The Ultimate Guide to Generate Animated GIFs from Photos, Videos, and Animation Files

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Peter Wood

When you need to tell a story, videos are always the initial choice. But some social media apps do not support video file formats or have size limitations. Creating animated GIFs not only enables you to share animated files without limitation but also plays back them automatically. Whether you need to turn photos into animated GIFs, videos into animated GIFs, or even edit animated files, you can find the ultimate guide about making the desired GIF animation with an easy GIF maker in the article.

Generate Animated GIFs

Part 1: How to Create Animated GIFs from Photos

WidsMob GIF is a versatile GIF maker to create animated GIFs from photos, videos, GIFs, and other animated files, including WebP, AVIF, APNG, and more. It enables you to adjust saturation, contrast, and brightness. Moreover, you can set up time duration, GIF quality, loop count, background color, and others. You can also add stickers and text before making a series of photos into animated GIFs.

1. Convert a series of photos and animated photos to GIF animation files.

2. Insert, delete, and arrange the orders for the photos before conversion.

3. Provide basic editing features, like saturation, contrast, and brightness.

4. Tweak GIF size, GIF settings, loop count, and background color easily.

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Step 1: Launch the WidsMob GIF after installation. Choose the Photo to GIF button in the GIF animation windows. Click the Add Frame button on the upper left corner and select the series of photos to make GIF animation in the pop-up dialog box to import the images.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Sort the desired order for the photos in the GIF animation. Choose the Fit in option or the 1:1 option before clicking the Play button at the bottom to playback the series photos. After that, you can adjust the order by dragging the images forward and backward.

Arrange Order for Photos GIF

Step 3: When you need to adjust the photo effects, you can tweak sliders for saturation, contrast, and brightness. You can also enter a value of duration next to the Duration (ms). It will apply the desired settings to each image before combining them into an animated GIF.

Adjust GIF Settings

Step 4: Click the GIF Size button to adjust the size of the animated GIF. Click the Facebook button in the drop-down menu, and click the Link/Post button in the shortcut menu that appears, then the image will be changed accordingly according to the selection.

Create Facebook GIF

Step 5: To adjust the quality of the output GIF. Click the GIF Settings button and adjust the slider under the Quality button to get the optional quality. After that, you can enter the number of loop counts for the animated GIF before clicking the Export GIF button to generate an animated GIF.

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Part 2: How to Convert Videos with High-Quality GIFs

To make animated GIFs from videos, you can resize the GIF animation, cut out the desired part, loop or reverse the animation, set up the GIF size, and even add texts/watermarks, you can get the desired editing features to touch up the videos before exporting.

1. Convert MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and more video formats to animated GIFs.

2. Tweak the file quality, frame rate, scale proportionally, and more settings.

3. Apply watermark, reverse sequence, loop count, and background colors.

4. Provide basic editing features to rotate, mirror, and cut out the desired parts.

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Step 1: Choose the Video to GIF button, and a dialog box will pop up, select the video you need to use to create a GIF. If you want to change a video to create GIF, click the Open Video button, in the pop-up dialog box, and select a new video you want to convert.

Import Video to GIF

Step 2: Click the Play button to view the videos and use the frames to cut out the desired part that you want to make an animated GIF. It will playback the selected part instead of the whole video. Moreover, you can rotate or mirror the video before editing the file.

Cut out Desired Part GIF

Step 3: To polish the videos, you can click the Sticker button to add a logo or image to the video. Of course, it also enables you to add a watermark with the Text button. There are multiple settings to tweak the shape, color, position, and other settings for the elements.

Add Stickers and Texts GIF

Step 4: Go to the GIF Settings button and adjust the slider for the output GIF file size. Click the arrow next to the Frame Rate option to select the suitable quality, such as 30 for most social media sites. Choose the Reverse option from the Sequence menu to generate a reversed GIF.

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Part 3: How to Edit Animated GIFs from Animation Files

Is it possible to edit animated GIFs, combine GIFs, or even add a loop effect with the original quality? Yes, of course. Besides, it also enables you to resize the animated GIF, change the background, rotate/flip GIF, add both stickers and watermarks, and change sequences before generation.

1. Make animated GIFs from GIF, AVIF, WebP, APNG, and other file formats.

2. Edit GIFs with stickers, texts, mirror, rotate, adjustments without conversion.

3. Adjust GIF quality, background color, frame rate, loop count, and sequence.

4. Tweak animated GIF sizes, choose presets, scale proportionally, and more.

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Step 1: Click the GIF Editor button on the home page, and select the motion picture you want to edit in the pop-up dialog box. After that, you can enter the editing interface to edit the GIF animation, directly click the Open GIF button, and select a GIF motion picture.

Import GIF for Editing

Step 2: Enter the desired frames you want to extract with the desired frame number or even use the sliders to cut out the desired parts. You can click the Rotate button to rotate the animated GIF or even click the Mirror button to flip vertically or flip horizontally.

Flip Animated GIF

Step 3: Click the GIF Size button and choose the desired size option from the Options button, such as the Square Photo button of Instagram. It enables you to reset the GIF to 1080x1080 - 1:1. After that, you can add the desired background color accordingly.

Add Frames to GIF

Step 4: When you need to add text to the GIF animation, you can click the Text button and enter the text into the animated GIF. Just change the font style, size, and color for the text. Of course, there are parameters to change the stack, perspective, and curve for the layer.

Stack of Watermark GIF

Step 5: Click the GIF Settings button and choose the Custom option next to the Frame Rate button. You can choose 30 for most social media sites and enter the desired loop count. Once you have done this, you can click the Export GIF button to make a new animated GIF.

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When you need to learn more about how to create animated GIFs, WidsMob GIF is the ultimate GIF maker you should know. It enables you to create GIFs from photos, videos, and animated files. Moreover, there are some editing features to add stickers/texts, tweak the GIF size, adjust the GIF settings, and more.