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Photo Hunt and Its Best Alternatives

According to a recent survey released by Global Web Index, people spend more and more time on mobile games. And visual game is one of the most popular mobile game categories. Among visual games, Photo Hunt HD is a special one. In 1997, a game company introduced Photo Hunt to its barroom. Game players have to find and touch five differences between two photos positioned side by side. Now, the game company has released the mobile version, Photo Hunt HD for iPad. If you want to learn more about this visual game, you can read this post. Plus, we are going to share more photo hunt games similar to Photo Hund HD.

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Introduction and Review

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In 2011, Photo Hunt HD was released iPad version. This game contains three hundred photos and two modes of play. In Casual mode, game players could look at the photos and find the differences at their own pace without time limitations. This mode is designed for beginners and amateur players. For advanced players, they could switch to Classic mode and race against the clock.

Photo Hunt HD is a social game. Although game players have to discover the differences by themselves, they can compare performances with their friends and track the achievements within Game Center.

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1. Photo Hunt HD has plentiful photos and players could add new photos online. So, players will never feel boring.

2. The photos are all in high resolution and this game app offers better visual experiences.

3. The two modes could meet each game player’s requirements.


1. Photo Hunt HD is a paid app.

2. It is only available on iPad.

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Top 5 alternative apps

As mobile game rising, more and more photo hunt game apps appear on market.


LINE HIDDEN CATCH is a popular visual game among kids and teens. Similar to Photo Hunt HD, game players have to find five differences on the two images in limited time. The Magic Pencil and Hint features could help players find the differences. Or players can use the Time Plus feature to extend time limit. Each pack has five pictures.

As you can see, it is an official game for LINE app, which offers free calls and messages. All the pictures are LINE characters. And you can share your performance with your friends on LINE directly.


1. This game has adorable characters, which make the game interesting.

2. The cute pictures are attractive to kids.

3. Players could get brain exercise with this game.


1. It only has limited time mode.


2. Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference is a Photo Hunt HD alternative for adult game players. The pictures used in this game are related to cats, dogs and other animals. Similar to Photo Hunt HD, this game app also has two modes, timed mode and untimed mode.

There are three level packs: easy, medium and hard. Players could choose an appropriate level to have fun and pass the time. And there are six differences on each picture, so it is difficult than other picture hunt games.


1. This game is free to download and play.

2. Players could control background music and sound effects.

3. The pictures are great and the game is designed very well.


1. If you want to play more pictures, you have to purchase in app.

Spot the Difference

3. Find Differences 2015 HD free

Find Differences 2015 HD free is one of the best Photo Hunt HD alternatives for Android phones. Players could spot the differences between two similar pictures and improve observation.

This game allows players to fight against the clock or play the game without a timer. There are more than a hundred levels and pictures. And the developers update continuously. So, players will never feel boring. To win the game, players have to find the 5 to 9 modifications. The Hint feature and Zoom in tool could help players to find the differences more easily.


1. The pictures used in Find Differences 2015 HD free are all in high quality.

2. The game designed to challenging but not frustratingly hard.

3. This photo hunt game has optimized for tablets.


1. The pictures and modifications are not displayed well on smartphone.

2. The load time of HD pictures is longer than other games.

Find Differences 2015 HD free

4. Find It

Find It is a series of photo puzzle game and Classic edition is one of 5 edition collection. Compared to Photo Hunt HD, Find It is a simple game focuses on smooth experiences rather than well-designed skin.

This game app contains a lot of photos about cities, sports, animals and nature. And players could download fresh photo packs online. Find It uses a different score system. The shorter the time players spend, the higher the score they get. Players could use three hints to help them finish the game.


1. This Photo Hunt HD alternative is free of charge without any ads.

2. The pictures load fast and experience smoothly.


1. The pictures does not optimize for tablets.

Find It

5. Find Differences

If the simple photo hunt games cannot meet your demands, you can try Find Differences. This game is apparently more complicated than Photo Hunt HD. There are 10 differences in each picture. And these differences are not as easy to find as other photo hunt games.

To help player finish the game, this game provides hint system and zoom in tool. Moreover, players could find the modifications in relaxed circumstance, for it does not have time limitation.


1. The picture quality is great, even after zoom in.

2. This game is free of charge and does not ask players to watch ads.


1. It is too complicated and may make players frustrated.

Find Differences


Based on the introductions above, you might learn what Photo Hunt HD is and how to play this game. Picture hunt game is a classic game category and reincarnates on mobile devices now. Unlike other mobile games, picture hunt game is attractive to people of all ages, from kids to young adults and seniors. So, we also introduced top 5 Photo Hunt HD alternatives for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. If you want to kill time, you can try these picture hunt games. It is a good way to exercise brain and improve attention that plays picture hunt games less than an hour daily.