Best Ideas to Make Family Photo Collages for a Cozy House

Last Updated on December 9, 2021 by Peter Wood

If you are planning to decorate your house, family photo collage is an important part. The pictures of family, friends and all your favorite memories make your house a warm and cozy place. When you want some fresh ideas about photo collage, you can find some excellent family photo collage ideas from the article.

Make Family Photo Collage

Part 1: Best Family Photo Collage Programs for Windows and Mac

When you want to make some beautiful family photo collage on Windows and macOS, WidsMob Collage is the all-in-one family photo collage maker. It has dozens of templates, frames, and colors to personalize the files.

  1. Design some slideshows with dozens of collage presets.
  2. Provide beautiful stickers, frames, filters, effects.
  3. Edit the photos with the rotate, crop, resize, adjust, and more toolkits.
  4. Export the family photo collage with the desired quality for multiple channels.
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How to Make Family Photo Collage on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Collage, you can launch the program on your computer, you can select the Plus icon and import the desired photos into the program. After that, preview the imported photos from the bottom of the user interface.

Add Christmas Photos

Step 2: Go to the Collage icon, you can select the template collage or poster collage to make family photo collage. There are some stunning templates. Just choose the desired one and add the photos into the related columns accordingly.

Poster Christmas

Step 3: Click the Save button to export the photo collage. You can also edit the collage files, including the noise filters, texts and more. After that, you can also customize the photo size accordingly.

Add Sticker Christmas Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: Memory Wall Family Collage

Memory wall collage is a wall photo collage with a large board. You can add photos taken with the recent journey to the memory wall collage or the birthday party of a family member. Just change the pictures of the family photo collage at random. You can enjoy the convenience of the memory wall collage.

Memory Wall Collage

Part 3: Shape Family Photo Collage

Another family photo collage is the shape photo collage. A family tree collage, a heart photo collage, or a house photo collage are the best examples of the shape photo collage. You can select the photos for the shape photo collage and then pick up the desired frame to design the suitable college accordingly.

Shape Photo Collage

Part 4: Canvas Family Photo Collage

When you have some favorite photos for your family photo collage, you can choose a Canvas photo collage. It is easy to have some DIY for the canvas photo collage. And you can also purchase some cheap canvas collages from Walmart Photos or other photo printing labs from nearby stores. Just choose the best style of family photo collage for canvas according to your decoration.

Canvas Photo Collage

Part 5: Metal Family Photo Magnet Board

To add different photos to your family photo collage without a frame, a metal photo magnet board helps. You can add the pictures firmly to a magnet, and then you can add or remove a family photo collage on the wall freely. And you can also use them as a refrigerator magnet. Just enjoy the excellent experience of the metal photo magnet.

Metal Photo Magnet Board Win Download Mac Download

Part 6: Geometric Family Photo Display

As mentioned in the wall Geometric Photo Display, you might take it for granted that the Geometric photo is for Christmas photo collages or birthday parties. If you hang the geometric family photo collage in an open place, you can always enjoy the pictures and sunshine together. Though it is hard to design the sketch, it is one of the best designs for a family photo collage.

Geometric Photo Display

Part 7: Family Photo Lampshade

Photo Lampshade is a great family photo collage idea. When you have a family member gathering together, you can turn on the lamp to let everyone enjoy a transparent family photo collage under a light. It should be the best gift and best memory for your children. Make sure you use the right texture and not let the lamp damage the photos.

Photo Lampshade

Part 8: Family Photo Collage Blanket

Have to ever considered ordering some photo printings for the family photo collage? Photo Collage blanket is just one of them. You can also buy a photo collage mug, phone case, or pillow as your requirement. And the family photo collage can also be used as a gift, which you can send to other family members or friends.

Photo Collage Blanket

Part 9: Old Door Family Photo Collage

Instead of purchasing photo printings for a photo collage blanket, you can reuse some old items to make a family photo collage. When you add photos into each frame of the old door, the golden memories will pop up in front of you. You can take advantage of old doors with full memory. Besides the old door, you can also reuse other items to design your collage.

Old Door Photo Collage

Part 10: Picture Family Photo Collage Table

Picture Photo Collage Table is a traditional way to enjoy the family photo collage while taking your afternoon coffee. Every visitor to the house loves to look at the family photo collage and find himself. But there is a main drawback for the picture photo collage table; you might destroy the whole collage with a cup of coffee.

Picture Photo Collage Table

Part 11: Family Photo Collage Album

A family photo collage album can preserve the favorite images in good status. When you select all the pictures for the family photo collage, you can make an album instead. You can share the stories behind the photos with any visitor with the well-designed photo collage album. In this way, your family photo collage can preserve for decades.

Family Photo Collage Album


When you decide to use the collage idea, you can choose a family photo collage maker to design the file for you accordingly. If you have more ideas to create a stunning family photo collage, you can share your comments with us.

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