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How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation Video with Audio and Your Face

Is it necessary record a PowerPoint presentation? The answer is Yes. You can deliver a consistent message and get rid of public speaking. Moreover, the PowerPoint recording video can be shared and even uploaded all over the world. Compared with pure text and images, people have more interest on videos. Thus, you can make your PowerPoint more understandable by recording.

No matter you want to record a PowerPoint presentation for YouTube or anything else, you can get the complete tutorial here. This article will show you the detailed steps to record a PowerPoint presentation with background music and voiceover. Just read and follow.

Record a PowerPoint Presentation

Part 1: How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Audio

PowerPoint itself has the screen recording feature. So if you want to record a PowerPoint presentation as a video, you can do as the following paragraphs show.

Record Narration and Timings into PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: Choose Record Slide Show from Slide Show section. Choose between Start recording from Beginning and Start Recording from Current Slide. You can record a PowerPoint presentation video from any slide you like.

Step 2: Choose the certain PowerPoint slide you want to start recording. Then click Start Recording.

Step 3: Now you can add markings and speaking into your PowerPoint presentation recording video. It is supported to add laser pointer, highlighter, eraser and more while recording PowerPoint.

Record PPT Narration and Timings

Record Audio Narration for Your PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: Choose Audio from Insert. Choose Record Audio to record a PowerPoint presentation audio.

Step 2: Set a file name for your PowerPoint audio recording. Later, choose Record to start recording through the internal or external microphone.

Step 3: Click Stop to finish PowerPoint recording. You can click Play to get PowerPoint audio recording playback.

Step 4: In the Audio Tools Playback section, you can trim, fade in or fade out, volume up or volume down and specify more details.

Step 5: If everything goes on well, you can click OK to save your PowerPoint recording with audio.

Record PPT Audio Narration

Record PowerPoint Slide Shows

Step 1: Open a PowerPoint presentation you want to record. Choose Record Slide Show from the Slide Show section.

Step 2: Choose between Record from Current Slide and Record from Beginning.

Step 3: In the popping-up Record Slide Show window, you can select what you want to record along with your PowerPoint presentation video. So checkmark before Slide and animation timings and Narrations, ink, and laser Pointer based on your need.

Step 4: Choose Start Recording to record a PowerPoint presentation as a video. With the floating PPT bar, you can go to the next slide, pause PPT recording and re-record the current slider.

Step 5: If you want to add drawing tools, you can choose Pointer Options from the right-click menu.

Step 6: To finish PowerPoint recording, you can right-click on the final slide. Later, choose End Show to finish the process.

End Up PPT Recording

Save Your PowerPoint Recording Video

Step 1: Unfold the File list. Choose Save As to save your PowerPoint presentation recording video.

Step 2: Set the output path to export your recording video.

Step 3: Click the dropdown arrow under Save as type. Select PowerPoint Show.

Step 4: Click Save to export the PowerPoint recording video.

Save PPT Recording

Part 2: How to Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint with Audio

If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation video with yourself speaking in front of the computer, you can use WidsMob Capture. The program allows users to record a PowerPoint presentation video with audio and webcam overlay. You can record not only system sound, but also your voice through microphone into the PowerPoint recording video. Meanwhile, you can record your face into the file.

Furthermore, you can enable mouse effects and add annotations into the PowerPoint video. It is a good way to emphasize what you want to say and attract audiences’ eyes directly. The intuitive and easy to use interface is friendly to beginners. Thus, even though it is the first time you record a presentation video in PowerPoint, you can still solve the problem perfectly and easily.

1. Record a PowerPoint presentation with audio and video on Mac.

2. Add system sound, voiceover and your facecam into the PowerPoint video.

3. Draw on the real-time PowerPoint presentation recording video with text, arrow, line, callout and other shapes.

4. Use hotkeys to control the entire screen recording process on PowerPoint.

5. Save a PowerPoint presentation as MP4 format.

6. Share your PowerPoint video recording to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more platforms in one stop.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Free download, install and launch WidsMob Capture. To record a PowerPoint presentation as MP4 on Mac, choose Record Screen in the main interface.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Turn on the Screen option. Unfold the three-line icon below. Select Custom Region. Hover your mouse above the PowerPoint presentation screen. The program will recognize and set the PowerPoint window automatically.

Select PPT Window Capture

Turn on Audio and select the input audio source to record a PowerPoint video with audio. If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation video with your face, you need to turn on Webcam as well. From the drop-down list, select the webcam position inside your PPT. Or you can drag and drop the webcam overlay manually.

Enable Audio and Webcam Capture

Step 3: Before recording PowerPoint video, you can adjust video and audio recording preferences. Just unfold the WidsMob Capture drop-down list on the top left corner. Select Preferences to customize video frame rate, bitrate and more.

Recording Capture

Step 4: After all preparations, click REC to start recording a PowerPoint video with your face and voice. You can click Edit to access on-screen drawing tools. Just select the size and color you like.

Record PPT Video Capture

Step 5: Click Stop to finish screen recording. The first time you record PPT with WidsMob Capture, you will be required to set the output folder. Later, you can record and save a PowerPoint presentation video as MP4 video on Mac. By the way, you can head to Media Library to share and manage all recording files.

Media Library Capture

Download for Mac Version

Tips and Tricks of Recording a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint cannot record video or audio during transitions between slides. It is also not supported to record narration in PowerPoint for the web. To bypass those limits, you can use WidsMob Capture or other professional screen recording software to record PowerPoint screen videos instead.

If you cannot see the Recording option in PowerPoint 365, you can click Options in the File tab. Locate the Customize Ribbon tab. Then checkmark before Recording to activate the PowerPoint 365 recording function. Don’t forget to click OK to confirm and save changes.

In a word, you can record a PowerPoint presentation video with the above steps. Both internal and external audio sources are supported. Moreover, you can record yourself presenting a PowerPoint on Mac here as well. Later, you can upload PowerPoint recording video to YouTube or other platforms directly.

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