Top 5 Websites to Get Photo Collage Frames and Its Best Alternative

When you want to design a special photo collage, you can only get some ordinary photo collage frames from photo collage apps. If you need to make a photo collage on Facebook for a certain theme, such as a family tree or wedding, the limited photo collage frames might not be enough for you.

The article explains the top 5 websites where you can download photo collage frames online. Moreover, you can also custom and design one according to your requirement. Just read the article and get the desired collage frame.

Photo Collage Frame

Part 1: 5 Best Websites to Get Stunning Photo Collage Frames

1. Freepik

Freepik provides multiple graphic resources in different formats. When you download free photo collage frames online in PSD, you can simply change the default photos to the desired ones in Photoshop. When you enter photo collage frames and related searches, you can get more than 1,000 results for free.

  1. Freepik only offers some simple collage frames for free. Most of the frames combine two to four photos only.
  2. Just use the related searches to get more results for the photo collage frame ideas.
  3. When you need to custom frames by yourself, the free graphic resources are a great help.
  4. Select the results for the last few pages for the free collage frames.

If you need to add a special frame for a family photo collage or family tree frame, it is difficult to get free photo collage frames with the theme. Instead, you can find the sponsored results by Shutterstock. To use the service, you have to pay the subscription fee first.


2. All Free Download

Another website to download free collage frames is Allfreedownload. You can select the different types of photos and themes to get suitable files for you. What’s more important, the collage frames you find can be used for commercial purposes.

  1. Multiple related keywords and tags of Allfreedownload help you locate the desired file easily.
  2. The PSD photo collage frames can be customized with Photoshop if you have any special requirements.
  3. To locate the desired file, you can simply select the most popular one.
  4. Just click the similar frames to get more related ones on the same page.

Just as the other photo collage frame free download sites. You can only access a limited number of files. There are no more than 200 photo frames. Some of them are not for photo collages.


3. Frameskingdom

If you need to add frames for a wall photo collage of your child, Frames kingdom is the right option. Just as the name of Frameskingdom, you can find different types of graphic frames from the site, including multiple photo collage frames in PSD formats.

  1. Most of the frames are in vector graphic, which is rich in color and attractive to children.
  2. Select the PSD frames from Photoshop Graphics or simply search for photo collage frames to get the desired results.
  3. Frameskingdom provides super quality for the frames. It might take a few minutes to download photo collage frame large files.
  4. You can only find a few frames for your photo collage on the websites.

When you download online frames from the site, you might use them for your child only. It is difficult to use them for other purposes. For the high quality, you can use the download photo collage frames as the wallpapers for your children.


4. Shutterstock

When you need some professional photo collage frames or beautiful ones, you can subscribe to the service of Shutterstock. It collects great graphic resources from artists all around the world. You can always find the desired frames for your photo collages from hundreds of thousands of excellent designs.

  1. Different types of collage frames for all types of themes, whether you need a photo collage for family or birthday, you can find them easily.
  2. All the frames are perfectly designed in the desired format. You will be satisfied with the quality of the files.
  3. If you need some photo collage ideas, it is the best website to inspire your creativity.

Except for the price, everything in the frame is suitable with the photo collage. If you like the photo collage frames, you can search for some coupon codes from other websites to meet your budget.


5. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a nice choice if you have to purchase photo collage frames online within a limited budget. Compared to Shutterstock, Dreamstime provides a competitive price with collage frames of different types. If you find similar frames in Dreamstime, you can download photo collage frames online from the site instead.

  1. There is a free images menu that provides some graphic collages with high quality.
  2. The program empowers you to download photo collage frames in different sizes, qualities, and formats.
  3. When you need to download less than 5 photos in one month, you can get them with a promotion price for the first week.

Dreamstime provides more graphic resources than free image stock. The high quality and well design can be used for business purposes. When you need to download photo collage frames online, Dreamstime is a great option for you.


Part 2: How to Design a Photo Collage with Custom Frames

How do you take advantage of the photo collage frames? You can simply add the downloaded frame to Photoshop and custom the photo collage accordingly. But is there a method to use any photo collage frame? Just take a whale PNG file as an example, when you need it as a frame, how do you create a photo collage? WidsMob Montage should be the best choice to turn any PNG file into a photo collage frame.

  1. Turn any shape frame into a photo collage frame in both JPEG and PNG.
  2. Create some large-size photo collages and mosaic photos as wallpaper.
  3. Design a photo collage with one image only or hundreds of photos as desired.
  4. Adjust the tiles, color match, column count, tile size, and more for mosaic.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Montage. Launch the program and click the Select Background option to choose the Whale PNG as a photo collage frame. Click the Next option to continue.

Select Photo Collage Frame

Step 2: After that, click the Select Tiles option to select the images as tiles. You can preview all the tile images, or even select the images you want to remove. After that choose the Next option.

Select Tiles for Collage

Step 3: Uncheck the Match Color option; adjust the tile mode, column count, tile size, and other parameters. Click the Generate Mosaic option to create the photo collage with Whale as the photo collage frame.

Photo Collage Frame Win Download Mac Download


When you want to download some photo collage frames for a special festival, you can get the files from the above 5 websites with ease. Of course, you can also use any shape as photo collage frames with WidsMob Montage. If you have any queries, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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