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Facecam Recorder – 7 Best Methods to Record Selfie and Reaction with Webcam

When you want to integrate the selfie and reaction via broadcasting, what are the best facecam recorders? Whether you want to record a selfie live stream, or game commentary, how to choose a desired one from a large amount of programs? Just learn more about the special features about the facecam recorders and choose the desired one accordingly.

Facecam Recorder

Top 1: WidsMob Capture

WidsMob Capture is a versatile facecam recorder to capture your selfie and reaction via webcam. It enables you to add the system sound, microphone audio, as well as the annotation to the facecam video. Moreover, you can also adjust the video format, frame rate and more others, or even manage the recorded files with ease.

1. Capture webcam selfie, microphone audio as well as system sound.

2. Provide custom options, such as hotkeys, frame rate, video code, etc.

3. Add your reactions, annotation and more to screen recording in real time.

4. Manage the recorded video, such as view, delete, add to folder and share.

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How to Record Selfie and Reaction via WidsMob Capture

Step 1: Launch the facecam recorder once you have installed the program to your computer. Select the Record Screen option from the main interface to open the facecam recording window. If you want to set up the custom options, go to the Preferences dialog.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Click the three-line icon in the Record Area section and disable the option. Turn on the Microphone option and the Webcam option. When the webcam prompted, permit the facecam recorder to access your webcam and microphone. Adjust the volume and verify the audio.

Customize Capture

Step 3: Once you are ready, click the REC button to start recording your selfie and voice. During the recording process, you can add lines, texts, painting and shapes on the recording with the Pen tool. Of course, you can also make screenshots with the Camera icon.

Step 4: When face recording is done, click the Stop button to save the face recording to your computer. Then go to the Media Library window and preview facecam recording. Here you can share the recording video to social media by hitting the Share icon.

Media Library Capture

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Top 2: OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source broadcasting program and facecam recorder. It provides the extensive useful functionalities, which are useful for gameplay commentary, or stream high quality video to YouTube directly.


1. It is a webcam recorder free of charge without any limitation.

2. Provide some expandable third-party plugins for recording.

3. Customize and record screen and webcam with hotkeys.

4. Offer extensive custom options for streaming and recording.


1. It is hard to configure the settings, especially for beginners.

2. The crashing issue happens frequently for facecam recording.

3. The output formats are limited.

OBS Studio

Top 3: Windows Camera

Windows Camera is the video and facecam recorder utility pre-installed on the most recent versions of Windows. It offers plenty of functionalities to make the task of capturing either images or videos.


1. Free and built-in Windows computers.

2. The interface is user friendly.

3. Save facecam recordings up to 4K-video resolution.

4. Pause and keep recording your face easily.


1. This facecam recorder is only available to Windows 10.

2. It lacks any video editing features.

3. The system requirement is pretty high.

Windows Camera

Top 4: Free2X Webcam Recorder

Free2X Webcam Recorder lets you record video and pictures from built-in or external webcam. It is 100% free facecam recorder program for PCs. More importantly, Free2X can capture audio along facecam recording.


1. Record videos from webcam and digital camera.

2. Save facecam recordings in popular video formats.

3. Support custom keyboard shortcuts.

4. Edit watermark on output video files.


1. It can only save video in AVI, MP4 and WMV.

2. The facecam recorder is not available to Windows 10.

3. The custom options are limited.

Free2X Webcam Recorder

Top 5: QuickTime Player

It is well known that QuickTime is the pre-installed media player on Mac computers. But it is far more than a simple media player. You can get three recording functions including facecam recorder.


1. Pre-installed on a wide range of Mac computers and laptops.

2. Record your face and voice via webcam and microphone.

3. Offer basic custom options.

4. Stable and work well with other apps on Mac.


1. It does not have video editing tools.

2. It can only save facecam recording up to 720p.

3. Cannot record external webcam files without plugin.

QuickTime Player Record

Top 6: Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture offers both a basic and a pro version. By default, it is primarily used to record videos on your desktop. But it can work as a facecam recorder on both Windows and Mac OS X.


1. Easy to use but rich in features.

2. Compatible with both PCs and Mac computers.

3. Support various output video formats.

4. Edit facecam recordings directly.


1. You should be carefully when installing since it downloads extra software.

2. It cannot work in the background when recording.

Debut Video Capture

Top 7: Webcamera.io

Webcamera is a unique facecam recorder application based online program. It means that you do not need to install an extra program on your computer. Moreover, it works anywhere with a network connection.


1. Free to use without sign-up or login.

2. Capture through your webcam.

3. Offer video editor online.

4. Save facecam recording automatically in MP4.


1. There may be security issues.

2. It must work with a good Internet connection.

3. The video output quality is not good enough.



Here are the top 7 best facecam recorders for Windows and Mac. Just learn more details about the features and choose the desired one accordingly. WidsMob Capture is a versatile facecam recording program that captures all onscreen activities you can take into consideration.

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