What Is Snapselect and Whether It Is Worth for Managing Photos on Your MacBook

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Peter Wood

Snapselect is one of the best photo managers to group and manage photos. The pictures are a better method to express yourself instead of the texts. Oceans photos are produced by mobile devices or digital cameras and distributed through the Internet includes social media. How to manage pictures from different channels? Just learn more about Snapselect Photo Manager, as well as the best alternative to organize your photo library on Mac from the article.

Snapselect Review

Part 1: Snapselect Photo Manager Review, Features and Usage

Snapselect is a versatile photo manager that enables you to get rid of duplicates and similar images on your MacBook or even de-clutter the photos from your iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom libraries. Just learn more details about the features of Snapselect Photo Manager as below.

1. Work flawlessly with iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, and external drive.

2. Detect, eliminate and remove the duplicated photos within clicks.

3. Integrate with image recognition technology.

4. Organize and group similar photos automatically.

5. Compare one photo to another to discover the best one.

6. Share photos on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms.

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The Unbiased Review of Snapselect


1. Provide an easy user interface with initial operation with Mac users.

2. Works well with iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, and others on Mac.

3. It is lightweight and works smoothly to manage the photos.

4. Enable you to import and display all metadata of your images.


1. It lacks some features, such as a photo editor.

2. Snapselect is not compatible with the old Mac machines.

3. There is no support for PCs.

Locate Similar Photos

How to Group and Manage Photos with Snapselect

Step 1: Once you have downloaded Snapselect, you can launch the program on your MacBook. Then you can select the desired folder or library of images you want to review.

Step 2: After that, Snapselect will automatically group similar and duplicate photos so you can find them easily. You can choose the desired one accordingly.

Step 3: Browse the Timeline View to choose the unique photos you want to keep, again rejecting those you don’t want. It helps you choose a favorite one from a group of pictures.

Step 4: Look at your photos in the Picks View and export or share them. You can also look at the pictures in the Rejects View and move them to the Mac Trash or export them to a new folder.

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Part 2: The Best Alternative of Snapselect to Manage Photo Library

Is there a better method to manage the photos and videos as the alternative to Snapselect Photo Manager? WidsMob Viewer Pro is a versatile photo and video manager to group the media files from a different folder, apply the desired photo filter, and even preview the RAW and videos.

1. View, playback, and manage photos and video files in various modes.

2. Offer a photo editor to batch retouch, convert and polish your images.

3. Group the photos and videos with the library mode within the same folder.

4. Add the desired photos to a Favorites folder for better management.

5. Share photos and videos to a social network, email, or other channels.

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How to Manage and Edit Photos without Snapselect

Step 1: Download and install the Snapselect alternative for Mac. You can click one image to open the files within the same folder. Then you can locate the desired photos by clicking the Library icon on the left bottom to view photos within different folders as Snapselect.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: When you choose the desired photos, you can go to the Full Screen mode to view each image with details. If you need to select some desired photos, click the Star icon to pick up the desired ones into the Favorite folder accordingly.

View Photos Viewer Pro

Step 3: Once you have selected the desired photos, click the Favorite icon to locate the desired one. Then you can choose the desired process from the Batch Conversion button to convert, share photos to social media, or export them directly.

My Favorite Folder Viewer Pro

Note: In addition to viewing photos, the Snapselect alternative also enables you to edit images, such as select unwanted photos and click the Trash bin icon to delete them, batch conversion, crop the photos, and more.


When you need to view, manage and locate the duplicated photos, you can learn more about Snapselect and how to manage the pictures from the article. WidsMob Viewer Pro, on the other hand, is more than a photo and video manager but offers extensive bonus features, such as group photos from different devices, sharing to social media, and more.