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Patternator – Best Wallpaper Maker for Android and iPhone

Have you ever confused with cute wallpaper for your phone? If you are still searching for endless background or wallpaper sources, it is time to use Patternator to design wallpaper for Android or iPhone. Patternator offers millions of stickers, hundreds of backgrounds, patterns and layout options. The easy to use wallpaper maker can always provide the satisfied wallpaper to you accordingly.

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Key Feature of Patternator

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What should be the cute wallpapers or lock-screens for your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 7? Patternator provides a fun way to create your own custom wallpaper. Use your creative and imagination together with the stickers and options to design Patternator wallpaper.

  • Create wallpaper: patterned backgrounds for iPhone or Android.
  • Print on a phone case and be the only one in the whole universe to have it!
  • Choose a pattern from millions of cool stickers or from your photos.
  • Select a background from a selection of automatically suggested colors, beautiful pastels and more.
  • Adjust the pattern’s scale, spacing, rotation and more using smart layouts and settings.
  • Share on Instagram, Tumblr, We Heart It and more.
  • Save your pattern in Ultra HD for amazing quality.

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Make Cute Wallpaper with Patternator

If you still have not installed Patternator, you can download Patternator APK first. If you are using iPhone, you can also download Patternator iOS. Just learn the detail procedure to make cute wallpapers as the following steps.

1. Start with a Sticker

Enter a wallpaper style to search for the desired pattern, and you can also browse through various categories with different words, phrases, cartoon and photos, and all sorts of cool items. You can always find the cutest and coolest wallpapers from Patternator.

2. Customize layout

When you select the wallpaper pattern, you can choose the style of the wallpaper, change the scale and spacing, flip or rotate the angles of the layout, choose the shear or jitter the wallpaper. You can always customize wallpaper to your requirement with Patternator.

3. Choose background

After that you can select a background through the color palette, pick a color to match your wallpaper. The well-selected color palette should be a plus for your wallpaper, which make the wallpaper much cuter.

4. Share Wallpaper

Finally you can print the case (which is no longer available), save the wallpaper to your computer or share the file to social media websites, such as Instagram, Tumblr or We Heart it. You can share Patternator wallpaper with your friends with ease.

Previously Patternator provides an option to customize the phone case (starts around US$30.00), but the recent update has removed the cell phone cases option. And you can also remove the wallpaper with an in-app purchase with US$1.99.


Test & Review


Lots of pattern sticks, backgrounds, wallpapers and lock-screens, and you can find more with continually update.

The cute and lovely patterns of Patternator are well designed and just few taps with your finger to design the cutest wallpaper.

Compared to other wallpaper makers, Patternator is able to export wallpaper in high quality.


Limited to the default stickers, wallpapers and pattern, do not provide customize options.

No longer provide customized cute phone cases due to the recent update of Patternator.

It is a pity that no IAP to unlock the cute wallpaper HD Export, lock-screens and patterns.