How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation Video with Voiceover or Narration

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Is it necessary to record a PowerPoint presentation with a narration? The answer is Yes. The narrative presentation delivers a consistent message and gets rid of public speaking. Moreover, you can share videos on social media sites all over the world. Compared with pure text and images, people have more interest in videos that make your presentation more understandable.

If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation for YouTube, Zoom, or any other streaming sites, here is the complete tutorial. It will show you the detailed steps to record a PowerPoint presentation with background music and voiceover.

Record Powerpoint Presentation

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Part 1: How to Record A PowerPoint Presentation with Narration

PowerPoint has a default screen-recording feature to record a PowerPoint presentation as a video format. If you just need to turn PowerPoint into a narrative presentation video, you can do as the following paragraphs show.

Record Narration and Timings into PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: Select Record Slide Show from Slide Show section. Choose between Start recording from Beginning and Start Recording from Current Slide. You can record a PowerPoint presentation video from any slide you like.

Step 2: Pick a certain PowerPoint slide you want to start recording. Then click Start Recording.

Step 3: Now you can add markings and speaking into your PowerPoint presentation recording video. It is supported to add laser pointer, highlighter, eraser, and more while recording PowerPoint.

Record PPT Narration and Timings

Record Audio Narration for Your PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: Choose Audio from Insert. Click Record Audio to record a PowerPoint presentation audio.

Step 2: Set a file name for your PowerPoint audio recording and click Record to start recording through internal or external microphone.

Step 3: Click Stop to finish the PowerPoint recording. You can click Play to get PowerPoint audio recording playback.

Step 4: In the Audio Tools Playback section, you can trim, fade in or fade out, volume up or volume down and specify more details.

Step 5: If everything goes on well, you can click OK to save your PowerPoint recording with audio.

Record PPT Audio Narration

Save Your PowerPoint Recording Video

Step 1: Unfold the File list. Choose Save As to save your PowerPoint presentation recording video.

Step 2: Set the output path to export your recording video.

Step 3: Click the dropdown arrow under Save as type. Select PowerPoint Show.

Step 4: Click Save to export the PowerPoint recording video.

Save Powerpoint Recording Video

Part 2: How to Record PowerPoint Presentations with Voiceover Narration

If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover and webcam, WidsMob Capture would be your best choice. It is a versatile way to grab your voice with mic, capture face with webcam, record internal sound with the system audio, as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

It also provides some basic video editing features, such as cropping, trimming, merging and deleting the recorded PowerPoint video clips. Moreover, you can use the Video Editor Plus to add animated titles and special effects for PowerPoint presentations.

When you need to share the PowerPoint presentation with YouTube, Zoom or a large screen TV, you can save the narrative presentation into a 4K video and convert the video into another format.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Capture. Launch the program on your computer and choose Presented by a speaker (full screen) from Slide Show menu to record a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover.

Prepare Powerpoint Recording with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 2: Click Screencast option to adjust the recording area for the frame of PowerPoint. Enabling Microphone, System Audio, and Webcam are optional. Then you can also record keystrokes, highlight cursor, highlight mouse clicks and others.

Frame Presentation Recording with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 3: Then click Start recording icon or use the F10 as the hotkey to record PowerPoint presentation with voiceover. Choose From Beginning option from Slide Show after the count down.

Record Narrative Presentation with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 4: You can add a narrative presentation with voiceover via the microphone, and yourself from the webcam, and even the sound effects with the system audio. Of course, it also includes the slide effect, videos within the PPT, and all other elements. Once you finish the presentation, you can click the Stop button to save the recorded narrative PowerPoint presentation.

Edit Powerpoint Presentation with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 5: After that, you can go to the preview window to trim the blank frames for beginning and ending. Then you can choose the desired Format and Quality, and even customize the video with Advanced button.

Part 3: Tips and Tricks of Recording a PowerPoint Presentation

1Should I Choose the Recording Feature of PowerPoint?
PowerPoint cannot record video/audio during transitions between slides, or record narration in PowerPoint for the web. To bypass the limits, you can choose a professional screen capture to record PowerPoint screen videos with voiceover narration.
2How to Record A PowerPoint Presentation for YouTube?
If you need to record a PowerPoint presentation for YouTube, you can set up the parameters for the output files, videos with 1080P at 60FPS, H264/HEVC encoded video and AAC encoded audio-only, and video bitrate between 3,000 and 6,000 Kbps.
3Convert PowerPoint to Video V.S. Record PowerPoint as Video
Which should be a better choice, converting PowerPoint to video, or recording PowerPoint as video? Actually, there are some restrictions for both ways. But the recording method enables you to record and time voice narration and laser pointer movements in your video, control the size of the multimedia file, and even include animations and transitions in the movies.


Here the best methods to record a narrative PowerPoint presentation video. Whether you need to add internal and external audio sources as voiceover, record yourself presenting a PowerPoint on Mac and Windows, or even upload a PowerPoint recording video to YouTube or other platforms, you can get the suitable ways from the article.

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