How to Get Photo Montage Collage in Gorgeous Effects with Photomontage Makers

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Photo Montage Collage should be a nice idea for houses or companies decoration. It is difficult to design the photomontage collage, the size, the texture and effects should also be taken into consideration. The article shares the detailed methods to use some excellent photomontage makers to create montage photos.

As for creating a photomontage collage, it is not simply combining photo blending and photo collage effects to composite a photo. You can put different kinds of pictures together by cutting and joining them together to combine a single photo or a whole wall with more than one subject.

Photo Montage Collage

Part 1: How to Get Photo Montage Collage with Few Photos

If you just have a few photos to make a photo wall, you can choose the desired photos, and then composite the photomontage collages with photo collage makers. Just take CanvasPop as an example to show the way to get a photomontage collage.

Step 1: Pick the size of the photomontage collage and the photo collage template. There are multiple templates to design stunning photomontage collage photos.

Step 2: And then upload the photos from your computer or social media sites, the program can directly import and grab photos from anywhere.

Step 3: You can customize the framing option to make sure the photomontage collage is suitable for your wall.

Step 4: CanvasPop can print the photomontage collage and ship the items to your door. Of course, you can also save the project file to the nearby Walmart print store.


It is convenient to get a photomontage collage with a few images by CanvasPop. You can choose from 0.75", 1.5" or even 2.5"; canvas wrap depth, and also quality wooden frame for that extra touch. The photomontage collage is ready to hang when you receive the well-packed item.

CanvasPop should be one of the best photomontage makers for acquiring photomontage collages. And you can also learn more detail about other funny photo effects or photomontage collage ideas before designing the photo wall.

Part 2: How to Make Photo Montage Collage with Multiple Tiles

Just imagine you need to get a photomontage collage with your children or design the photo wall for your company, it should be difficult to discard any photo. But even Canvaspop only takes 36 photos for one canvas. What should you do to get a perfect photomontage collage with dozens of photos or even hundreds of photos?

It is recommended that you can get a photomontage collage with a mosaic photo. All you have to do is use the photomontage collage maker to create a mosaic photo, which is a unique imaging program that creates a montage of a single image from many micro-images. The splendid program will take your original image and make it out of hundreds of smaller pictures.

WidsMob Montage is such a powerful tool to create a photomontage collage with hundreds of photos according to your requirement. Here are the features of the excellent photomontage collage maker.

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Step 1: Select the background photo. Just select the primary image from the photo album. You can set the favorite image or the logo of your company as the primary photo of the photomontage collage.

Tips: When you select the PNG files, you can create a photomontage collage in any shape without background.

Import Montage Background

Step 2: Add tiles to make mosaic photos. You can select as many tile-images as you want to create a stunning photomontage collage. Of course, you can select one only to combine an image.

Add Tiles Montage

Step 3: Adjust the parameters for the photomontage collage. To create a stunning photo mosaic, you can adjust the following parameters before generating a photomontage.

Frame: Choose No Frame or select a frame to make a mosaic photo.

Mode: Both Tile and Interlace mode is available to make photomontage collage.

Column Count: Arrange from 60 columns to 200 columns.

Tile Size: Arrange from 10 pixels to 80 pixels for each image.

Match Color: When you select Match Color, you choose to use the default color of the original image.

Generate Mosaic

Step 4: Building the montage photo collage. Finally, you can click the Generate Mosaic button. Preview the file before you save the files to your computer.

The program is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems. There are some other features, which enable you to make your signature on the photomontage collage and add a slogan or other information. And if you just design the montage photo collage for your child, you can also turn it into a game.

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Part 3: FAQs about Photomontage Collage Maker

1What are the differences between a collage and a montage?

A collage is a composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface. As for a montage, it is a single composition created by juxtaposing a series of pieces of paper, photos, or other media to create an artistic image, which is essentially a collage of photographs used to express an idea.

2How to make mosaic art with a photomontage collage maker?

Whether you need to make mosaic photos or use glass tiles to create mosaics on your wall, you can choose the desired background image, the desired tiles, as well as the stitching modes. For making a photomontage collage, WidsMob Montage should be the versatile solution.

3What are the different types of photomontage collages?

When you need to combine images and materials to form one cohesive picture, or so-called photomontage collages, here are 6 different photomontage collage types you should know, 3-dimensional, picture pile, grid, mosaic, decoupage, and paper collage.


When you need to make a photomontage collage, you can find the 2 ultimate solutions from the article. Whether you need to make a photomontage collage print directly or print the photomontage collage, you can get the desired solution from the article. If you have any queries about the photomontage collage, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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