Convert NEF to JPG – 4 Best Methods to Convert RAW Files without Losing Quality

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When you take photos with Nikon digital camera in RAW format, you should find all images are in NEF files, which is not suitable for sharing to social media websites or further editing. How to convert NEF to JPG with ease? The NEF is a RAW image format produced by Nikon cameras that preserve the best quality and detailed information for editing later. To view, edit and share the NEF files, you can learn more about 3 efficient methods to turn NEF files into JPG from the article.

How to Convert NEF to JPG

Part 1: What is NEF File?

NEF, standing for Nikon Electronic Format, is a file format for Nikon RAW image files. Similar to the other RAW image files, NEF files can store everything captured by your camera sensor. You can adjust the contrast, color, saturation, white balance, and more with the metadata.

Moreover, it supports 12-bit or 14-bit data and is dependent on the camera used to capture the image. Changes to the image and store as instruction set separate from the raw image data in the NEF file. It means that no matter how many edits of the photos are for reverting to the original.

NEF Files

Part 2. 3 Efficient Methods to Convert NEF to JPG

Method 1: How to Convert NEF to JPG with Presets

When you need to convert NEF to JPG frequently for your customers, WidsMob ImageConvert is the desired choice to convert most RAW formats, HEIC, WebP, JPEG, ICN, and more. Besides the basic conversion features, you can also resize photos, rotate/flip images, add watermarks, and apply frames. It has the AI resolution upscale feature to enhance photos to 4X the original size. Moreover, you can also convert NEF to JPG with customized presets.

1. Convert NEF to JPG, WebP, PNG, AVIF, GIF, BMP, TIF, PDF, and other file formats in a batch.

2. Edit NEF photos, like resizing photos, rotating/flipping images, adding watermarks, etc.

3. Provide AI photo upscale algorithm to enhance photos to up to 4X the original image size.

4. Custom and apply a NEF to JPG conversion with a series of editing features with one click.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Import button to upload the desired NEF files. Of course, you can drag-n-drop the photos into the program for a batch process.

Import NEF RAW ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click the image to get into the full screen, you can enable the Resize option to resize the photos and custom the watermarks with the Text Watermark option or the Image Watermark option. Click the + button to save it as a preset.

Edit NEF before Conversion ImageConvert

Step 3: Click the Crop icon in the upper menu to select the desired part of the NEF files. You can also use the AI Super Resolution icon to upscale the resolution to 4X the original one. There is an Icon Composer icon to make icons for Windows and Macs.

AI Super Resolution NEF ImageConvert

Step 4: Once you have done the process, you can click the Batch Convert button to convert NEF to JPEG in a batch process. It enables you to tweak the destination folder, the file format, the file quality, and more before clicking the Convert button.

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Method 2: How to View NEF Photos without Conversion

Is it possible to browse the NEF files without NEF to JPEG conversion? Since the Nikon RAW contains EXIF and has better quality, if you just need to view RAW files or make some basic editing, WidsMob Viewer Pro is all-in-one NEF to JPG converter to view, edit and manage the RAW files. It has 4 different browsing modes to view all the files, including most RAW formats, HEIC, WebP, PDF, MP4, MKV, AVI, and other file formats. Moreover, you can copy photos to another folder, delete unwanted NEF files, compare the photos, check the EXIF, and make a slideshow directly.

1. Open, view, and manage your NEF files, JPEGs, and even videos in the same folder.

2. Convert RAW NEF to JPG/BMP/PNG without losing quality in a batch process.

3. Edit NEF files, such as copying photos, comparing images, deleted ones, and more.

4. Check the EXIF information of NEF, make a slideshow, compare photos, etc.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Viewer Pro, you can set it up as the default NEF viewer. After that, you only need to click any file to open the program. It will provide the thumbnails for all files, including PDFs, NEF images, videos, and more within the same folder.

View Canon RAW Viewer Pro

Step 2: Switch and locate the NEF folder from the Library on the left side. Select the desired NEF file and press the Ctrl + C keys to copy the files. When you need to compare some similar photos, just select them and click the Compare button.

Compare Photos Thumbnail Viewer Pro

Step 3: Double-click any NEF file to browse all media files within the same folder, including NEF, HEIC, WebP, AVIF, etc. Click the Trash icon to remove the NEF files or the I icon to check the EXIF information. There are some basic editing features to touch up images.

Crop Photos HEIC Viewer

Step 4: If you need to convert NEF to JPEG, you can go to the File menu and choose the Save As button to get the desired photos. After that, enter the name of the output file and save the desired file format, such as JPEG, PNG, or BMP on your computer.

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Win Download Mac Download

Method 3: How to Convert NEF to JPG Online

Online photo converters are a convenient method to convert NEF to JPG. Most online tools are free to use with some limits, such as file size. Zamzar is one of the most popular NEF to JPG converters that allows you to process no more than 5 NEF files up to 150MB per conversion. It will also send the output files to your email address directly.

Step 1: Open your web browser, paste into the address bar, and hit the Enter button.

Step 2: Click the Add Files button to upload the NEF files from your hard drive. Make sure that the format option shows jpg. If not, select the RAW photos manually.

Step 3: Hit the Convert Now button to start converting NEF to JPG online for free. If it is not convenient to download the images after converting, check the Email after conversion and leave your email address.

Zamzar NEF to JPG

Method 4: How to Convert NEF Format with XnConvert

XnConvert is a free NEF to JPG converter for personal use. When it comes to business use, you should purchase a license. Moreover, you can use the mobile app on iPhone and Android phones too. It is compatible with more than 500 formats, including NEF.

Step 1: Install the free NEF to JPG converter and start it. Go to the Input tab from the top and click the Add files button to import NEF files. To convert all NEF files into a folder, click the Add folder button instead.

Step 2: Go to the Output tab, unfold the drop-down list under Format, and choose JPG. Then set other options based on your need, such as destination folder. Make sure to check Preserve Metadata under Options. That can help you keep all information of NEF files.

Step 3: Click on the Convert button at the bottom right corner to initiate converting NEF to JPG. It may take a while to convert the RAW photos into JPEG files.



The article shares 4 methods to convert NEF to JPG on Mac and Windows. The online converter is a convenient way to convert NEF RAW without installation. XnConvert is a good option when you have a limited budget. WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile choice to convert NEF to JPEG with customized presets. When you need to browse all NEF photos, including the EXIF, WidsMob Viewer Pro should be the initial choice.

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