How to Take Some Important Screenshots in Minecraft Gameplay with Ease

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How to take a screenshot in Minecraft? It is a question for Minecraft players to show off the custom maps, creations, or exploits. Minecraft is available on both computer and game consoles, like PS4 and Xbox. When it comes to screenshot, the workflow is a bit different on various devices. It is the ultimate guide that focuses on answering this question in detail. You can learn more about how to save, share and take screenshots in Minecraft for moments.

Take Screenshots in Minecraft

Part 1: The Default Method to Take A Screenshot in Minecraft

Minecraft has already introduced a hotkey to take screenshots in Minecraft when playing a game. When you need to take some photos for highlights, you can follow the steps to get the desired file with ease.

Step 1: Launch the Minecraft gameplay on your computer and press the F1 button on your keyboard to remove the HUD. Then press F11 to enter the full-screen mode.

Step 2: You can start your game on your computer and press the F2 button when you want to take a screenshot in the Minecraft gameplay video for the highlights.

Step 3: The screenshot will be in the screenshots folder in the Minecraft file directory. The default path is C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots.

Take Screenshots Minecraft

Part 2: How to Take A Screenshot in Minecraft on PS/Xbox

Just as mentioned above, Minecraft is available to game consoles. If you need to take screenshots in Minecraft on PS4 and Xbox with ease, you can learn more details about the process below.

How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft on PS4

Step 1: Start the Minecraft gameplay video and press the Share button on the controller when you reach the highlight moment. And then press the triangle button.

Step 2: Once you have taken a screenshot in Minecraft gameplay, you can locate the Minecraft screenshot in the Screenshot folder under the Share menu accordingly.

PS4 Screenshots Minecraft

How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft on Xbox

Step 1: If you are playing Minecraft on Xbox One or Xbox 360, you can still take a screenshot in Minecraft gameplay with ease, press the Xbox button twice and click the Y button.

Step 2: Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu, press the View button to enter the Capture options. Then, you can browse Minecraft screenshots and share them.

Xbox Screenshots Minecraft

Part 3: The Best Method to Take A Screenshot in Minecraft

The built-in features allow you to take a screenshot in Minecraft on a computer and console with ease. Is there a method to capture the desired part only? How to edit the photos or add annotations? WidsMob Capture is a versatile snipping tool to take snapshots and capture videos on your computer. It also enables you to add annotation, adjust hotkeys, tweak the recording area and apply mouse effects within clicks.

1. Capture some screenshots in Minecraft during the gameplay with ease.

2. Edit screenshots in real-time, such as adding text, annotation, or paintings.

3. Screenshot Minecraft in high-quality images automatically within one click.

4. Share the screenshots to social media sites or save them to a local folder directly.

5. Offer extensive custom options to customize the video and audio settings.

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How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft

Step 1: Launch the snipping tool for Minecraft after installation. You can get two options in the home interface, Record Screen and Capture Screen. You can either record gameplay in videos or take screenshots in Minecraft.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Go to the Preferences dialog and set hotkeys, output destination, and more when you need to tweak the photo formats. You can adjust the mouse click effect when you capture the screen on a computer.

General Capture

Step 3: Open Minecraft gameplay and reach the highlights. Choose the Capture Screen option to turn on a white overlay on your screen. And your cursor will turn to a cross that draws on take a screenshot in Minecraft.

Take Screenshot Capture

Step 4: If you want to edit the screenshot, click the Edit button with a pen icon. You can add text, watermark on Minecraft screenshots with the desired icon and set the font, size, color, and other parameters.

Step 5: To share the Minecraft screenshot to social media, go to the Media Library window, select it, click the Share icon at the bottom left corner and choose the right channel and follow the onscreen instructions to get it.

Media Library Capture

Part 4: FAQs about Screenshotting in Minecraft

1Where Do You Find The Minecraft Screenshots?
Once you have taken a screenshot in Minecraft directly, Minecraft will save screenshots to the directory where you installed the game. In most cases, it is on your system drive.
2How Do You Take A Full Screenshot in Minecraft?
By default, Minecraft is not in full-screen mode. If you need to take a screenshot of Minecraft on full screen, you can press the F11 button on your keyboard to get the desired files.
3Does Minecraft Notify When Taking Screenshots?
If you do not want other game players to know when taking a screenshot in Minecraft, do not use the built-in feature but try a third-party snipping utility, such as WidsMob Capture.


You should master the best methods to take a screenshot in Minecraft on a computer and game console. The built-in hotkey is the easiest option for beginners, though it does not provide any bonus features. Plus, PS4 and Xbox offer the method to screenshot your game as well. WidsMob Capture is the best option that is able to produce the best image quality when taking screenshots in Minecraft.

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