How to Add Funny and Special Caption to Photo – Here are 8 Best Methods You Should Know

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Photo caption is the simple gap between an ordinary photo and an Instagram post. Just search for the best Instagram captions when you need to write down the texts on a postcard, make the pictures more attractive, or need to share with social media sites. Adding a caption to a photo is always a solution you can take into consideration.

Sometimes objects inside pictures can express what photographers want to say. But if you add text to the photo, it seems like viewers can talk with images for real. Moreover, you can add humorous words on comical shots to send among emails, for online conversion, and more. After raising so many examples with the photo caption, it is time to add a caption to a picture for a try.

How to Add Caption to Photo

Part 1: How to Add Caption to Photos in a Batch Process

When you need to add a caption to many photos, try the best positions for these captions, or even apply the best effects for them, WidsMob ImageConvert is always an option to add photo captions to photos in a batch process.

1. Write an Instagram caption to photos and add image caption to images.

2. Personalize the photo captions with different fonts, styles, colors, etc.

3. Apply captions to photos of multiple sizes, angles and positions, and more.

4. Convert the photos into another photo format, size, border, and name.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer, launch the program and click on the Import button to load the desired photos or even the whole folder into the program.


Step 2: Go to the Text Watermark tab and enable the option. You can enter the Instagram photo caption into the Text column, such as Life goes on, with or without you and more others.

Add Photo Caption

Step 3: Customize the fonts, styles, color, size, angle, and position to have a satisfied caption to photos. Even if for the pictures with different sizes, you can apply a ratio caption with ease.

Tweak Photo Caption

Step 4: When you need to check the details about the photo caption for each image, you can double click the image to view the caption. Of course, you can make further adjustments.

View Photo Caption

Step 5: Click on the Start Convert button at the bottom to add the caption to all the photos in a batch process. After that, you can share the caption photos to Instagram and more other social media sites.

Note: Besides the text caption, you can also apply some captions to photos in JPEG format. WidsMob ImageConvert enables you to adjust all the parameters with a stunning effect. Of course, you can also add border, frame, and edit the photos in batch within the program.

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Part 2: 3 Methods to Add Photo Captions on Computer

Is there any other method to add photo captions on a computer? Here are 3 more frequently used ones, such as AddText as the online method, PhotoBite as the professional photo caption editor, and Paints as the free one for PC.

How to Apply Caption to Photos Online with AddText

AddText is a web-based photo caption editor that you can add text and caption to photos with ease. It provides an easy and fast method to tweak the text box, size, style, and other settings. Just learn more details about the process to add a caption to the photo as below.

Step 1: Upload a Photo to the online photo caption editor. You can import the image that you want to add the photo caption from the computer, Gallery, or drag directly on a desktop.

Step 2: Write down text. There are caption edit filters on your left side, with which you can add a caption to a photo online with adjustable text size, font, color, and location.

Step 3: Then you can share, set it as public background or save it to your computer. The only you may care about is a watermark on the captioned photo. It looks small in the right corner, and the color is black.


How to Write Caption to Photo and Video via PhotoBite

If you need to edit photos and videos with texts and captions, PhotoBite is the desired photo caption editor. It has more filters and texts for you to choose from, which you can better select for you to add a caption to the photo.

Step 1: Import the picture by dragging it into the program or open from the Browse for Image option.

Step 2: Choose Text on the toolbar, and move the caption location to the area you want.

Step 3: Adjust captions and change photo editing with filters. It has comprehensive filters and easy to use design.

Step 4: Select the Save As button in the corner to output photos in several desired file formats.

Add Caption PhotoBite

How to Add Funny Photo Caption to Images by Paints

Microsoft Paint is an easy method to write photo captions. As the default photo editor for Windows, you can add the text and caption to the photo with fonts or draw the caption.

Step 1: Locate the folder contains the picture you want to share on a social network. Right-click on the photo and choose Paints in the Open With menu.

Step 2: If your picture is large, you can choose the Resize or Crop picture according to the social network announcement.

Step 3: Press the Text tool on the top ribbon and click on the picture to evoke the text box. Then you can write a photo caption in the text box. Highlight the caption and adjust parameters on the top ribbon, like Font, Style, Color, and more.

Step 4: Hover on the text box until the cursor turns to a cross. Drag the text box and put the caption on the right side. Go to File > Save As and choose JPEG from the list.

Paint Add Caption

Part 3: 3 Methods to Apply Photo Captions via Smartphone

To add some captions to the photos you took with iPhone or Android phone directly, you can learn more about 3 photo caption editors to get a satisfying caption as below.

After Photo – Design Caption over Images

After Photo is an add-caption-to-the-photo app for iPhone and a pure app to add a word to photos as a caption. And you can also design caption styles with more space.

Step 1: Download and install the photo caption editor. After that, launch the After Photo app on iPhone or Android phones to import your image.

Step 2: You can choose from over 70 filters and textures, tick the check icon to more on, or select X to remove the wrong works.

Step 3: Crop or do other photo editing works, and then add a caption to the photo for iPhone with the desired effect.

There are many ways to manage images with words. You can share them on social networks with friends or download and send emails to have fun.

After Photo Add Caption

Quick – Add Text to Photos Fast

Just as the name of the photo caption editor for App, Quick has a super slick, streamlined experience that lets you add stylish text to your photos in the blink of an eye within clicks.

Step 1: Download and install Quick on your mobile phone. Then open Quick from your home screen and permit it to access your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery.

Step 2: Choose an image to add a caption. And if you do not want to crop it, you can tap on Skip to go to the Text screen.

Step 3: Double-tap on the image to go to editing mode. Then you can enter funny words as you wish.

Step 4: Hold down the caption and move it to the right side. Swipe the Font style to choose your favorite one. And you can move the Color slider to modify caption colors.

Step 5: Tap on the upward icon and then hit SHARE to send a funny photo caption to social media.

Quick Add Text to Photo

Phonto – Text Your Picture on Android

Phonto enables you to add a caption on a photo as write down words on paper. Designed with a user-friendly interface, Phonto allows people to put words on pictures with numerous filters in a simple way.

Step 1: Import your pictures, and then click the Pen icon on the top.

Step 2: Personalize your caption on a photo on an Android phone. You can choose a specific item below to add text, change caption font, adjust word size and style, tilt and move, with just one finger.

Step 3: Save captions for photos. If you want to get something more than text settings, you can always get the desired photo caption.

Phonto Photo Caption

Part 4: Tips for Writing Funny Captions on Photos

If you do not know what should write a caption on the photos, you can follow the tips below to stimulate your creativity.

1. Look as much as possible. There are many fun photo captions on social media, like Instagram. It is a beginning to learn from others.

2. Anthropomorphize stuff. Maybe you record a pet or a plant in your photo. Treat them as human and write some words from their perspective.

3. Ask yourself and answer it. When you have no idea about a picture, ask yourself what is he or she doing. And funnily answer the question. That is what you should write in the photo.

4. Tell a story in a few words. You can put the photo in a context and use a few words to tell people why or how it happens.

5. Make a comparison or analogy. Sometimes, a photo reminds you of another famous event, scene or people. Then you can use two pictures to make a comparison or analogy.


Make a funny and photo caption is not as difficult as you thought. You can follow the guides to create photo captions within clicks. If you have difficulties writing something funny, you can read our tips. When you have good ideas, you can use the simple tools introduced in this post to add fun captions to photos at any time and anywhere.

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