Should You Choose PhotoMatrix Pro to Align High Dynamic Photos [Ultimate Guide]

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When an image loses detail due to high exposure and you are at a loss, this is the time to use the HDR function to improve the overexposure of the image so that the image does not lose its value. is PhotoMatrix your first choice when you need an HDR function? Does it work well to create the effect you want? Here's the most detailed review of PhotoMatrix and the best alternatives.

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Part 1: The Simple Review of PhotoMatrix

PhotoMatrix is a digital photo processing software that automatically generates HDR images in a variety of ways. In addition to simple compositing, it also has a single-photo adjustment function to fine-tune images with various parameters from saturation and image curves. Compose and adjust HDR images in 5 ways.

Photomatix HDR Software


When generating HDR images, there are two main ways, each targeting some because

1. Having two ways to generate HDR images, which are exposure blending and HDR tone mapping. Exposure blending is the common mode of composing HDR photos by combining different exposures of the same scene so that the highlights and shadows in the image can be rendered in specific detail. HDR mapping is done by combining images of different exposures into HDR images after tone mapping to highlight the details of highlights and shadows more.

2. With an automatic denoising function, when PhotoMatrix generates an image, it will automatically request noise reduction to reduce the obvious noise for the image.

3. Unique defogging function, when capturing a scene in motion, PhotoMatrix's unique defogging function can make the image appear clearer when there are more obvious traces of motion.


1. There is a special free experience available, respecting the user's sense of experience.

2. The page is simple and generous, and the operation is fast and easy.

3. For image adjustment, there are a lot of presets to adjust HDR images.

4. Compatible with various systems, including Win, and iOS.

5. For Photoshop users, you can use it as a plug-in for Photoshop.


1. Although you can edit images with the free version, the free version has a watermark that is difficult to remove.

2. The professional version requires a fee for image editing.

3. In addition to the HDR function, the image can be edited independently with fewer functions.

4. After composing HDR images, PhotoMatrix has fewer functions if post-adjustment is needed.

5. When composing HDR images, it is difficult to make custom adjustments.

Part 2: The Best PhotoMatrix Alternative

WidsMob HDR is a software developed by WidsMob for creating HDR images, which is easy and fast for bracketed exposure images. It is the best alternative to PhotoMatrix. It has two modes to generate HDR images, bracketing mode and single photo mode, and can synthesize HDR images with high-density image alignment and ghosting reduction technology, tone mapping, and other features to make the image rendering more perfect at the same time.

1. Three bracketed exposure photos are used for HDR synthesis through an advanced tone mapping algorithm to highlight the details of highlights and shadows of the image, and the image can be adjusted by way of a single photo to make the image present an HDR effect and make the single image also present better HDR effect.

2. Intelligent noise removal by moving the slider to remove the noise in the image, and the adjustment process does not affect the original quality of the image.

3. You can adjust the image parameters by customizing the brightness, saturation, and contrast of HDR images so that HDR images can find the best rendering point.

4. A very large number of HDR effect presets are built-in, providing some default presets or effects to enhance the HDR effect, including black and white HDR and various artist HDR effects, and are constantly being updated.

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Step 1: When the WidsMob HDR application is finished downloading, register and start the program. Click the Add Photos button in the upper left corner, and select the image you need to edit in the pop-up dialog box. The image is added.

Launch WidsMob HDR

Step 2: Select the way you want to generate an HDR image, you can choose bracketing mode or single photo mode, click the Single photo mode button, click the image you want to generate HDR, click the Next button, and the program starts HDR editing on the image.

Choose HDR Mode

Step 3: Click the Advanced button, click the HDR Denoise button in the corresponding menu, then the corresponding slider will appear, drag the corresponding slider to remove the noise of the image.

Choose HDR Denoise

Step 4: At this time, you can make basic adjustments to the image according to your customization. Click the Image Radiance button to enter the basic image adjustment page, where you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. Click the Contrast button, and drag the slider to adjust the contrast size of the image.

WidsMob HDR Image Radiance

Step 5: When the image is adjusted by HDR, the color may not be what you need, click the HDR button, in the pop-up dialog box, click the Color Enhancement button, and wait a few seconds, the color enhancement of the image is also completed. Click the Save As button to save the image, and the HDR editing of the image is finished.

WidsMob HDR Color Enhancement Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about PhotoMatrix

1Does PhotoMatrix allow one user to use it on different devices, or do I need to purchase it repeatedly?
PhotoMatrix allows one user to use it on different devices, so there is no need to purchase a license again.
2Do I need to purchase PhotoMatrix when I upgrade after purchasing a license? Or do I need to pay for the upgrade feature?
When a new version of PhotoMatrix becomes available, the standard license allows you to upgrade to the new version an unlimited number of times without having to pay for the upgrade twice.
3What are the requirements for PhotoMatrix to work?
PhotoMatrix requires at least 4GB of RAW to run, but more memory will be smoother, 1GB of free hard disk space, and a monitor resolution of at least 1024*800.


The above is the entire content of this article, in the HDR operation, PhotoMatrix can help you, in addition, WidsMob HDR is you can not miss the software, whether in HDR editing or post-adjustment, can bring you a very big surprise, remember to download try!

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