How to Get Stunning Mosaic Photo Books [Concrete Guide]

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Mosaic is the photo book editor from Mixbook, which offers easy operations with high quality. You can get the Mosaic photo books automatically after uploading 20 images from Mosaic photo book app. The high print quality enables people to get pictures lively, and the well-packaged outlook can attract potential customers as well. It is also a wise choice to send Mosaic photo books as a birthday gift, party presents, Christmas surprises, and other daily cases.

Mosaic Photo Books

Part 1: Features of Mosaic Photo Book

Being the fastest way of Mixbook to create stunning photo books on mobile devices, Mosaic offers a user-friendly interface and the easiest operation for customers. You can download and install Mosaic photo books app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, or get the Mosaic photo books app on an Android phone. After all, sending Mosaic photo books to friends or families is the easiest but most sweet gift in nearly all cases.

  1. Mosaic can help you create Mosaic photo books with a tap, with which, you can record every inspiration strike moment.
  2. You can pick up images from iPhone camera roll, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug, Facebook, or other photo albums.
  3. Mosaic requires iOS 7.0 or later, if you use an Android device to make Mosaic photo books, you need to run 4.0 or greater.
  4. The unique Mosaic photo book cover is 7 inches square with durable linen. Meanwhile, the photo books by Mosaic are on silky smooth paper.
  5. You can get Mosaic photo books without editing, cropping, or other adding operations. Just upload 20 pictures and then you can place an order.

You can record every memorable time by printing Mosaic photo books. Furthermore, it is also a perfect way to send gifts as festival gifts or personalized presents. In a word, a Mosaic photo bookmaker can always meet your needs.

Mosaic Photo Book

Part 2: Mosaic Photo Book Price

Because of the fixed Mosaic photo books size and cover; you will be charged US$25.98 for each book with 6” by 6”. In addition, you cannot add additional pages on Mosaic, or delete images either. The Mosaic photo book quality is at a high level; it starts with 13 precisely machined windows. You can get lively and vivid photo books with Mosaic photo books APP. If you want to get some discount, you can go to Mixbook by clicking the Deals button to get the Mosaic photo books coupon code. As for festivals, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you may get a special coupon code with a large discount.

Mosaic will print photo books within 48 hours after your order, and then you can get the Mosaic photo book in 4 days in the United States. If you are far away from the United States, it may take a longer time. Different Mixbook products have their delivery way, thus you can check the shipping estimates lists on Mixbook.

Mosaic Photo Book Shipping Time

Part 3: How to Create Mosaic Photo Books

To get a photo book album easily, you can use the Mosaic photo book app to create photo books quickly. You can share Mosaic photo albums with friends on Facebook and Twitter as well. Equipped with effective editing tools, Mosaic simplifies the processes within 5 minutes, including uploading images to placing a Mosaic photo book order.

Step 1: Click the Create a new Mosaic button.

Step 2: Choose 20 images from camera roll, photo album, or social platform.

Step 3: Preview the effect and then select black or white background for Mosaic photo books.

Step 4: Click the Place Order button to fill in your personal information to order.

After that, you can wait several days to get a personalized Mosaic photo book quickly. Before starting to design photo books of Mosaic, you need to download the Mosaic photo books app from Apple Store or Google Play. Later you can freely upload images to create photo memories.

Mosaic Photo Books App

Part 4: Pros and Cons of Mosaic Photo Books

Being the leading photo book app, Mosaic provides customers to create and order Mosaic photo books in minutes. It saves a lot of time for people who do not require too much photo book editing.

Pros: You can create stunning Mosaic photo books with a tap. Mosaic will help you manage all stuff automatically. Drag and drop images are enough in Mosaic because Mosaic had done everything for you. Moreover, you can print photo books of Mosaic with daily images like going picnic, parties, barbecue and so on easier than before. Additionally, Mosaic has high-quality photo prints, which can express vivid moments. The Mosaic photo books packages are beautiful, thus, you can send them as gifts directly.

Cons: The Mosaic photo book cover and size are unchangeable, which means you have no choice but the default one. You cannot delete or add pages either; the fixed Mosaic photo book pages are 20. The Mosaic photo books cost seems higher than other photo book app, after all, Mosaic just gather 20 images together into one photo book. Mosaic does not allow you to edit images; you can only follow its rules to get similar Mosaic photo books.

Part 5: Alternative Method to Create Mosaic Photos

Is there an alternative method to DIY a mosaic photo book? If you just want something special, you can also choose a photo mosaic maker to print photos with stunning effects. WidsMob Montage is a versatile mosaic photo maker to design different types of photos for a book. It supports both JPEG and PNG file formats to create mosaic photos in any shape. Moreover, you can tweak the mosaic frames, stitching modes, color matches, and more other parameters.

  1. Make different mosaic photos and albums into the desired book.
  2. Customize the mosaic frames, stitching modes, columns, and sizes.
  3. Apply special effects and even choose the color match feature.
  4. Support both JPEG and PNG files to create photos in any shape.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Set up the background image. Download and install the latest version of WisMob Montage, launch the program to click the Select Background button, and upload the main image for mosaic.

Select Montage Background

Step 2: Add tiles for the mosaic. Click the Select Tiles button to a make mosaic photo book. It is recommended to upload more than 5 images. Even if you upload one image, the program can create a mosaic photo easily.

Add Tile to Photo Montage

Step 3: Choose the parameters for the mosaic photo. Select the frame, mode, column, and pixels for the mosaic photo book, you can also remove the color of the original image to make the mosaic photo book.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage

Step 4: Generate mosaic photo book. Click the Generate Mosaic icon to create a mosaic photo, which can be an excellent photo for the photo book, you can print the photo in high quality.

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Part 6: FAQs about Mosaic Photo Book

1How long does it take to print the Mosaic photo book?

Usually, it takes one or two business days to print a mosaic photo book if you purchase it from Mixbook. But it costs another 10 - 20 days to deliver the mosaic photo book, which is depending on the services, such as Express, Priority, Standard, and Budget.

2Which mosaic photo book type should I choose?

Besides the basic mosaic photo book, you can also order baby photo books, travel photo books, home décor, canvas prints, poster printers, acrylic prints, metal prints, cards, and a designer collection. Moreover, you can send your requirements to the website directly.

3Is it possible to order a mosaic photo book on Android or iOS?

Yes. Mosaic is available for iPhone and just recently released an app for Android too. Just choose a portfolio of your best Instagram shots and put together a collection of your best candid family shots you’ve got on the phone to make a mosaic photo book via Mixbook.


When you want to know more about mosaic photo books, it should be the ultimate guide for you. The article includes the features and processes of the program. Of course, when you want to know some alternative method for Mosaic Photo Book, you can also check the information from the article now.

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