS to PNG, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to make an informed choice based on your specific needs.

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