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Top 25 Best Photo Slideshow Maker in 2020

When you need to have some special moments, such as wedding or reunion, you need to make shows for it. What is the best photo slideshow maker? If you have any difficult to choose the photo slideshow maker, you can read more detail about the best 25 photo slideshow creators in 2019.

Photo Slideshow Maker

Part 1. Best 5 Photo Slideshow Maker on Windows and Mac

1. PhotoStage Slideshow

As one of the most popular photo slideshow makers, PhotoStage Slideshow is able to create dynamic slideshows from your photos quickly and easily. The program is available on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android devices; you can always acquire the desired show with any device. Just learn more detail about the features of the photo slideshow creator as below.

1. There is a wide range of stunning photo transition effects, including the panning and zoom effects add extra dimension. And you can able to preview the effects in real time and customize the duration the effects.

2. If you want to edit the photos, you can also fine tune brightness, color and saturation. And also crop, rotate, flip or even add text captions or video clips to the photo slideshow.

3. The amazing audio tool is one of the most outstanding features of the photo slideshow maker. You can add music tracks, record narrations and import pre-recorded narrations.

4. You can export the slideshow to DVD for your TV, upload directly to YouTube and other social media, or save to PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile in flash.

5. Images and videos are displayed in the timeline as thumbnails, along with their duration and icons that represent transition effects. You can select the individual thumbnails, open the collapsible menus and apply different effects and transitions or record your voice.

6. The user interface is laid out like an advanced video editor, such as Adobe Premiere. You can import your images, music or videos in the upper left area of the window, where you can also find special effects, predefined transitions and other tools, in a series of collapsible menus.

PhotoStage Slideshow

2. ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold is an excellent photo slideshow maker that creates instant shows on your desktop. It creates fast and fun shows for photo and video enthusiasts. The photo slideshow creator is able to combine photos, videos, text and music files and shares the finished video to TV, social media and other more channels.

1. ProShow Gold is able to create slideshows with as many photos, videos and songs as you want. And you are able to add them from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram and other social media sites.

2. The Automatic Wizard of the photo slideshow maker creates instant shows. You only need to pick a theme and wizard automatically creates the desired great slideshow.

3. Add cool effects and animations to your photos and videos with ProShow’s slide styles and transitions. You can also simulate page turns and create multi-photo montages.

4. When you add to further edit the photos to make a show, you can also take advantage of the large amount of built-in editing tools of the photo slideshow maker as well.

5. Go beyond the simple fly-in or fly-out effects, you can also custom caption motion effects. You can also add titles to any slide in the show, choose fonts, color and size.

6. The photo slideshow maker is able to share shows in easy way, which supports over 40 popular formats for watching on TV, online and other devices. And you can also burn to DVD, BD, AVCHD and CD.

ProShow Gold

3. SmartShow

SmartShow 3D is not only a photo slideshow maker, but also a 3D vision photo viewer. When you use the program to make animated slideshows with photos, videos and music, you can apply stylish transitions and eye-catching photo effects. And now learn more detail about the features of the photo slideshow creator as below.

1. SmartShow 3D will mix your photos and tunes into make breathtaking movies. You can create a family album, a travel story, a wedding slideshow or holiday greeting card or so on.

2. The photo slideshow maker has endless number of animation effects. It offers a collection of stunning animation effects and hundreds of different ways to combine them.

3. SmartSHOW 3D comes with a huge set of ready-made templates. Animated collages, title clips and special effects will make your slideshow shine.

4. Just as the name of the photo slideshow creator, 3D feature provides Fantastic 3D effects for photos and subtitles will help you make spectacular movies,

5. SmartShow 3D is a unique tool for making animated slides with multiple layers. The slide editor that comes with the app gives the user full control over every aspect of slide animation.

6. Slideshow projects created with SmartSHOW 3D can be converted to standard or HD video in any format: AVI, MP4, 3GP, MKV, WMV, etc. Depending on the occasion, you can showcase your photo movie on the computer screen or on a large plasma TV.


4. Microsoft PowerPoint

As mention of Microsoft PowerPoint, you will take it for granted that the program is used for multimedia presentation. Actually PowerPoint can also serves as a functional photo slideshow maker. For you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, here are some excellent features of PowerPoint you cannot miss.

1. There are 26 background templates as well as 50 transaction effects that you can add to your slideshow. The animation capabilities are an easy way to bring some fun and pizzazz to your slides.

2. Add images, video clips, texts or audio narrations to the slideshow without any restriction for the number of files you added to a single slideshow project.

3. In addition, you can also find the dynamic galleries, animations and live previews to make the whole process easy. And even add Excel files for business photo slideshow.

4. You are able to save the PowerPoint slide as a GIF and then use a program like GIMP to create your own animated GIF. The GIF files can be embed to your website or social media.

5. What is my favorite feature for PowerPoint? You can always find the desired plugins for the photo slideshow maker according to your requirement.

Microsoft PowerPoint

5. Photo Viewer

WidsMob Viewer Pro is not only an excellent photo viewer, but also a wonderful photo slideshow maker. If you are selecting the desired photos from a large amount of photo albums, you can choose and add the favorite photos to create a photo slideshow accordingly. Just learn more detail about the features of the photo slideshow creator as below.

Download for Mac Version

1. Just click any image to load all the photos within one folder, you can choose the desired photos for photo slideshow by click the favorite button with ease.

2. You can choose the template to make photo slideshows. Except for the photos files, you can also add music and other elements to get the desired photo slideshow.

3. The batch process can convert all the photos to the same size when you create show, batch rename will help you organize the photos in the right order.

4. The photo slideshow maker also provides the basic editing functions. You can crop, rotate and flip the photos to the right direction for making the slideshow projects.

5. Just click the share button, you can sync the photo slideshow to social media, send them to friends or family via email or Airdrop, or even save to computer as GIF.

6. Once you add the effects, you can have an instant preview for the photos and enjoy the slideshow on your Mac or PC before you share the photo slideshow to others.

Slideshow Viewer Pro

Part 2. Best 10 Photo Video Makers for iOS

1. iMovie

It’s widely regarded that iMovie is the very photo video maker that every iOS user should have installed. iMovie for iOS is similar to the Mac version, which makes it ridiculously easy to splice together shot footage. With the release of the latest Apple kit, this photo video maker could deal with 4K-film quality.

Company: Apple Inc.

Price: $4.99

iMovie for iOS

2. VidLab

As for photo video maker used on smartphone, easy-to-handle is the main characters. VidLab is a multi-task, multi-clip video maker that could easily create video & photo stories even you are an amateur to photo video making. Users could add animating text, artwork, video effects, music etc. on the original videos. What’s more, it’s free to download it.

Company: MuseWorks, Inc.

Price: Free (Offer In-App Purchase)


3. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Three years ago, social media tycoon prospects that short video would become the next trends among Internet. The Hyperlapse of Instagram has responded to the prophecy. This photo video maker shoots polished time-lapse videos without expensive equipment but your iPhone.

Company: Instagram, Inc.

Price: Free

Hyperlapse from Instagram

4. Stop Motion Studio

This photo video maker focuses on grade video editing and produce Ultra HD and Full HD videos easily on iOS devices and save them in full resolution. With grading editing function, users could create movies like Wallace and Gromit.


Price: Free (Offer In-App Purchase)

Stop Motion Studio

5. TiltShift Videos

Videos taken by iPhone are ordinary and pale. This photo video maker with music could turn any of your normal videos into tilt shift like videos. Although the background process requires very complicated techniques, the interface of this app is simple, customized and easy to handle.

Company: Fidel Lainez

Price: $3.99

TiltShift Videos

6. Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio is a photo video maker with long history. Its professional and profound editing function win high reputation especially among designers. It enable users to edit precisely even on the phone and share to mainstream social media platform directly.

Company: Corel Inc.

Price: $12.99

Pinnacle Studio Pro

7. Vine

Everyone could be famous. That’s how vine with its six-and-a-half seconds video told the world. Users could create a six-and-a-half seconds video with vine and go viral on the Internet. This photo video maker app is also Apple Watch enabled.


Price: Free


8. Line Camera

The interesting part of Line Camera is that it could display the real-time filter even when you are doing video recording. This photo video editor offers hundreds filters for both photos and video. Some of the filters with tender and soft temperature are really famous among young girls.

Company: LINE Corporation

Price: Free (Offer In-App Purchase)

LINE Camera Screenshot

9. Magisto

Magisto creates videos for you in what they say is 3 Easy Steps. You simply select the theme and theme track for your video and it would create a complete video for you. Magisto also has a built-in social network so you can share with friends and family.

Company: Magisto Ltd

Price: Free (Offer In-App Purchase)


10. Splice

It is another photo video maker application made by GoPro. It deserves more attention than it really got. Splice is the kind of video editor that aim to create video in the easiest way. But you have more choice to select what music to mix and what filter to add with your own will.

Company: GoPro

Price: Free


Part 3. Best 10 Photo Video Makers for Android

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector was renowned as “the Best Android Video Editing Free App” in Google Play. The powerful timeline video editing functions, as well as the cool and unique effects like voice over and footage allow user most of the need from video editing. It could also adjust the speed of the video.


Price: Free (Offer In-App Purchase)


2. Adobe Premiere Clip

With the name of the photo video maker company, you could count on the powerful function and expertise of this app. Adobe premiere clip offers users the automatic editing mode to make cut and add soundtrack. If you want to get a little more control, you can switch to Freeform mode, and it is also easy to handle.

Company: Adobe

Price: Free

Adobe Premiere Clip

3. Movie Maker Filmmaker

With this photo video maker, you’ll be able to trim, crop, and reorder video content as well as set focal points. The app also provides loads of video effects and you can add to make your video different filters. What’s more, it is completely free.

Company: ALIVE Inc.

Price: Free

Movie Maker Filmmaker

4. Quick

This photo video maker is popular among young people. If you prefer something simple for your video, it’s actually a pretty good editing tool for any generation. One of the functions of Quick is more like photo maker making photos slideshows. You could add up to 50 photos and video clips and the app will analyze each thing and spit out a short video based on them.

Company: GoPro

Price: Free


5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a typical democratic photo video maker that fits every mobile phone users. The app uses a storyboard style of editing where you load clips, edit and trim them as needed, and then move on to the next segment. This editor makes more than 200 filters, effects and text that users could add to their original video.

Company: QuVideo Inc.

Price: Free


6. VideoShow

The reputation of this photo video maker might not as high as the list above, but you could not deny its powerful and complete edit functions as a video app. VideoShow define itself as “all-in-one” video editor that enable users to make, cut, crop videos on their phones. Different styles of theme it offers also bring users the convenience to edit video within few minutes.

Company: EnjoyMobi Video Editor Studio

Price: Free


7. VQuick

VQuick is another renowned photo video maker that win one of the top 10 by TechCrunch 2016. One of the selling points of VQuick is its social platform built inside the App. You could follow other users and watch their fantastic videos, enables mobile filmmaking and video collaboration. This app never stop to releasing new features every quarter.

Company: VQuick, Inc.

Price: Free


8. FilmoraGo

If amateur photo video making tool could not satisfy you, FilmoraGo might be your alternatives. You could directly create a vivid video by the photos exited in your phone album. There are still lots of extra magical features in the app like video trimming, rotating, cool video effects like filters, overlays and share to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Company: Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd.

Price: Free


9. AndroVid

This app could act different editing roles like video trimmer, joiner, transcoder, video & voice mixer and video rotating. AndroVid is an easy-to-handle application that could meet your basic need for video editing.

Company: Video Players & Editors

Price: Free


10. Flipagram

The unique feature of this app is its music. User could add hundreds fabulous music to their original videos. Also this photo video maker has its own social platform, where you could follow your favorite artiest and get inspiration for your own video making. Be active in the social platform and your work might go viral someday.

Company: Flipagram, inc.

Price: Free


Wrapping Up

Even most of the photo video makers share some same functions for editing. Every single photo video maker app has its own merit. Go details to see what you really want to do to your videos and choose from the list we gave above.

Download for Mac Version