How to Get Photo Frames and Effects on Different Platforms

Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Peter Wood

The photo frame is one of the best ways to decorate your favorite photos. Currently, people increasingly switch for taking pictures with digital cameras and smartphones. Instead of printing photos, more and more people decide to save their memories digitally. And many people are eager to understand how to get photo frames and effects on their digital photos. If you use an appropriate tool, it is not difficult to get photo frames and photo effects. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will share some tools and details about creating photo frame effects on your favorite photos.

Get Photo Frames and Effects

Part 1. Add Simple Photo Frames on Windows and Mac

If you want to add simple photo frames to all your photos with a batch process on Windows or macOS, WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile photo converter, which enables you to add simple photo frames with solid colors with a batch process. It enables you to adjust pixels for the frame, change the color, and adjust the opacity. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to crop the desired parts, resize the photos, rename the files, and more.

1. Adjust the width of the border, change the color, and tweak the opacity for the photo frame.

2. Provide 4 different methods to resize the photos, rotate/flip files, crop the photos, and more.

3. Enhance photos to 4X the original size with up to 12000P by 12000P with optimal quality.

4. Custom multiple presets with a series of actions, including adding photo frames in one click.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program and click the Import button to select the desired photos. Just drag-n-drop the desired photos to the program for a batch process. It supports AVIF, WebP, JPEG, PNG, generic RAW files, as well as other file formats.

Import Photos to Add Frames ImageConvert

Step 2. Double-click any image and scroll down to the Border menu. It enables you to enter the desired pixels for the photo frame. Moreover, you can also adjust the desired color from the color palette and tweak the slider for opacity. It will add the same photo frame to all the photos within a single click.

Add Photo Frame ImageConvert

Step 3. If you need to further edit the photos, such as resize the photos to a certain size. It also enables you to add image watermarks or text watermarks. After that, you can click the + button and enter the name of the preset. When you need to apply the same photo frame next time, you only need to choose it from the presets.

Custom Photo Frame Preset ImageConvert

Step 4. When you get everything done, click the Batch Export button to export the photos with the frame. Choose the destination folder for the output image, select the desired file format from the drop-down list, such as JPEG, tweak the photo quality, and even overwrite the existing file before clicking the Convert button.

Export Photo Frame ImageConvert Win Download Mac Download

Part 2. Get Photo Frames with Online Photo Editor

Online photo editors are a convenient way to polish and decorate photos. And some online photo editors have the capacity related to photo frames, like Canva, Fotor, PicMonkey, etc. They not only provide many photo frames but also allow users to create photo frames online. We use Canva as the example to tell you the basic workflow to get photo frames and effects online.

Step 1. Go to the Canva website and log in to your account. If it is the first time to use this online photo editor, you can register an account.

Step 2. Tap on the Create a design button and choose an appropriate dimension on the right panel according to your photos.

Step 3. When the editing page opens, click on the ELEMENTS tab on the left side and then choose the Frames Scroll down to browse extensive frame effects and select your favorite one.

Step 4. When the selected frame appears on the editing window, tap on the UPLOADS icon on the left side ribbon and import a photo from the local hard drive. Once the picture is uploaded, click on it to import it to the editing window.

Step 5. Click and drag the photo until it becomes transparent. Then the frame will apply to your picture.

Finally, you can choose to download the photo with frame effect to your computer or share it on social media directly.

YouTube Banner Maker Canva Win Download Mac Download

Part 3. Photo Frames and Effects Database

Besides online photo editor, there is some dedicated photo frames and effects database. These databases provide plenty of photo frames and organize photo frames and effects by category, like frames for lovers, children’s frames, Christmas frames, and more. If you want to get photo frames for photos with subjects, you can try the frames database, like VipTALISMAN.

Step 1. Access VipTALISMAN in your browser and choose a language on its home page.

Step 2. Local to the left menu area and search for the photo frame according to themes. Birthday frames are in the Cards and frames for the holidays.

Step 3. Click on the Birthday cards option on the submenu list to display all photo frames related to birthday.

Step 4. Locate to the right area and browse the photo frames. The information, like size, load time, print size, and more, shows behind every frame. Discover and select your favorite photo frame and start editing.

Step 5. On the editing page, click on the Add photo button above the frame to upload your photo from the computer. Once the image is uploaded, VipTALISMAN applies a photo frame on it automatically. You can hit and drag the image to adjust the position.

Step 6. After applying the photo frame, click on the Save photo button to store the result on your computer.

The dedicated database updates photo frames continuously, so you can get the latest photo frames there.

VipTALISMAN Win Download Mac Download

Part 4. Apply Photo Frames on iPhone

Some apps provide photo frames for themes, like photo frames for lovers, birthday photo frames, Christmas photo frames, and more. Others collect multiple types of photo frames. We use Framify to introduce the process of getting photo frames on the iPhone.

Step 1. Search and download Framify in App Store and install this app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open Framify and tap on the START button to continue. Then the photo frames will display on the screen. You can swipe downward to discover your favorite photo frame or go to the sub-collections, like Happy New Year, Halloween, Trending, and more.

Step 3. Touch a photo frame to go to the editing screen. Tap on Gallery icon on the bottom to relocate to Camera Roll. Select the photo to apply the photo frame effect. Touch the image and adjust the position and size to fit the photo frame.

Step 4. When getting the photo frame is done, tap on the arrow icon on the top of the screen to confirm changes.

Step 5. Finally, tap on the Share icon on the bottom and share the result to social media or store it in to photo gallery.

Most photo frame apps are free to charge, but users have to watch some ads to exchange the free services.

Framify Win Download Mac Download

Part 5. Get Photo Frame Effects on Android

After taking a photo with your Android phone, you might want to decorate your photos on your handset. If you search for photo frames in Google Play Store, you will get a long list. Flowers Photo Frames is one such app.

Step 1. To apply photo frames to your photos, launch the Flowers Photo Frames app on the home screen.

Step 2. If it is the first time to open this app, you need to permit Flowers Photo Frames to visit your Photo Gallery. When relocating to the Photo Gallery app, choose the photo to get a photo frame.

Step 3. When importing the photo to Flowers Photo Frames, you can browse and select a photo frame from the frames database.

Step 4. Touch your photo and adjust the location and size to fit the selected photo frame.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can save it to a photo gallery or share it on social media.

Flowers Photo Frames App Win Download Mac Download


Based on the tutorials above, you might grasp various methods to get photo frames and effects on PCs and smartphones. We introduced the basic process of adding photo frames to a photo. You can follow the guidance to decorate your photos no matter which photo frame applications you use. If you want to attract attention on social media, you cannot use a simple image. Moreover, photo frames are easier to apply compared to other complicated photo effects. Just go to online photo frame editor or photo frames apps and explore the potentials of your photos.