FLV Viewer – How to View and Browse the FLV Media Files with Ease

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What should be the best FLV viewer to browse the FLV videos? FLV is one of the most widely used video formats viewable in most web browsers. When you want to upload the FLV files to websites or social media sites, you can learn more about the top 6 FLV players to play the FLV files.

Best FLV Viewer

Part 1: How to Upload and Browse FLV Videos with Ease

As mentioned above, FLV is the video format mainly used for websites and social media sites. When you need to upload the FLV videos, you might also need to add the thumbnails to the site. Just learn more about the best FLV player and photo viewer as below.

How to View FLV and Thumbnail for YouTube

WidsMob Viewer Pro is the desired FLV viewer to play FLV videos and view photos. It supports most video and photo formats of the FLV, MP4, GIF, RAW, HEIC, and more. Moreover, you can also manage the media files within different folders.

1. Play FLV, MP4, MOV, M4V, and other video formats with ease.

2. View JPEG, PNG, HEIC, PNG, RAW, and most photo files.

3. 4 different modes to manage and edit the photos and videos in clicks.

4. Create favorite photos to a slideshow, export photos, and convert files.

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Step 1: Download and install FLV viewer

Once you have installed the FLV viewer, you can launch the program on your computer. Just drag and drop the FLV file. You can open all the files within the folder. Of course, you can also import the whole folder into the program.

Launch Media Viewer

Step 2: Play FLV and thumbnails with ease

When you access the FLV video, you can find the playback icon in the middle of the FLV file. Just click the icon to view FLV direct within the media viewer. Of course, you can browse the thumbnails in different photo formats.

Play Videos Viewer Pro

Step 3: Manage and upload the FLV files

In the thumbnail mode, you can view the media files of different folders. After that, you can category and manage the FLV file and upload the desired one into the social media sites.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Part 2: Top 5 FLV Viewers to Play FLV on Win/Mac

If you need to play FLV files on Windows and Mac only, here are 9 more FLV viewers that enable you to browse the FLV file from YouTube, download online and other channels as desired. Just learn more details about the features of these tools as below.

Top 2: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source FLV viewer to play and encode the FLV files, DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Moreover, you can also play the damaged FLV files.

1. Playback FLV video frame by frame, speed control, and finer playback.

2. File decompression and browsing, even for the DVB-S, ATSC on Windows.

3. Support most audio, video codec, and more new decoders.

4. Multimedia keys are controlled by modern Apple keyboards with ease.

VLC Media Player

Top 3: FLV Media Player

Just as the name of the FLV file viewer, FLV Media Player allows you to watch any downloaded FLV content. Moreover, there are features, such as scale size, rotate video, add subtitles, and more.

1. View FLV files, H.264 formats that do not require a preinstalled Flash.

2. Tweak the proportional scale, auto-rewind, auto-start, loop play, and more.

3. Provide the option of color control that adjusts colors and saturation.

4. Support a command line using various shortcuts and all file formats.

FLV Media Player

Top 4: Moyea FLV Player

Moyea FLV Player is one of the most popular FLV viewers that can play any videos along with the FLV media files. It does not only play the video from the computer, but also the online streaming sites.

1. Support FLV videos, AVI, MOV, MP4, and online streaming files.

2. Convert low-quality videos into high-quality ones as well as HD format.

3. Organize FLV files, full-screen mode, Quick thumbnail picture, and more.

4. Screen saving mode to get your favorite pictures from the video in no time.

Moyea FLV Player

Top 5: KM Player

KMPlayer is the FLV viewer that supports most video formats and HD videos, such as 4K, 8K, UHD, and 60FPS. It includes video playback, subtitles, and even 3D video playback for Windows and Mac.

1. All-in-one FLV player that supports video formats, online streaming, etc.

2. Support various media file formats in high quality, 4K, 8K, UHD, and more.

3. Versatile video playback with subtitles, screens, and 3D playback.

4. Experience immersive 3D virtual reality content within the FLV viewer.


Top 6: FreeSmith Video Player

When you need to playback all the video files, such as the DVDs, FreeSmith Video Player is the all-in-one FLV video viewer to play videos, music, online videos, and even the protected DVD movies.

1. Flexible settings for skin, saturation, contrast, brightness, play speed, etc.

2. Support most audio and video formats, as well as the protected DVD.

3. Edit the videos, such as trim, crop, enlarge, merge, adjust, and more others.

4. Accelerate or slow the FLV video and enlarge or narrow the play screen.

FreeSmith Video Player


When you want to play the FLV video files, you can learn more about the 6 best FLV viewers from the article. Of course, WidsMob Viewer Pro is the ultimate program to browse photos and videos. Moreover, you can also use other 5 FLV players to playback the videos with ease.

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