Make Image Smaller

How to Make an Image Smaller – 4 Ultimate Solutions You Should Know

How to make an image smaller? Whether you turn the photos into another format, resize/crop the image, or reduce the photo quality, you can reduce the photos into a smaller size. Is there any method to reduce the photo size and keep the original quality after shrinking the pictures? Is there a method to make a large amount of photos smaller within a batch process? Just learn more about the 4 ultimate solutions to get a desired photo from the article and choose the desired one accordingly.

Make Image Smaller

Part 1: The Ultimate Methods to Make An Image Smaller

WidsMob ImageConvert is an ultimate method to make images smaller within a batch process. When you want to upload some images to your website, you can choose the different methods to turn the photo into a certain size. It also enables you to rename the photos, rotate the files, add borders, and even add text and image watermark and more others.

1. Provide 4 different methods to make images smaller with original quality.

2. Convert multiple photos or a folder to the desire size in a batch process.

3. Support most of the photo formats, including JPEG, HEIC and RAW files.

4. Advanced, efficient and useful tools, add watermark, frame, filter and more.

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Method 1: How to Make A RAW Image smaller to JPEG

When you take photos in RAW format, which is a lossless photo format with detailed information. To make a RAW image smaller, you can simply turn it into a JPEG format.

Step 1: Download and install the RAW image converter, you can launch the program on your computer. Simply drag-n-drop the RAW images or even a whole folder into the program to convert the photos to JPEG or other formats with a batch process.

Manage Nikon RAW ImageConvert

Step 2: Click the Start Convert button to trigger the image convert dialog. Hit the Folder icon and select a specific location to store the result. Unfold the Format dropdown menu and select JPEG as the output format and click the Export button, the RAW file will be converted to JPEG.

Convert RAW to JPG ImageConvert

Method 2: How to Make Images Smaller in Solution

When you want to make an image smaller in solution, you can reduce the Pixel/Inch for the image instead. Here is the detailed method to customize the size of the images in a batch process.

Step 1: Open the image converter and import the photos you want to make smaller into the program. It is able to add multiple images from your hard drive in batch process.

Step 2: Go to the Resize menu and enter the desired number Pixel/Inch for the imported photos. Even if there are some smaller images, you can check the Enlarge smaller images option.

Step 3: Before you click the Start Convert button to open the export dialog. You should make sure the images are not blurry before making the images smaller in size.

Resize by Width ImageConvert

Method 3: How to Resize An Image smaller

If you need to resize the images in a certain width, height or percentage, the program provides 4 different modes to resize an image smaller within a batch process as below.

Step 1: When you have imported the photos, you can click the Resize icon from the very right side to open the panel. It enables you to resize the photos within a batch process.

Step 2: Here are 4 modes to make images smaller that you can choose from. Select By Width, By Height, By Percentage, or Free from the Mode menu, and enter the detailed value.

Step 3: After resizing, click the Start Convert button to trigger the export dialog. Then set the Destination, Format and Quality according to your situation. Hit the Export button to get what you want.

Free Resize ImageConvert

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Part 2: How to Make An Image Smaller in HTML

If you just need to display an image smaller on a web page. It is possible to resize an image with HTML. The IMG SRC tag of HTML allows you to specify the width and height of your image. But you should understand that it just shrinks the image display but not the real image. It still has to load the original image, even though it appears smaller.

img src=”” width=”350” height=”227”

When making an image smaller, you need to maintain the aspect ratio. Otherwise, the image will be distorted and lose some quality. In addition to the IMG tag, you can also resize an image through CSS. The img.resize command line has various forms:

img src=”” width=”350” height=”227”









In the first form, the real size in pixels is specified for dimension. With it, you also follow the original aspect ratio.

The second form to make an image smaller by a percentage of the image size including width and height rather than resize in pixels. Then the browser can resize nearly any image and maintain the aspect ratio with the second form.

The biggest advantage of resizing images with CSS is convenient. You can define the style for one time and use it for any images on the website. img class=”resize” src=””

Using CSS results in IMG SRC tags, as the width and height are processed with CSS and you only need to specify the class name in the tag.


The article shares best methods to make an image smaller. It is not very difficult to shrink an image; the output quality is a big challenge. WidsMob ImageConvert is not only easy to use, but also able to protect the image quality during the process. Moreover, it offers 3 different methods to make an image or multiple images smaller by resetting format, quality and dimension as desired.

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