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Download Photo Lab and Best Alternatives

Today, making your pictures or selfies into artworks is easier than ever. A simple mobile app, such as Photo Lab, could achieve such task with one click. We are increasingly accustomed to communicate with others by images. If you open your social media account, you will discover that almost every post has pictures. It makes sense, when you consider that a picture could deliver a lot of words. Moreover, our eyes are easier to be attracted by images and brains are easier to remember visual signals. As more and more images emerge in social media, a normal picture cannot meet our demands. We need something more attractive and impressive, such as art pictures. That is why so many people use Photo Lab and similar apps. In this post, we are going to share the introduction and best alternatives of Photo Lab.

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Introduction and review

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Photo Lab is an amazing photo editor app, which is developed by VicMan LLC. With this app, you can transfer an ordinary picture or portrait to an artwork. Its key features include:

1. You can enjoy more than 500 effects and filters to make your pictures unique.

2. The built-in algorithm technology could blend two pictures or photo effects perfectly.

3. The developer updates the latest stickers, photo frames and effects frequently.

4. It also has the capacity to create photo collage.

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1. It has extensive photo effects and filters.

2. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.

3. Photo Lab is available to both iOS and Android devices.


1. This app is free to download in Play Store and App Store, but if you want to use overall features or remove ads, you have to purchase in app.

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Best Photo Lab alternatives

1. Prisma

Prisma is a popular photo art app among young people. This Photo Lab alternative could turn your picture to a painting in a few seconds. Its basic features include:

1. Prisma is not only a photo art app, but also able to take pictures with the built-in camera.

2. You can use more than 30 filters.

3. All photo filters and effects have custom options and allow you to control the intensity.

4. Prisma has a photographer community that allows you to share your pictures and discuss with others.


1. Prisma is easy to use.

2. It is free for both iPhones and Android devices.


1. The iPad version needs to purchase.

2. You cannot save the modified pictures at full resolution.

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2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a versatile photo editor. You can get almost all necessary tools related to image editing in this Photo Lab replacement.

1. It offers plentiful image effects and filters to add magic on your pictures.

2. Compared to Photo Lab, PicsArt Photo Studio has more basic photo editing tools, such as flip, rotate, distort and more.

3. You can alter color, brightness and other parameters to correct a picture.

4. After editing, you can upload the results to PicsArt community or social media.


1. It has a wider array of image editing features.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio is available in both Play Store and App Store.

3. This photo editor is free of charge.


1. There are too many tools in PicsArt Photo Studio, so the interface is cluttered.

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3. SuperPhoto – Photo Effects & Filters

SuperPhoto is another best alternative of Photo Lab. This photo art app has many wonderful features.

1. You can use hundreds of filters to turn a picture to unique artwork.

2. After download the resources, you can personalize your pictures in SuperPhoto without Internet.

3. You can control the photo effects by customizing the sharpness, intensity and other parameters.

4. It supports to share the results to major social media directly.


1. SuperPhoto is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

2. There are hundreds of filters and effects free to use.

3. The concise interface makes SuperPhoto easy to use.


1. The free version has ads. If you want to get more filters or remove ads, you have to pay for upgrade.


4. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is another popular photo editor app. Similar to Photo Lab; this photo editor could convert your pictures to fantastic art.

1. It provides hundreds of picture filters and effects for free.

2. You can edit or enhance pictures with editing tools, like rotate, flip, and adjust parameters.

3. The built-in previewer allows you to compare the altered picture with the original one.

4. It will optimize the picture size according to your RAM before saving.


1. The on-screen instruction and tips are useful, especially for beginners.

2. The interface is user friendly.

3. All features are free to use.


1. You cannot undo changes.

2. It does not have dedicated filters for selfies.


5. Dreamscope

Similar to Photo Lab, Dreamscope could transform your pictures into unique paintings. Its principal features include:

1. You can use filters to transform ordinary pictures or selfies to modern art in this app.

2. It allows you to take pictures for editing within app.

3. Dreamscope has its own social network and works well with major social media.


1. All the features are free to use.

2. You can download this photo art app in both Play Store and App Store.


1. The output quality is not good.

2. It takes longer time to apply filter on a picture.



In this post, we have introduced Photo Lab, one of the most popular photo art apps on market. Although it is not a perfect photo editor, you can use extensive filters to make your pictures and selfies unique. If you are looking for more choices, you can find more photo editors in second part. Prisma is a famous photo editor for creating artworks. PicsArt Photo Studio offers more photo editing features. SuperPhoto could personalize your pictures without Internet. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro and Dreamscope simplify the process of photo editing. You can choose your favorite photo editor and create beautiful pictures on mobile devices.