Free 4K Photo Enhancer - 3 Different Methods to Upscale Image to 4K

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In the ever-evolving world of digital imaging, the need for high-resolution photos is more evident than ever. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or a professional looking to enhance your visual content, the appeal of 4K resolution is undeniable. To meet this growing demand, a plethora of tools and technologies have emerged that promise to elevate your images to coveted 4K quality. In this guide, we explore three different ways to upscale your photos to 4K resolution using a free 4K photo enhancer, so read on.

Free 4K Photo Enhancer

Part 1: How to AI Upscale an Image to 4K

AI is a technology used in all industries now, and it is also widely used in the field of image editing. As an advanced technology, AI upscale can use artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the resolution of images and provide higher image details and clarity. WidsMob ImageConvert is a software equipped with AI Super Resolution function, which can provide you with up to 4 times upscaling options and export 4K quality images. At the same time, WidsMob ImageConvert is also a high-quality image editor and converter with many functions for editing images.

1. Supports image conversion between multiple common formats.

2. AI Super Resolution can support you to upscale images more than 4 times.

3. Provide basic image editing functions, including cropping, rotation, etc.

4. Adding a watermark function allows you to better protect image copyright

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer. After the installation is complete, launch the software. Click the Import button, select low-quality photos in the pop-up dialog box, and import them into the software. After the import is successful, the images will be displayed in the Library. You can also click the Add button to import images for batch editing.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: Select the image in the Library, and you will be able to view the Preview, Histogram, and Properties of the image on the right side, which will allow you to understand the relevant information about the image in more detail. You can directly enter the upscale page of the image by double-clicking the image or clicking the Convert button after selecting the image to enter the upscale page of the image.

Import CR3 Files ImageConvert

Step 3: On the image editing page, you can zoom in and out of the image at will to view the details of the image. Click the AI Super Resolution icon above the image to go directly to the upscale page of the image. The option to upscale the image will appear.

Import Photo for Upscaling ImageConvert

Step 4: On the upscale page of the image, you can select the upscaling factor of the image in Scale Mode. After selecting, click the Apply button to apply the corresponding upscaling factor to the image, providing up to 4K quality. After the application is successful, a rendering will be displayed to you immediately.

Scale Mode of ImageConvert

Step 5: In the detailed comparison between Before and After, you can know the multiple and image sizes you need. In the lower right corner of the comparison chart, you can check the size of the current image. After confirming that it is correct, click the Save As button to download the upscale image to your computer.

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Part 2: How to Upscale Images to 4K Definition Online

Picwish Photo Enhancer is a website under Picwish that specializes in image enhancement. You can use AI algorithms to enhance your low-resolution photos or blurry photos, quickly making the images high-definition and perfect. At the same time, Picwish Photo Enhancer also has a disadvantage. The images downloaded in the free version have watermarks, and the editing function requires additional downloading of software.

Step 1: Open the browser on your computer and directly visit You will be able to enter Picwish’s Photo Enhancer function page. Click the Upload Image button on the page, select the image that needs to be improved in quality in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the website.

Picwish Upload

Step 2: After the image is imported successfully, the quality will start to be automatically improved. The worse the image quality, the longer the waiting time will be. After the image upscale is successful, you will be able to view the comparison of the image before and after upscaling. But unfortunately, you can see the upscaled image with a watermark.

Picwish Before and After

Step 3: After confirming that everything is correct, click the Download Image button, and two options will appear. Without logging in, you can only download Free Image. If you want to download higher-quality images and use other editing functions, you will need to download the software to use it.

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Part 3: How to Upscale Images to 4K for Free Using GIMP

GIMP is a powerful open-source image editor that is often considered an alternative to commercial software like Photoshop. Although GIMP specializes in editing and manipulating images, this does not prevent it from providing image upscale functions. You can upscale images to 4K by modifying the size and resolution of the image.

Step 1: Open GIMP, switch to the File tab, click the Open button, select a low-quality image in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the software. After the import is successful, you can view the image on the canvas page.

Step 2: If you want to upscale the image to 4K, then you need to click the Image button and select Scale Image in the drop-down menu that appears. The window that opens will allow you to upscale images to 4K.

gimp.jpg GIMP Open

Step 3: Customize the width and height of the image in Image Size, then determine the output quality of the image in Resolution, click the Scale button to apply the edit to the image. Finally, just click the Save button in File to save the 4K image on your device.

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Part 4: FAQ to Upscale an Image to 4K

1What does it mean to upscale images to 4K resolution?
Upscaling refers to the process of increasing image resolution, with 4K resolution specifically referring to a display or image size of approximately 4000 pixels horizontally. Upscaling to 4K involves enhancing the size and detail of the image to fit the dimensions of a 4K display.
2Can any image be effectively upscaled to 4K?
The effect of upscaling depends on the quality and resolution of the original image. Higher-quality images with more detail generally produce better results when zoomed in. However, magnification cannot create details that are not present in the original image.
3Will upgrading result in a loss of image quality?
While the upscaling algorithm is designed to maintain image quality, the process may result in a loss of sharpness or introduce artifacts, especially if the original image has a lower resolution. Balancing the need for higher resolution with the quality of the starting image is crucial.


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