How to Record Your Gameplay on PS4 Like a Professional

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Jane Joe

Since the last generation, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has attracted a lot of users around the world. Now, you can record your gameplay with the built-in record feature. It is pretty intuitive to record the gameplay, but you still need some technical skill to configure it correctly. This guide will tell you how to record gameplay on PS4 with the best settings. Moreover, you can learn more ways to do the job and produce high-quality video clips.

How to Record Gameplay on PS4

Part 1: How to Record Gameplay on PS4 with Built-in Feature

Generally speaking, you have two methods to record gameplay on PS4 using your controller. By default, you can capture a game up to 60 minutes manually. Alternatively, the automatic record feature will save the last 15 minutes of your gameplay.

Method 1: How to Record Gameplay on PS4 Manually


Step 1: Power on your PS4, press the Share button on your controller from the home screen and choose Sharing and Broadcast Settings. Then go to Video Clip Settings -> Length of Video Clip, and choose the length from 30 seconds to 60 minutes.

Step 2: Open the game that you want to record on PS4. When you reach the desired point, double-press the Share button. Then you will see the record icon. It means gameplay recording begins on PS4.

Step 3: When you want to stop recording, double-press the Share button on your controller.

Method 2: How to Record Gameplay on PS4 Automatically

How to Record PS

Step 1: If you did not record gameplay but wish to save what just happened in your game, briefly press the Share button on your controller.

Step 2: Then select Save Video Clip in the Share menu.

Step 3: Go back to the home screen, and head to Capture Gallery. Here you can find all gameplay recordings on PS4.

Part 2: How to Record PS4 Gameplay Videos via Screen Recorder

Unfortunately, the built-in record feature on PS4 cannot capture your face since it does not support a webcam. From this point, we recommend WidsMob Capture. Its main features include:

  1. Record gameplay on PS4 within three steps.
  2. Add your face and voice to gameplay recording in real-time.
  3. Edit game video while recording it.
  4. Offer plentiful custom options, like hotkeys and more.

All in all, it is the easiest way to record gameplay on PS4 with a computer.

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How to Record Gameplay on PS4 with a Computer

Step 1: Set up game recorder

Stream PS4 screen to your computer using Remote Play. Then install the game recorder to the same computer and launch it. Choose the Record Screen option to open the main interface. If you want to customize hotkeys, output, and other options, go to the Preferences dialog.

WidsMob Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Record gameplay on PS4

When the main interface appears, click the Record Area section and set the recording region according to the PS4 game. To add your reactions to the gameplay, turn on the Webcam option and permit it to access your webcam. Click the Microphone option, choose built-in or external microphone, and adjust the volume. Click the REC button and play the game on your PS4 to begin recording it.

Customize Capture

Step 3: Edit and save the game recording

During gameplay recording on PS4, you will get a toolbar with several buttons. The Pen icon lets you add text and paintings to the recording. To apply text, for example, choose the A icon, set color and other options, click on the recording and enter the text. If you want to take a screenshot at a very moment, hit the Camera icon. The Pause icon can skip unwanted clips.

When you finish the gameplay recording, click the Stop button. You can quickly access it in the Media Library window. Here you can manage and share recordings easily.

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Part 3: How to Capture Gameplay Videos on PS4 via Capture Card

The capture card is a receiver to transfer video and audio signals from your game console to your computer. So, it is another way to record gameplay on PS4.

Capture Card

Step 1: Connect the capture card with your computer and PS4 using HDMI cables. Make sure to plug the HDMI cable correctly. And you can get the labels In and Out on the ports.

Step 2: Install capture card software to your computer and run it, which lets your PC and capture card send and receive signals. Turn on your console, go to the Settings menu from the home screen, and uncheck Enable HDCP under System.

Step 3: Open OBS. If you do not have it, you can download it from the official website for free since it is an open-source project. Go to the bottom area, and locate the Sources section. Click the Plus icon, choose Video Capture Device, name it and find the capture card name from the downward arrow.

Step 4: Then add other sources, such as a camera or webcam. Next, click the gear icon next to Audio Mixer. On the capture card source, click the dropdown list and select Monitor only or Monitor and Output. If you record gameplay on PS4 with audio, the former is enough. The latter can capture both game sound and your chats with other players.

Step 5: Click the Start Recording button to begin recording gameplay on PS4. By default, OBS will record gameplay in FLV format, but you can change it to MP4 in the Settings dialog.

Step 6: Wait for the gameplay to finish, and click the Stop Recording button to save it to your hard drive.

Note: Capture cards are usually available to PC. It is hard to use them on Mac.


Based on the guide above, you should understand how to record gameplay on PS4 with or without extra hardware. For beginners, the built-in gameplay record feature on PS4 is enough. But if you want to get advanced features, you should try WidsMob Capture. It is not only easy to use but also able to meet various needs. We hope our guide is helpful to you.

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