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Download Photo Booth App and Best Alternatives

In this digital world, everything transforms digital, including photos and pictures. Do you feel boring about ordinary selfies and photos? Photo Booth app could make your pictures funny. It is a small app for capturing photos with iSight camera. After Apple released Photo Booth app in 2005, many people fell in love with this application. Now, maybe a lot of iPhone users have forgotten this app. But Apple does not forget it and released updates frequently. In this post, we will share introduction and user review of Photo Booth app in this article. Moreover, we have identified top 5 Photo Booth app alternatives. In short, you can grasp multiple great photo booth apps below.

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Introduction and review

Photo Booth Icon Mac

Photo Booth app is a pre-installed camera app for Mac OS X and iOS. To most Apple customers, Photo Booth app is here and waiting for you using. Its key features include:

1. It has two sets of effects, the first set is similar to Photoshop filters; the second set is called juvenile effect by Jobs.

2. You can use Photo Booth app to take pictures and selfies.

3. After shooting, pictures will store in Photos app.

4. You can share the pictures to social media, email or other devices within this app.

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1. It is system app and free to use.

2. You can use the effects in Face Time.

3. It supports both front camera and rear camera.


1. This app is only available on iOS and Mac.

2. The effects are limited.

Photo Booth Mac

How to use Photo Booth app on iPhone

Step 1: Launch Photo Booth on home screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Camera Switch icon to turn on the front camera.

Step 3: Choose your favorite special effect and go to the camera screen.

Step 4: Tap on the Shutter button, Photo Booth app will do the rest work.

Step 5: If you want to share the picture, you can tap on the Share icon and select the channel you want to post. And you can find the photo in Photos app later.

Best Photo Booth alternatives

1. Insta Booth

Insta Booth is a versatile Photo Booth app replacement. Its key features include:

1. It integrated more than 130 real-time filters and 100 frames for taking personalized photos.

2. This app allows you to adjust, change, and cancel the filters applied on photos at any time.

3. Insta Booth has the capacity to take a single picture or photo collage.

4. Besides filters, you can enhance, adjust, or edit photos within Insta Booth.


1. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.

2. It has a wider array of filters.

3. All features are free of charge.


1. The photo quality is poor.

2. It is only compatible with iOS.

Insta Booth

2. CamWow

CamWow is funny app lets you to distort photos and look at the world from a different perspective. The basic features of this Photo Booth app include:

1. It offers extensive real-time filters to stylize your photos.

2. This app supports both front camera and back face camera.

3. You can adjust the photos after shooting.

4. CamWow allows you to upload pictures to social media directly.


1. It offers more real-time filters.

2. The photo quality is acceptable.


1. It only available in App Store.


3. PiciBooth

PiciBooth is another popular Photo Booth app alternative. Its basic features include:

1. There are tons of photo effects could make your photos special and unique.

2. It supports both front and rear cameras.

3. You can undo the effects at any time.

4. After taking an amazing picture, you can share it to social media, save to memory or print it within PiciBooth.


1. PiciBooth supports a wider array of photo effects.

2. The photo quality is great.


1. It is only available to iPhone and iPad.


4. Effect Booth

Effect Booth is an amazing photo app for Android devices. It has many features similar to Photo Booth app.

1. It has dozens of real time photo effects.

2. You can preview the photo effect lively before shooting it.

3. After taking pictures, you can add multiple effects or captions on the pictures.

4. Effect Booth supports to share the outputs to social media.


1. The interface is straightforward and easy to find what you need.

2. Photo quality is good.


1. It has bugs and crashes sometimes.

2. This app is only compatible with Android.

Effect Booth

5. Camera MX

Camera MX is a popular photo app among young people. Its principal features include:

1. Similar to Photo Booth app, you can apply real time effects on photos.

2. It has plentiful photo effects to make your photos funny.

3. Camera MX offers 500 MB free storage for each user.

4. You can preview the photo effects before shooting.


1. It works well on both iOS and Android devices.

2. The photo quality is good.

3. Camera MX is free of charge.


1. The video feature is poor.

2. It runs slower than other Photo Booth alternative.

Camera MX


In this article, we have shared the features of Photo Booth app and how to use it. As a pre-installed photo app for iOS devices, Photo Booth app makes photography on iPhone funny. Unfortunately, Photo Booth app is not available on Android and it has limited photo effects. So, we introduced more apps have features similar to Photo Booth app. Insta Booth, CamWow and PiciBooth are the best alternatives of Photo Booth app for iOS users. They offer more filters. Effect Booth and Camera MX are top replacements of Photo Booth app for Android devices.