How to Make Love Photo Frames

Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Peter Wood

Taking a photo is a way to record romantic moments. A boy who falls in love with a girl, for instance, must want to tell the whole world his feelings. A sweet couple wishes to receive blessings from families and friends. So they take romantic photos and post on social media. However, you might find that people would skip and neglect the ordinary pictures. You may need a way to highlight your romantic photos. Making a love photo frame is a good choice. You can use photo frames to make your photos unique and attractive. Considering more and more people take pictures with smartphones, we will introduce how to make love photo frames on your smartphone.

How to Make Love Photo Frames

Top 1: Love Photo Frames

Support: iOS & Android

Love Photo Frames is a romantic photo frames database available to iOS and Android devices. This love photo frame maker has two versions, the free one, and the paid ones. You will see some ads to exchange free services in the free version. If you are sensitive to the ads, you can buy Love Photo Frames pro.

Step 1. After taking romantic photos with your smartphone, open the Love Photo Frames app on the home screen.

Step 2. If it is the first time to open this application, you have to permit Love Photo Frames to access your Photos app. Then all the photos on your smartphone will display in Love Photo Frames; choose the image you want to make a love photo frame and continue.

Step 3. Tap the frame icon on the editing screen and choose your favorite love photo frame from the frame collection. The magic stick icon in the middle of the bottom ribbon can add filters to the original photo. If you want to write some words on the love photo frame, you can touch the pen icon.

Step 4. After settings, touch the Next button to save the changes. And you can download the picture to your smartphone or share it on social media.

Love Photo Frames App

Top 2: Love Photo Frame

Support: iOS

Love Photo Frame is another easy way to decorate your romantic photos and make love photo frames. This app is free; however, you have to watch some ads to exchange the frames for free. According to its developer, Love Photo Frame has collected more than a thousand love photo frames.

Step 1. Download Love Photo Frame from App Store and install it on your iPhone when you prepare to beautify your romantic photos.

Step 2. Launch Love Photo Frame on the home screen and touch the big Gallery icon to relocate to the Photos app.

Step 3. After choosing the photo you want to edit, this love photo frame app will take you to the frames database. You can scroll down and select your favorite frame.

Step 4. Once you hit a photo frame, Love Photo Frame will blend your photo with the love photo frame.

Step 5. If you are satisfied with the result, touch the Download icon in the upper right corner. Otherwise, you can hit the Back icon to try other frames.

Love Photo Frame App

Top 3: Romantic Love Photo Frames

Support: Android

Romantic Love Photo Frames is a love photo frame creator for Android users. If you can watch ads to get beautiful frames and stickers, you can make a love photo frame effect.

Step 1. This app is free to charge, so you can download it from Google Play Store without paying any penny.

Step 2. When you want to beautify your date photos, go to the home screen and open the Romantic Love Photo Frames app.

Step 3. You should allow Romantic Love Photo Frames to access your photo gallery and pick a dating photo.

Step 4. Compared to other love photo frames tools, Romantic Love Photo Frames provides various photo frames. You can use Single Love Photo Frames or Double Love Photo Frames.

Step 5. You can preview the result before saving it. And you can add some text or stickers to the photo.

Step 6. After creating a romantic photo with a love photo frame, you can Save the image to a photo gallery or Share it online.

Romantic Love Photo Frames App

De-noise Your Photo before Adding Love Photo Frame

Although people increasingly shoot pictures with a smartphone, the performance of lenses on smartphones is not as well as DSLR cameras. Especially when you edit the photos or make love photo frames, you may discover that the images have noise and grains. Delete your date photos? WidsMob Retoucher could help you solve this problem. Photo Denoise could detect and reduce the noise on photos automatically. All you need to import your images and let Photo Denoise do its work.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. Go to Photo Denoise on your computer and hit the Import button in the interface to load the date photo with noise and grains. Photo Denoise supports importing and dealing with hundreds of images in batches.

Open Denoise

Step 2. Photo Denoise can scan and reduce the luminance and chrominance noise. If you like, you can adjust the photo manually.

Step 3. The Sharpness option is used to highlight the details.

Denoise Image Process

Step 4. After finishing, press the Save button to confirm the changes. Then you can make these photos with love photo frames.

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Based on the introductions above, you might grasp various ways to make love photo frames effect in smartphones. These love photo frame apps are free to charge by watching some ads. Before creating love photo frames, you may need to de-noise and enhance your romantic photos with a photo enhancer, like WidsMob Denoise. This program could help you to simplify the workflow of photo de-noise.