Audacity Noise Reduction

How to Remove Background Noise with Audacity Noise Reduction with Ease

How to get a satisfied media file, such as audio and image? Audacity is a free and open source audio recorder and editor, which you can take advantage of the Audacity noise reduction to optimize the audio file or music. How do you use the feature to analyze the noise, or even remove the noise with Audacity? Just learn more about the details from the article now.

Audacity Noise Reduction

Part 1: How to Remove Background Noise with Audacity Noise Reduction

Once you have finished recording the audio files, you can import the file into Audacity to remove Noise Reduction or even split the unwanted part. It is impossible to induce a satisfactory removal once the noise is incredibly loud. Here is the detailed process you should follow.

Step 1: Once you have installed Audacity, you can launch the program on your computer. Click on the “File” menu and choose the “Import” option to select the desired audio file you want to optimize or perform the actions from your computer.

Import Audio File Audacity

Step 2: When you imported the audio files, you have to highlight the part of the audio file you want to edit. Just click and drag your mouse from the start to the end of the section and click on the “Effect” option to choose the “Noise Reduction” within Audacity.

Select Effect Audacity

Step 3: From the Noise Reduction window, you can click on the “Get Noise Profile” button. This feature is going to validate what section is the noise and what is clear sound, allowing you to eliminate the background noise whilst up-keeping the integrity of your audio file.

Get Noise Function Audacity

Step 4: Just listen to the audio files again to find whether you are satisfied with the output. Of course, you can also click on the “Repeat Noise Reduction” option or even apply perceived noise profile of Audacity to eliminate the noise of the background with ease.

Select Effect Audacity

Step 5: You have to “Save” the changes that you have made to the audio file. For doing that, you have to click on the “File” tab and choose the “Export Audio” option, and then click on Save. The audio file is going to have less of that background noise now.

Part 2: How to Reduce Image Noise with WidsMob Retoucher

What should you do if you want to remove noise for images? Is there an Audacity noise reduction alternative to optimize photos? WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile image editor and optimizer to recover image detail hidden in noise and handle multiple cases, such as shadow tone, debanding, restoration, colorcasts and more.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Reduce and eliminates image noises while preserving all image details.

2. Enables you to minimize image grain, JPEG artifacts and imperfections.

3. Deal with luminance noise, chrominance noise and even sharpness.

4. Support JPEG, PNG, HEIC and multiple RAW files from DLSR cameras.

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your computer, launch the program and click the “Import” button to load the images you want to optimize into the program. Whether it is a portrait image or a landscape one, you can reduce the noise without any problem.

Import Photo on Retoucher

Step 2: If you have loaded a portrait image, you can choose the “Portrait” menu that can detect the face within the image automatically. After that, tweak the “Skin Smoothing”, “Skin Whitening” and more other parameters to remove the noise and even optimize portrait images accordingly.

Retouch Portrait on Retoucher

Step 3: As for the other images, you can select the “De-noise” menu, which enable you to adjust the “Luminance” option, the “Chrominance” option and the “Sharpness” option to reduce the noise, remove the JPEG artifacts and other imperfections for the photos within clicks.

Reduce Noise on Retoucher

Step 4: Of course, you can also apply filters and effects for the photos, or even adjust the color parameters. If you are satisfied with the output images, you can click the “Save” button to remove noise as Audacity alternative, or share it to the social media website.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


What are the best methods to optimize the media files, such as the audio files and images? Just learn more about how to take advantage of the Audacity noise reduction to remove the background noise, or WidsMob Retoucher to touch up the portrait and landscape images with ease. If you have any query about noise reduction of Audacity, you can share more details in the comment now.