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How to Resize Photos for Different Scenarios – 34 Photo Resizers You Should Know

Whether you need to resize photos for your blog, shrink the pictures of your Instagram, or crop the images as desired, what should be the best photo resizers? Usually you can use the default photo editor and resizers to shrink the photos with ease.

How about resizing photos for your website with a batch process, or shrink the images for Instagram? You can learn more details about the process from the article. Moreover, you can also find 25 more photo resizers with advanced features. Just learn more about the best programs for different scenarios from the article now.

Photo Resizer

Part 1: 5 Methods to Resize Photos with a Batch Process

If you are running a website, you should convert a large amount of photos. It is important to resize photos with a batch process. Just learn more about the 5 best photo resizers as below.

Top 1: WidsMob ImageConvert

WidsMob ImageConvert is the one stop photo resizer to batch resize photos with ease. It supports 4 different modes to resize the images, such as “Width”, “Height”, “Percentage” and “Free”. Moreover, it has the advanced hardware acceleration to resize photos in 6x fast speed. Not only for shrinking the size of images, you can even enlarge smaller images in one click.

1. 4 different photo-resize modes, by Width, Height, Percentage and Free.

2. Convert PNG, JPEG, HEIC, TIFF and most of the RAW file formats.

3. Shrink the photos to a smaller size as well as enlarge the small photos.

4. Batch rotates, rename, add color border, add text/image watermark, etc.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert. Launch the image resizer on your computer. Drag and drop your images to load all the photos you want to convert into the program.

Import Pictures ImageConvert

Step 2: Go to the “Resize” section, you can trigger on the status as “On” to resize the photos. After that, you can choose the different photo-resizing mode to get the desired output with ease.

Resize by Width ImageConvert

Step 3: There are 4 different photo-resizing modes, which enable you to adjust the pixels and solution for the photos in a batch process. Moreover, you can also enlarge small images.

By Width: Enter your target pixels for image width in the “Width” column. If the width of this image is small, you can mark before “Enlarge smaller images” to enlarge the images.

By Height: If you need to resize height for the images, enter the pixels for the “Height” column. Of course, you can enter the desired “Pixels/Inch” in the Resolution to make sure the quality.

Percentage: When you need to resize the photos for email or just need to reduce the quality, you can choose the “Percentage” column and shrink the photos accordingly.

Free: Of course, you can also adjust all the parameters with the “Free” mode, which enables you to resize photos by “Width”, “Height”, “Resolution” or even “Enlarge smaller images”.

Free Resize ImageConvert

Step 4: Click “Start Convert” on the bottom right corner. Set the destination folder. Specify the output format as JPEG or more. You can also change the image quality from the least to best freely. Later, click “Export” to resize images in a batch process.

Convert Images ImageConvert

Download for Mac Version

Top 2: XnConvert

XnConvert is an excellent batch photo resizer with some outstanding features, which is available on both Windows and Mac. It enables you to automate editing for your massive photo collection, which you can rotate, convert and compress different images with more than 80 actions with ease.

Step 1: Download and install the XnConvert, launch the program on your computer. You can select “Tools” > “Batch convert” to start the batch conversion tool of the program.

Launch Batch Conversion XnConvert

Step 2: Click the “Add files” button to add the photos. After that, you can drag and drop all the photos, or even drag a whole folder into the program you want to resize.

Add Photos Resize XnConvert

Step 3: Navigate to the “Actions” tab and then tap “Add Action”. Select the Image menu and click on “Resize”. The resize window will be activated. You can type in any dimensions with pixels.

Resize Action XnConvert

Step 4: Turn to “Output” tab and select output settings, which enables you to select a new file to save the resized photos. After that, click the “Convert” button on the bottom to begin resizing photos.

Top 3: Powertoy Image Resizer

Powertoy Image Resizer is one of the default photo resizers of Microsoft, which is available for Windows Vista/7/8. You can always batch resize photos without worrying about the compatibility issues. Just learn more detail about how to have a batch photo resizing with the program.

Step 1: Download and install Powertoy Image Resizer from Microsoft. It is one of the best apps that you could integrate into Windows Explorer to resize the photos with ease.

Step 2: Then navigate to the photos folder and select all the photos that need to resize. Of course, you can use the hotkey to select photos you want to resize in the folder with ease.

Step 3: After that, right click the photos and then select “Resize Pictures” to activate the window of resize pictures in batch. It provides some solutions to resize the photos. If you do not like these solutions, you can also enter dimensions manually in the Advanced.

Step 4: Once you click the “OK” button, the default photo resizer of Windows will create a new folder in the original folder. Just open the folder to access the photos now.

Powertoy has not been updated for a long period. You can find the user interface is out dated and without any design. If you are using Window 10, you have to change to another photo resizer for bulk photo resize instead.

Resize Photos Powertoy

Top 4: Bulk Resize Photos

Online photo resizer is another nice solution to batch resize photos within clicks. Bulk Resize Photos is the one of the best choices you can take into consideration. Moreover, it has the advanced algorithm to resize 150 images within 60 seconds with a fast speed.

Step 1: Enter the address of to any browser on your computer to access to the online photo resizer. You can convert and resize JPEG, PNG and WEBP with ease.

Step 2: Drag photos from your computer or click the “Choose Image” green button to open photos. You can batch resize photos in “Scale” or type in dimensions manually in “Width” and “Height” or “Exact Size”.

Step 3: Click the “Start Resizing” option to start the photo-resizing process. After that, you will get a compressed file with resized photos. It enables you to convert the photos within a fast speed.

Bulkresizephotos is free, and it does not upload any photos. So when you batch resize photos online, you do not need to worry about your privacy security problems.

Bulk Resize Online

Part 2: 5 Methods to Resize Images for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, which enable you to share photos and videos. When you need to upload the photos to Instagram, you should pay special attention to the size of the images. Just learn more details about the details before using photo resizers.

Instagram square photos (1080px by 1080px), vertical photos (1080px by 1350px) and horizontal photos (1080px by 566px).

Top 5: InstaSize

Just as the name of the app, InstaSize is one of the best photo resizer for Instagram. Besides the basic features to resize and crop photos, but also create visually engaging photos and videos to grow your social media audience with ease.

Step 1: Download the resizing photo for Instagram app and launch InstaSize on your phone. If you want to use InstaSize to edit photos on your phone, you have to permit InstaSize to visit your photos library.

Step 2: You are able to view all the photos within the photo resizer. Select the photos you want to resize and post on Instagram and click the “Next” button on the bottom to continue.

Step 3: All the editing tools are on the bottom and tap resizing tool. InstaSize offers some solutions for users, such as square. You can also pull the four corners to change the dimensions.

Step 4: Once you have resized the photos for Instagram, you can click the “Done” button to finish the process. After that, you can share your photos on Instagram.


Top 6: Photos

Is there a default photo resizer for iPhone to tweak the photos with ease? Photos app on your iOS devices have some useful features, including photo resizing. If you only need to upload some photos for Instagram, you can use Photos directly with the following steps.

Step 1: Open Photos app on the home page of your iOS device. Select the photo you want to resize on Instagram and click the “Editing” menu on the top of your screen.

Step 2: You will find that the photo is showed on black background, and the editing tools are ready on the right side. Click the “Crop” button to drag the edge of grid to select the area to resize.

Step 3: When you get a perfect size, click the “Done” on the upper right corner to save the changes. Then you can get the resized photo for Instagram and share it with your friends.

Use Photos on Mac

Top 7: Batch Resize

When you need to resize an amount of photos to Instagram, Batch Resize is a bulk resizing photo tool for iPhone, which allows you to convert up to 500 images at once to whatever size in pixels. The maximum output size for 32 bit devices is limited to 4000 x 4000 pixels.

Step 1: When you first launch Batch Resize, it will require to visiting your photo library. Permit it to “Continue”. All the photos on your phone will show in Batch Resize. You can select the photos you want to resize.

Step 2: Select the “Crop” option in the main menu to open the setting screen. Batch Resize offers many solutions to choose. You can open Resize screen to enter the value manually.

Step 3: When you finish setting, back to the main menu and select the photos. Click “Invert” on the bottom to process the photos. In the screen of Preview & Save, you can save the resized photos for Instagram.

Batch Resize

Top 8: Squaready

If you need to crop the photos to cater the limits of Instagram, it may hurt the photos’ integrity. Squaready is one of the most popular photo apps to resize photo for Instagram without cropping or shrinking. It is a totally free photo resizer available for Android and iOS.

Step 1: Launch Squaready and click the “Import” menu to load the photos into the program. The three-edit tools on the middle of the bottom allow users to resize photo for Instagram.

Step 2: You can add white margins on the left and right sides or the upper and lower sides of your photo. It also automatically adds margins to two sides of the photo with ease.

Step 3: Once finishing, click on the “Export” option on the top to save the changes. You can decide to share the resized photo on Instagram directly or save it in Camera Roll.


Top 9: Preview

Preview is the pre-installed program on Mac. You can resize an image for Instagram using Preview on your Mac. Moreover, it is also a free image editor that you can get the basic image editing features here. Here is the tutorial to reduce image file size for Instagram with Preview.

Step 1: Locate the image you want to resize. Right-click on it and choose “Preview” from the “Open with” submenu. Unfold the “Tools” drop-down menu on the top toolbar. Select the “Adjust Size” option to get its built-in image resizer.

Adjust Size in Preview

Step 2: In the “Image Dimensions” section, you can apply preset, set width/height or resolution to resize an image in Preview. In most cases, you can check “Scale proportionally” and “Resample image” to make your image look the same as before. Click “OK” to save changes.

Image Dimension Preview

Step 3: Export your resized image for Instagram or replace it with the original file. Moreover, you can also upload the photos directly to Instagram or other social media sites.

Part 3: 15 Best Photo Resizers Online

Are there more other photo resizers to shrink the photos with ease? There are 15 more online photo resizing tools you should know. As for the case, you do not have to download extra software to crop or resize the photos easily. Here are the features you should know.

Top 10: Photo Resizer

Photo Resizer has a simple user interface with numerous filters, you can square photo in many operations. By resizing, shrinking, cropping and do many other photo square editing jobs. You can crop predefined images for Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social platforms. There are also basic photo editing filters, to free draw, add text, rotate, flip and draw rectangles. Once you drag your picture into the square photo online resizer software, the photo square option is already show on the toolbar, just crop and share squared images online, or for offline usage.

Photo Resizer

Top 11: Photo Funia

Photo Funia is the online square photo software, and you can generate your image in a high resolution. You can also add online photo effects, in the time square here with Photo Funia. There are numerous photo effects on the right pane for you to choose from, like Christmas, Lab, Posters and etc. the all photo effects number is 542. You can image that you can add over 500 image effects on your squared image. Therefore, Photo Funia is more like online photo square software, to help you beautifier square images online for free.


Top 12: BeFunky

BeFunky is the popular online photo editor. You can use the photo size editor to not only resize images, but also do other funny photo editing tasks. You can adjust sizing while keeping resolution of original images. And it is easy to resize images to match social media files. If you want to resize images and then upload as the YouTube banner, then you can use BeFunky to achieve. Moreover, you can get quick and easy painting prep with the online photo resizer. Furthermore, you are able to convert pixels and adjust inches in custom way. There is no damage that you will lose image quality. Since BeFunky allows users to customize image size in free way, you should not miss this good chance.

BeFunky Blur Background

Top 13: Croppola

Croppola support people to analyze and square photo intelligently. It will recommend you the best crop and what the desired aspect ratio is. Croppola will recommend you to get 4:3 landscapes for portrait images. And you can enhance snapshots with different kinds of frames to balance. Moreover, Croppola can help you create calendars or make wallpaper and many other handmade crafts. And there is iOS support square photo maker version as well, with which you can easy edit images on iPhone and iPad.


Top 14: Fotor

Wanna to resize too big or too small images? Fotor can help you actually. Neither registration nor download, you can square photo online free in customize way. It will be really fun to spend time on photo editing with Fotor. Moreover, Fotor is also the comprehensive image editor, which can cover collage making, background adding, photo effects creating and photo square making. The first step will always be image importing, by dragging or normal uploading. Later, you can adjust width and height in the fields, or to adjust image ratio or percentage to make it to be square.

1-TAP ENHANCE on Fotor

Top 15: WebResizer

There are more filters and photo effects that you can get from the online photo size editor app. In spite of changing the common photo size, you can also crop image, add border and do other photo editing tasks with the preview window besides. Moreover, you are able to rotate, sharpen, adjust image quality, change tint, exposure, contrast and color saturation with ease. Thus, you can do basic photo editing jobs with Web Resizer in free way too. Make sure your images are smaller than 10MB per time resizing images.


Top 16: Photosize

You can resize images in batch with the simple online photo resizer. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP images. Therefore, you can change the original size of your images online for free. Choose the width or height of your images, and then hit submit to start photo resizing. When you resize your images, you can rename those images changed photo size too. Though Photosize offer photo resize tools only, but it is enough for people who just need to edit photo size, right?


Top 17: Photo & Picture Resizer

Well, it is the photo size editor app for Andorid. Considering not everyone has time to upload images to computer and then use online photo resizer. So it is necessary to prepare one offline photo editor app that can edit photo size in free way. You can reduce your picture size or resolution without losing image quality. It can also be applied for text messages, emails, Instagram, Facebook and other social media files. If you do not enough time to customize image size. Then you can use the smart image resizer that can reduce photo size without losing quality. Moreover, you are able to get camera resolution too from the free photo size editor apk. Finally, the Android photo resizer allows users to share resized images through email or to other social platforms up to 5MB.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Top 18: Fixpicture

It is the free online photo size editor that can resize images in batch for free. You can use Fixpicture to resize common images. And especially for digital camera owners, it is the free online photo resize that can output camera RAW formats in easy way too. There are more than 400 formats you can choose from. You can see the accurate file size limit in the left side. And you can able to customize the output image quality from good, better to the best. Moreover, it you tap the options icon in the lower left corner, you can enter the photo customize page. There are many photo resizing tools you can use. And you can even apply photo effects like automatic levels, automatic contrast, greyscale, sharpens and sepia by one click. Finally, just hit the convert button to resize, convert and apply photo effects with the online free photo size editor.


Top 19: PiZap

You can mix Photo Square and other photo effects together, to create something unique. For instance, the landscape layout can be squared into the portrait layout. So you can output resized images to Facebook timeline cover, Instagram, Twitter header cover and etc. there are many other image editing filters for you to use as well, to add photo effects freely.

PiZap Photo Editor

Top 20:

It is the online photo resizer, for you to get resizing photos for free. You are able to resize photos in pixels, percentages, or in customizable way of resetting width and length. To be more specific, there are several resizing photo types and filters for you to choose from. The first one is keep aspect ratio. It is the tool to make sure your image will not lose the original shape, and turn to something strange. The second on is Stretching or Narrowing, for you to manually resize images. And the third one is cropping of excess edges, by using top, left, right, bottom and central part of image. It has covered most photo resizing necessaries.

Top 21:

You can resize photos online here, and output into Facebook directly, through the new released Facebook Image Resizer here. Compares with other common online picture resizers, the whole process to resize photos within clicks. Therefore, no extra photo editing tools or image effects you to add additionally. But if you just need to change photo sizes, using Shrink online photo resizer is the nice choice, to save time on unnecessary photo filters.

Top 22:

It is the simplest inline photo resize website, throughout the whole article. Just upload photos to, and then set width and height to resize. Hit resize image button in the bottom, to start resizing photos online in free way. In addition, there is an animated GIF image resizing here too, in the new released version. It may be the feature other resizing photo sites cannot offer. If you need to change photo format o something else, requires people to enter other online sites, of photo format changing or further editing work. Thus, another timesaving resizing photos site has been found.

Top 23: PicResize

Just as the slogan of PicResize, the online photo resizer is the Internet’s Best Picture Resizing Tool. You just need to upload photos on the home page and start to resize them online. With more than 30,000 pictures resized daily, PicResize is one of the most popular and the oldest photo resizing online programs. You only need to pay attention to the RAW files and the 100MB restriction for the photo size. It might not be enough for a large GIF file.


Top 24: Resize Your Image

Resize Your Image is an online photo resizer for international users. The principal function of Resize Your Image is to resize photos, and it will also compress the photo files after resizing. It supports different photo formats, like JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. And other format files, like PDF, RAW, and TXT. If you are a web designer, the online photo resizer should be helpful for you. You can incorporated the resized photo in any CMS / website.

Resize Your Image

Top 25: Simple Image Resizer

Simple Image Resizer is another simple online photo resizer. And it was launched in December 2012 by a professional software developer. It has been here for four years, so we can imagine that it is very popular among Internet users. Resizing photos usually means we have to give up the original quality. But Simple Image Resizer promises that it will help us resize the photos and not damage the quality at the same time with the online photo resizer.

Simple Image Resizer

Part 4: 10 Best Photo Resizers for Smartphone

You might more likely to take photos by smartphone. It is partly because you can share these photos on social media or with families on smartphone conveniently. However, the larger size makes these photos unable to post directly. You have to resize photo for Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks have the size limit. Therefore, I will recommend some useful photo resizer Apps to help you modify the photos on your smartphone.

Top 26: images easy resizer & JPG PNG

It is a helpful photo resizer for Android users. It offers a list with several size options and allows you to decide the size of your photos. If you do not find your favorite size, you can also type in manually. The only drawback should be the compatibility with GIF files. Here are the excellent features you can get from the photo resizer APK.

1. Resizing the photo or photos in batch.

2. Changing the photo’s format.

3. It can resize the photos after shooting automatically by setting.

4. Multiple photo editing functions, like rotation, invert.

5. Empower users to customize the photo’s name.

Image Easy Resizer

Top 27: Photo & Picture Resizer

It is one of the most famous photo resizers among Android users, partly because it will not damage the quality of photos. That means the photos also enjoy original quality after resizing. It is a competitive feature among photo resizer APKs. And it is totally free. Here are the basic features you can enjoy with the program.

1. It can reduce the photos’ size quickly without losing quality.

2. It is able to resize photos in batch, as well.

3. Photos could be compressed without losing quality.

4. Sending the photos resized from this photo resizer to social media.

5. The photos will be saved in a separate folder titled ’Pictures/PhotoResizer’ automatically after resizing.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Top 28: Reduce Photo Size

If you are looking for a simple photo resizer APK on Android phone, Reduce Photo Size is another choice. And this photo app integrates multiple languages in it, like Chinese and French. You can access the principal features as below.

1. It provides several size solutions for users. And you could type in size manually.

2. The original photos will remain untouchable when you resize them.

3. It also allows you to edit photos, like rotation.

4. When you write email, it can resize the attaching photos.

5. Another useful function is preview, so you can decide to save or chancel the resizing photos.

Reduce Photo Size

Top 29: Resize Me!

It is personalized photos resize APK for Android users. The Photo Reszier APK not only allows you to resize photos, but also offers some useful tools. You can do that with just one click, or use the interface to rotate, crop and resize. Resize your photos easily with ‘Resize Me!’ before sending them by Email or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

1. Resizing your photos in a single click.

2. Users could rotate photos via Resize Me!

3. Setting the resizing photos as wallpaper.

4. It also allows you to add watermarks on your photos before posting on social media.

5. It will keep the photos’ EXIF tags and GPS data.

Resize Me!

Top 30: Image Shrink Lite

This is a batch photo resizer. However, only the full version could resize photos in batch. Image Shrink can keep all EXIF tags of the photos after shrinking. You can optionally remove location and date information, or remove all EXIF tags from the photos.

1. It allows you to adjust the length and width personally.

2. Identify and rotate the photos automatically if you take the photos reversely.

3. You can also select to remove the EXIF tags, GPS data and other details of the photos via Image Shrink Lite.

4. Keep all EXIF tags of the photos after shrinking.

5. Read the information of the image and rotate it automatically.

Image Shrink Lite

Top 31: Image Resize

Image Resize is a helpful iOS photo resize utility. You can use it resize photos quickly and easily. You can specify the output format using one of the following four units of measurement: pixels, millimeters, centimeters and inches. Just check the significant features of the photo resizer APP.

1. Resizing photos from photo library. There is the camera interface in Image Resize. So you can also resize the photos after capturing.

2. It allows user to resize photos bin megapixels or percentages.

3. You can set the default size and use it as a standard to adjust photos.

4. If you do not like the changes, you can use Undo button to roll back.

5. Image Size gives you the option of saving, emailing, printing or sharing the final image.

Image Resize

Top 32: Reduce

It is a smart photos resizer app. And it allows you to optimize your photos before posting on social media. Once you have set the size limit and the photos’ dimensions, Reduce will produce the best quality for your photos. Just learn more detail about the key features as below.

1. Resizing multiple photos in batch.

2. Setting a customized dimension.

3. Users could select to sharpen photos to avoid softness.

4. It allows users to remove EXIF tags.

5. If you like, you can add watermarks or borders on you photos.

Reduce App

Top 33: PhotoPad

ZAGG is a famous mobile accessories brand. And ZAGG has announced PhotoPad in 2010. The photo resizer app is a free premium photo editing app and available on iPads and iPhones. PhotoPad is popular for invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGskins. You can now order your ZAGGskins directly from PhotoPad. ZAGG has developed multiple useful features for PhotoPad.

1. ZAGGskins are made with invisibleSHIELD film and high-quality printing.

2. PhotoPad is able to Image Rotation, Image Resizing,Drawing/sketching, Paint Bucket, Color Selecting, Color Swap, Cropping, Threshold levels and posterize.

3. The most interesting feature is to create a ZAGGskin by the photos in PhotoPad directly.

4. You can also draw an image or make sketch on photos.

5. It also provides you many more options like Adjusting color, Tint, Chromaticity, Red Eye, and Saturation etc.


Top 34: InstaFit

A lot of iPhone users are also Instagram users. When we share photos from iPhones to Instagram, there is a size limit. So if you want to post an entire photo to Instagram, you need a useful tool. And InstaFit is one of the best photo resizer APPs for Instagram. The most important feature of InstaFit is to allow you to post entire photos to Instagram without cropping.

1. Adding personal watermark and text on photos.

2. Blurring Background and adding borders.

3. Adjusting background color.

4. Post your entire picture to Instagram without having to crop it.

5. Aviary photo editor built right into InstaFit: Filters, effects, frames, image rotation, enhance, stickers, add text, draw, and much more!


Top 35: BatchResizer

BatchResizer is a simple photo resizer app, which enables you to resize or crop to square or rotate a number of photos at a time. The resized photos can be saved in camera roll or sent by e-mail or into Dropbox. Resize settings are customizable and you can quickly pick the setting and go easily.

1. Shrink several photos at once.

2. Resizing and cropping square in one operation.

3. Adding white border and dropping shadow.

4. You can make presets of resize settings.


Download for Mac Version