Birthday Photo Frames

How to Make Birthday Photo Frames

Birthday comes once a year. People usually do something together to celebrate a birthday, like birthday cake, party, and so on. As the popularity of digital cameras, taking photos already become an important activity in birthday party. Before share birthday photos on social media, some people prefer to make birthday photo frames and beautify the birthday photos. To ordinary people, Photoshop is too complicated to make birthday photo frames. Are there any easy-to-use birthday photo frame makers? Yes, there are some online photo editors that have plentiful birthday photo frames. You can use them to add wonderful frame on your birthday photos.

Birthday Photo Frames

1. Pic Joke

Pic Joke is a database of photo frames and effects with plentiful birthday image frames. Pic Joke will update new frames every day. So you can enjoy the fresh photo frames on this website.

1. Input in address bar and press Enter key to access Pic Joke website.

2. In the home page, enter birthday in search box and tap on Search to discover the birthday photo frames.

3. Then you can choose a birthday image frame in the result page and continue.

4. You could click on Browse button to upload a birthday image from your computer. And then click on Create your picture button to complete creating a birthday photo frame.

If you are satisfied with the output, you can download it to computer or share it to Facebook directly. Pic Joke is a totally free photo service. Users could enjoy all the frames without registry or login.

Pic Joke

2. Pixiz

Pixiz is a versatile online photo editor. Besides photo editing and collaging functions, Pixiz provides extensive filters and photo frames, including birthday photo frames. The workflow to make birthday photo frames is easy as well.

1. Access Pixiz in your browser or drop in address bar to access it.

2. When the home page shows up, you can search birthday in search engine. Then Pixiz will collect all birthday image frames in the result page.

3. You can browse all the image frames related to birthday and choose your favorite one to continue.

4. Then click on Select the picture button to upload your birthday image from computer. If you want Pixiz crop the image, you can check the box of Autocrop.

5. When you are ready, tap on the Go button to finish editing.

Finally, Pixiz provides multiple ways to save or share the output, like downloading to computer or share to Facebook. Or you can edit the output image within Pixiz Photo Editor.



Vip TALISMAN is another image frames collection with thousands of image frames. Moreover, Vip TALISMAN is a platform that allows Internet users to share their creative and create birthday photo frames online.

1. Visit in your browser.

2. In the home page, scroll down to Cards and frames for the holidays section on the left side ribbon and choose Birthday cards.

3. Then all the birthday photo frames will appear on the right panel. Vip TALISMAN will display the basic information about the photo frames, like dimensions, size, load time, print size and the text. You can choose a proper birthday photo frame according to your photos.

4. Tap on the small button labeled Add photo on the top of the frame to upload your photo.

5. Vip TALISMAN provides some editing features, like Add text, Add calendar and more. You can polish the birthday photo in a few second.

6. Finally, tap on Save photo button to store the output to local hard drive.

Compared to other photo frame services, Vip TALISMAN offers more frame editing features. Most elements on the image frame are changeable.


Enhance birthday photos

These online birthday photo frame services are useful when you need to polish your birthday photos and make birthday picture frames. However, if you upload the birthday photos with grains and noise, the output will not as perfect as you thought. Furthermore, the picture frames offered by these websites are high definition. You’d better to use high quality photos as well. Even though your birthday photos are imperfect, you do not need to worry. You can enhance and de-noise them with WidsMob Denoise. It is able to scan and reduce various noises automatically. Moreover, Photo Denoise will keep all the details.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Open Photo Denoise and click on Import button to import the imperfect birthday photos you’d like to enhance. You can load photos in bulk by opening a folder.

Open Denoise

2. Photo Denoise could detect and handle the luminance noise and chrominance noise automatically. And you can adjust the parameters manually.

3. The Sharpness option is used to highlight the details in the photo.

Denoise Image Process

4. When you are done, tap on Save button to store the outputs in high quality.

Then you can make birthday photo frames as you wish.


Based on the introductions above, you might grasp how to make birthday image frames online. There are many online photo editors. And some of them have the ability to make birthday photo frames, like Pixiz. On the other hand, some photo frames databases are available online. You can utilize these online services to make birthday photo frames and polish your photos. Before you make birthday image frames online, you should de-noise your photos with WidsMob Denoise.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version