Share iPhone Photos

How to Share iPhone Photos with Friends

You may share iPhone photos with your friends after an outing or a gathering. In this post we covered three ways to share your photos right from your iPhone.

Share iPhone Photos

Solution 1: Share iPhone Photos with AirDrop

If your friends and you are using iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7 or later, AirDrop should be the choice for iPhone photo sharing. It’ll take no efforts for you to share photos with your friends nearby.

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show Control Center panel. Be sure you have turned on Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Step 2: Tap AirDrop button to open an option list and choose Contact Only or Everyone.

  • Off: Turn off AirDrop.
  • Contact Only: Only nearby contacts can see your device.
  • Everyone: All nearby iOS devices using AirDrop can discover your device.

Turn Airdrop on iPhone iPad

Step 3: After AirDrop is enabled, you can share your photos right from your iPhone. Tap the photos you want to share and tap Share button.

Step 4: Names of nearby AirDrop users will be displayed on the screen. Tap the names you want to share with and the photo will be sent directly.

Share Photos on Airdrop

Step 5: The other user will immediately receive an alert with a preview of the shared photo and he can choose to Decline or Accept your photo sharing.

Transfer Photos via AirDrop

Solution 2: Share iPhone Photos with iCloud Photo Sharing

AirDrop, however, is not accessible on iPhone 4 or iPhones with iOS 6 and requires a very close distance. So if your friends and you are iPhone users but AirDrop is not included on both of your devices, you are recommended to share photos via iCloud Photo Sharing.

Step 1: First go to Settings > Photos & Camera to access iPhone photo sharing setting and then turn on iCloud Photo Sharing.

Step 2: After iCloud Photo Sharing is enabled, you can create a shared album. Simple select several photos invite your contacts and add comments about the shared pictures.

iPhone Photo Share iCloud

Step 3: If you want to add photos to the created Shared Album, go to iPhone Photos app > Shared tab > Select a shared album and tap Add button > Select the photos you want to add and click Done > Type comments and click Post.

iPhone Album Share iCloud

Step 4: Tap iCloud Photo Sharing in your share panel. If successfully posted, you will see a smile face icon and a comment field at the bottom of the shared photo.

iPhone Shared iCloud

Solution 3: Share iPhone Photos via Email

Both of the mentioned solutions are useful for iPhone users. But if your friends are using an Android device and you want to share your iPhone photos, you might try Email delivery.

Step 1: Set up your email account. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then tap Add Account. If you see your email provider, tap it to add your account step by step.

Share Email

Step 2: Go to Photos app and select photos you want to share. Select Mail, and this will start a new message in the Mail app with the photos attached.

Step 3: In this box, you should enter the recipient(s) you want to share images with. After the message is completed, tap Send.

Words in the End

In this article, we’ve introduced three iPhone photo sharing solutions. With those solutions, you can directly share your iPhone photos with your friends. Besides, they can be uploaded to a few photo share social networks, like Facebook and needn’t install any third-party photo share apps. Just select a solution you like and try!