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Pageplus Introduction and Alternatives

PagePlus is one of popular publishing package on PC. It was developed by Serif for Windows in 1991. If you are an advertisement designer or publisher, you must have heard of or used PagePlus. Although it is targeted at the entry level users, it has almost all useful features that high-end software has. For example, PagePlus allows users to work in CMYK color space. Serif has released several updates during past two decades. And its features are extensive gradually. Its latest version is PagePlus X9 released in 2015. This article will introduce this application’ pros and cons in details and recommend some best alternatives.

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PagePlus’ Pros and Cons


1. It is compatible with most Windows system, including Windows 10.

2. The last version of PagePlus has improved its interface and template.

3. Serif had updated the software annually before 2015.

4. It provides a Starter Edition for free.


1. PagePlus is an application for Windows, so it is not available on Mac OS.

2. It is entry-level publishing software, so it may be too simple to advanced users.

3. The cost of CC license is a prohibitive for part-time users.

4. The Starter Edition has a limit on document size: no more than five.


Best PagePlus Alternatives

As you can see, PagePlus is more suitable for amateur designers, but not professionals. So you might need an alternative layout program. Just learn more detail about the alternative programs for PagePlus.

Microsoft Office Publisher: the alternative for Windows

Microsoft Office Publisher is a convenient layout design software. This PagePlus alternative does not have limit on amount of pictures imported. And users could import pictures from online services and social media, like Flickr and Facebook. Unfortunately, Publisher is only available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers now. Here are the other basic features.

1. It is compatible with Windows 10.

2. A new online research tool, Smart Lookup, has been integrated within Publisher.

3. The Insights panel will show you Wikipedia and other information related to selected words or concept.

4. This PagePlus alternative allows users to customize the background of interface and create a personalized work space.

5. The embedded headline styles are helpful and convenient as well.

6. Publisher supports Excel charts now.

Microsoft Office Publisher

Swift Publisher: the best alternative of PagePlus for Mac OS

Swift Publisher is an affordable layout design application for Mac users. Compared to other fantastic page layout software, Swift Publisher is a friendlier and easy-to-use application. And considering there are less publishing applications compatible with Mac OS, Swift Publisher is one of the best alternative of PagePlus.

1. It provides more than 300 templates, so users could control pages and create a project quickly.

2. The interface is so friendly that users will not confuse in it.

3. This PagePlus alternative will not limit on the amount of layers built for a project.

4. Swift Publisher integrates a library contained more than 2,000 clipart images.

Swift Publisher

Scribus: the best free alternative of PagePlus

Scribus is an open source-publishing program. Users could utilize it to create business cards, brochures, and other publishing documents. And you can access the useful features of Scribus.

1. This PagePlus alternative program has a powerful template feature. Users could utilize this feature to create project quickly and conveniently.

2. It could read documents generated by other publishing programs and most file formats.

3. It is an open source program, so users could extend the software with plugins. And if you have any problems, you can ask for help in its developer community.


QuarkXPress: the best cross-platform alternative of PagePlus

QuarkXPress is another alternative of PagePlus and it supports both Windows and Mac OS. Many advertisers, magazines and newspapers use QuarkXPress as page layout software. That is because it powerful design program.

1. The interface is standard, so users can find all the tools easily. And the layouts of the program are easy to navigate.

2. The program supports to search for any attributes, like colors, text, frames.

3. Users could divide a project into different components and send them to multiple users. So it is appropriate for teamwork.

4. In addition to basic tools, this PagePlus alternative has a feature of Story Editor. This feature could remember your text settings and apply them to other text.


Lucidpress: the best online alternative of PagePlus

Lucidpress is an online layout and design service, which is cloud-based PagePlus alternative. As an online service, sometimes Lucidpress is more convenient. Here are some useful features you should know about Lucidpress.

1. It supports most cloud service, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on. So users could import documents from cloud service and save the outputs in cloud as well.

2. Its interface is friendly and concise.

3. Lucidpress provides 25 MB space for beginners freely. And if you need to expand storage, you can choose pay for it.

4. This PagePlus alternative has many templates and other basic tools.



Page design is easier than you thought, if you have an appropriate tool. This article introduces the pros and cons of PagePlus and its alternatives. Therefore, you can make your decision according to your demands. Microsoft Office Publisher is available for Windows users and Swift Publisher is compatible with Mac OS. Scribus is a free page design program with extensive features. QuarkXPress is more suitable for team work. If you prefer to online service, Lucidpress is a better choice.