How to Save Multiple PNGs to a PDF? Here are the Tips and Tricks

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If you have some high quality images in PNG for a booklet, how to convert multiple PNGs to a PDF? It not only converts images to PDF but also merges them into a single PDF. Moreover, you might also need to recognize texts of the image-based PDF with OCR features. What are the best PNG to PDF converters? Just learn more about the 3 frequently used methods to get the optimal PDF files from the article.

How to Save Multiple PNGs to a PDF

Part 1: Easy Method to Convert Multiple PNGs to a PDF

PDFelement is a versatile PNG to PDF converter, which convert different types of images to PDF file. When you need to make a booklet in PDF, you can organize the PDF with footers, combine multiple PNGs to PDF, and use the OCR feature to recognize the files. Moreover, you can apply additional features to the PDFs, such as encryption, annotation, and more.

1. Combine PNG, JPEG, and other image files into a single PDF in clicks.

2. Add page number style, footer & header, and bate number to PDFs.

3. Perform OCR algorithm to extract texts from image-based PDF files.

4. Organize the PDFs, such as split, merge, crop, create, and others.

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Step 1: Launch PDFelement on your computer after installation. Choose the Combine PDF button to merge multiple PNGs into a single PDF. It not only merges PNGs into a single PDF but also enables you to add JPEG, Excel, Word, and other file formats.

Select Combine PDF PDFElement

Step 2: To access the file directory, click the Choose File button to select the PNG files you wish to combine. Press the Open button to upload the PNGs. You can adjust the order of the pages or add the page number as the footer for the combined PDF.

Add Page Number as Footer PDFElement

Step 3: Moreover, you can make more adjustments to the PDF files. Under the Browse button, you can click the Output Folder and select the output folder. After that, click the Apply button to start combining multiple PNGs into one PDF.

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Part 2: How to Save PNG to PDF via a Printer

When you need to save several PNGs to a PDF file without further editing, Microsoft Print to PDF is an excellent feature. It is a virtual PDF printer for Windows 10/11, which enables you to turn the PNG files into a single PDF directly. After that, you can email the combined PDF, upload it to the cloud service, or print a physical copy.

Step 1: Open the folder PNG files with a File Explorer window. Right-click the image and choose the Print option for Windows 10. If you are using Windows 11, right-click the PNG file to choose the Print option from the Show More Options option.

File Explore Print

Step 2: Choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the Printer column in the Print Picture window. You can choose also the desired Paper Size and Quality from the drop-down menu. Moreover, you can determine the image that appears in the PDF.

Microsoft Print to PDF Features

Step 3: Select the number of pages you wish to convert through the Copies of Each option, which is at the bottom of the Print Pictures window. Enable the Fit Picture to Frame option if you wish to make your images fit the PDF. Click the Print button to convert PNGs to a PDF.

Fit Picture to Frame

Part 3: How to Convert PNGs to PDF Online

Is there an easy method to combine multiple PNGs into a PDF? Soda PDF is another frequently used online PDF toolkit to merge multiple files into a PDF. Moreover, you can also select your PNG images to convert to PDF from a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Moreover, you can also choose the different combining modes.

Step 1: Go to Soda PDF online and choose the Convert to PDF option, which enables you to combine multiple JPEG, PNG, Word, and other files into a single PDF online. Moreover, you can also select the PNGs from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or device.

Step 2: Click the Choose File button to combine the PNGs files. Just click the DOWNLOAD FILE button to save the PDF. When you need to make some adjustments, such as the orientation, combining modes, and even edit the PDF file, you can click the PREVIEW FILE link.

Step 3: Once you have changed the PNGs to a single PDF file, you can click the Download button to save the file, or choose the Print button to print a digital copy. As for the advanced editing features, you have to subscribe to the service beforehand.

Soda PNG to PDF

Part 4: Best Tips and Tricks to Convert PNG to PDF

1What is the built-in feature to convert PNG to PDF on Mac?
Preview. Choose all the PNGs and open them with Preview on Mac. Make sure all the PNGs are in the same Preview Windows. Select all the PNG files again, right-click them and select the Export As option to combine PNGs to a single PDF file.
2Should I choose the online PNG to PDF converter?
If you have some simple PNG files, the online PDF toolkit is a nice option. But it takes time when upload and convert large PNG files, the potential risk of information leakage, and compression should be the shortage of online PDF converters.
3How to convert PNGs and texts to PDF?
Instead of converting PNGs and texts to a PDF, you only need to create a new PDF with images and add the texts. Choose a PDF creator that enables you to make a PDF from scratch. After that, you can insert the PNG image into the PDF with the original quality.


Here are 3 frequently used methods to change multiple PNGs to a PDF. If you just need to get a PDF file with the PNG images, both the online method and Microsoft Print to PDF can achieve the goal. But when you need to make some adjustments or create a PDF with PNG images from scratch, PDFelement should be the optimal choice.

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