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Top 10 Photo Frames Online

Some people still prefer to decorate photos with frames. However, the physical photo frames, which are made by wood, steel or plastic, are usually too common compared to digital designs. On the other hand, photo frames are a good way to decorate photos and attract others’ attention on social media. Actually, digital photo frames have more benefits. They do not use any materials and do not damage natural environment. Moreover, making photo frames online is much easier than creating a physical photo frames. Therefore, we will share top 10 photo frames online services in this post.

Photo Frames Online

#1: iPiccy

iPiccy is a digital photo frame maker. The principal features of iPiccy include:

1. This online photo frame maker is ad funded website. Users could use all photo frames for free by watching some ads.

2. The loading speed is high among the best photo frame makers.

3. In addition to photo frames, iPiccy provides some useful photo editing tools, like resize, rotate, sharpen and more.

4. The Skin feature is useful to polish selfies before applying photo frames.

5. All the photo frames are adjustable. Users could change the frame size and more parameters.

iPiccy Photo Editor

#2: imikimi

Imikimi is a dedicated photo frame database. The basic features include:

1. Imikimi is a well-designed photo frame online maker with a straightforward interface.

2. All its functions focus on photo frames.

3. Imikimi has released apps for iOS and Android handsets, so people could use imikimi to create photo frame effect cross platforms.

4. The load speed is rather high.

5. Imikimi updates photo frames every day and allows users to share their creativities.

#3: Photo Face Fun

Photo Face Fun is another digital photo frame collection. The useful features of Photo Face Fun include:

1. Photo Face Fun is a free online service without ad, malware or virus.

2. The interface of this photo frames online maker is concise and all photo frames are organized by category.

3. Besides photo frames, Photo Face Fun has a Photo Editor as well.

4. Users could enjoy shorter load time on Photo Face Fun.

5. This online photo frame maker supports multiple languages.


As its name said, Photo Fun Editor has all the tools to make your photos fun, including extensive photo frames. Other features include:

1. Photo Fun Editor is intuitive and easy to use.

2. This online photo editor provides multiple types of photo frames, like Love Photo Frames, Baby Picture Frames, Christmas Photo Frames and more. And it has a dedicated Multiple Frames category.

3. The Photo Fun Editor app is available to Android users.

4. Users could enjoy the photo frames without registry.


If you are looking for a simple photo editor has the ability to create photo frame online, VipTALISMAN is the best choice. The features of VipTALISMAN include:

1. VipTALISMAN has shorter load time than other online photo frames.

2. Although the interface is simple, the layout is straightforward.

3. All photo frames are free to use without watermarks.

4. Users could search for appropriate photo frames by inscription, photo count, text, type and size.

5. And VipTALISMAN allows internet users to upload the photo frames that designed by their own.


#6:Fun Photo Box

Fun Photo Box is not only an online photo frames maker, but also a photo collage editor. The basic features include:

1. Fun Photo Box provides extensive photo frames online, including the photo frames with animation effects.

2. Users could apply photo frames without registry.

3. This online photo frame maker has a dedicated collection of photo frame online for Facebook users, called Facebook Covers.

4. Besides photo frames, Fun Photo Box has a photo editor and other tools.


#7: is a photo effects collection, including more than six hundred online photo frames, effects and filters. Other features include:

1. This online photo frame maker allows users to stylize their photos before apply photo frames online.

2. The photo frames are easy to use.

3. It has many unique photo frames and organized them by categories, like birthday, love & romance, for kids, sports and more.

4. The collage section contains some special photo frames used to create photo collages.

#8:Photo Fun Maker

Photo Fun Maker is another online photo frames maker. The benefits of this online photo editor include:

1. The loading time is shorter than other online photo frames.

2. Photo Fun Maker provides extensive digital photo frames and organized them by category.

3. It is easy to apply photo frames online with Photo Fun Maker. All you need to do is to select a photo frame from the table of catalogue on the left and apply it on your photo.

#9: PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is a dedicated photo frames online collection with extensive photo frames. The basic features of PhotoFunia include:

1. PhotoFunia provides the best cross-platform experience. This online photo frame maker not only has released apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, but also offers an extension for Firefox.

2. All photo frames are free to use and ordered by category.

3. The loading time is shorter than other photo frame online makers.

PhotoFunia Photo Sketch

#10: Loonapix

Although Loonapix spends more loading time, it is one of the best photo frame online makers. The basic features of Loonapix include:

1. This online photo frame maker has plentiful photo frames.

2. All the photo frames are free to use.

3. Besides photo frames, users could polish their photos with photo effects and face effects.

4. It only needs three steps to apply photo frames on personal photos within Loonapix.

Loonapix Screenshot

Recommendation: Enhance photos before adding frames

These online photo frame services are useful when you need to polish your photos and make picture frames. However, if you upload the photos with grains and noise, the output will not as perfect as you thought. Furthermore, the picture frames offered by these websites are high definition. You’d better to use high quality photos as well. Even though your photos are imperfect, you do not need to worry. You can enhance and de-noise them with WidsMob Retoucher. It is able to scan and reduce various noises automatically.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. WidsMob Retoucher includes Denoise, Portrait retoucher, Filmpack, LOMO effects and Adjustment, which handles with photos files and all popular RAW formats.

2. Advanced noise reduction technology to remove noise for both landscape and portraits. And the excellent batch process is powerful.

3. Rediscover the magic of the photos with superb high quality and multiple presets to access to different analog effects, and even analog grains according to your requirement.

4. Touch up for the portrait images with skin soften and skin whitening.

Retouch Portrait on Retoucher


We have introduced top 10 photo frames online services. All these photo frame makers have some benefits and advantages. PhotoFunia, imikimi and Photo Fun Editor provide apps for mobile devices. iPiccy, Photo Face Fun and VipTALISMAN could open and load in shorter time. Fun Photo Box offers a special collection of photo frames for Facebook users. Photo Fun Maker, and Loonapix integrated extensive photo editing tools. When you need to apply photo frames on personal photos, you can try these online photo frame makers and make your photos attractive.