Clash of Clans Screen Recorder

How to Record Clash of Clans Gameplay Video – 4 Different Methods to Record Videos on Different Devices

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games for smartphone. How to record and share Clash of Clans gameplay videos with ease? If you want to have a video channel on YouTube or Twitch with Clash of Clans, what are the recommended Clash of Clans screen recorders? Just learn more about the best screen recorders on a smartphone, as well as the professional one on your computer from the article. Read on the article about the excellent features and choose the desired one accordingly.

Clash of Clans Screen Recorder

Part 1: The Best Clash of Clans Screen Recorder for PC/Mac

When you need to record the Clash of Clans with the original video quality without consideration about the storage, Wi-Fi connection and more other restrictions, you should mirror the gameplay to a computer and use WidsMob Capture as the professional Clash of Clans screen recorders to capture all onscreen activities and even add gameplay commentary for social media websites with ease.

1. Record gameplay videos on PC/Mac with a high video quality.

2. Add your reactions to Clash of Clans recording in real time.

3. Provide video editing tools to draw on recordings and more.

4. Manage and edit the recorded gameplay videos with ease.

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How to Record Clash of Clans on PC

Step 1: Launch the Clash of Clans screen recorder after you installation. After that, you can mirror your smartphone screen to the computer via a USB cable or screencast tools. Choose the Screen Recorder menu on the user interface to record Clash of Clans gameplay videos.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Turn on the Display option and set the recording area based on your phone screen. To add the game commentary to the Clash of Clans recording, you can enable the Webcam option and the Audio Recorder option. Then choose the audio source, such as system sound and microphone.

Customize Capture

Step 3: After that, you can click the REC button and then start playing Clash of Clans on your smartphone. During the recording process, you can also add annotation, shapes, watermark, callouts and more other elements into the video recording. You can also take snapshots with the Camera icon.

Annotation Capture

Step 4: When Clash of Clans recording process is done, click the Stop button to open the recorded video within preview window. You can preview the game recording and remove unwanted frames with the Clip tool. Finally, click the Save button to export it to your hard drive.

Media Library Capture

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Part 2: Top 4 COC Replay Recorders for iPhone and Android

COC Replay screen recorder apps are the easiest methods to record Clash of Clans gameplay videos on your iPhone and Android. Here are 4 frequently used screen recorders you can take into consideration.

Top 1: AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a long-standing screen-recording app for both iPhone and Android. It can record Clash of Clans gameplay video on your mobile device directly. Moreover, you can get a lot of bonus functions, like video editing, video converting and more.


1. Record Clash of Clans in high quality videos.

2. Edit game recordings.

3. Built-in a media player to view recordings.


1. This COC recorder app is only available to the latest systems.

2. Advanced functions require upgrade.

AZ Screen Recorder

Top 2: Go Record

Go Record is another all-in-one screen recorder of Clash of Clans for iPhone and Android phone. It also offers almost all functions that you need when and after gameplay recording. More importantly, it does not require extra hardware to capture the files.


1. Available to both iPhone and Android device.

2. React with Face Cam while recording screen.

3. Capture the video and audio file with a high quality.


1. The output quality is not very good.

2. This app is large and may slow down your device.

Go Record: Screen Recorder

Top 3: Record it!

RecordIt is a one-tap solution to record Clash of Clans on iPhone or Android phone. It can capture your entire screen for the gameplay video and let you add face cam directly. Moreover, it provides a basic video editor to fine tune your gameplay recording.


1. Compatible with iOS and Android.

2. Capture screen and face cam at the same time.

3. Trim, rotate and polish game recordings.


1. There is recording length limit in free version.

2. It is not available to old devices.


Top 4: DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a Clash of Clans recorder is available in both App Store and Play Store. But now it has been removed from Play Store. So, you have to download it from official website if you want to record the Clash of Clans on Android device.


1. Record gameplay on mobile devices.

2. Live-stream your screen to YouTube, Twitch, etc.

3. Produce high quality gameplay recording.


1. It is pretty pricy to purchase the application.

2. Some users reported it couldn’t stop recording.

DU Recorder


The article shares 5 best Clash of Clans screen recorders on PC, iPhone or Android devices. Of course, game recorder apps are convenient option to capture your gameplay for sharing online to social media website directly. If you want to capture the gameplay videos with a large screen, WidsMob Capture is a desired screen recorder to capture COC gameplay videos with a high quality on your PC and Mac with ease.

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