Color Splash Review and Best Color Splash Alternative Apps

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Color Splash is a photo editor for iPhone. Unlike Snapseed and other photo editor apps, it focuses on one thing and does it well. It turns your vivid digital pictures to black and white with pop-out color details. Why do this? First of all, if you want to highlight some subjects in your photo, it is the best way to use color contrast. The colorful object is easy to see on a black and white background. A color splash photo is attractive on social media. Therefore, we will show you all the necessary knowledge you should know about Color Splash app. And you can get more photo editors similar to it.

Color Splash Review

Part 1: Color Splash Introduction and How-to

Color Splash Icon

The key features of Color Splash app include:

1. Convert photos to black and white in one tap.

2. Use the brush tool to paint the subject and bring back the original color.

3. Zoom in and out using finger gestures.

4. Integrate a short tutorial video.

5. Support multiple import and output sources, like photo libraries and social media.

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1. The interface is user-friendly.

2. It can save the results in full resolution.

3. This photo editor offers extensive custom options.


1. It is only available to iPhone.

2. Color Splash is a paid app.

Color Splash Screenshot

How to use Color Splash

Step 1: Launch the photo editor from your home screen and import the picture to edit from your photo library or social account. Then the app will change your photo to grayscale.

Step 2: Press the Brush tool on the top ribbon, choose a brush style and adjust the size. Then touch the subject you want to bring color back.

Tip: Color Splash app offers four brushes: hard-edged, soft-edged, opaque, or transparent.

Step 3: Tap on the Color button and adjust brightness and other parameters on the colored area. Finally, save the result or share it on social networks.

Part 2: More photo Editors Similar to Color Splash

1. Color Effects

Color Effects is a photo editor for iPhone users to create dramatic images by changing colors. Its main features include:

1. Gray out all subjects in a picture except for a certain one.

2. Change the color of any subject. For example, make the sky green.

3. Import photos from your camera or photo library.

4. Detect and correct the edge area automatically.

5. Customize brush size and transparency.


1. This Color Splash alternative is free of charge.

2. The interface is straightforward to navigate.


1. It is not compatible with Android.

2. The color choices are limited.

Color Effects

2. Color Blast! HD

Color Blast! HD is another way to create dynamic black and white photos on iPhone. Its basic features include:

1. Tint the background to sepia or turn it to gray.

2. Use a brush tool to colorize the subject you want to highlight.

3. Change the original color of the subject to another tune.

4. Customize the brush tool with multiple parameters.

5. Share or save the results in high resolution.


1. This Color Splash alternative app offers more brush styles and custom options.

2. It can save pictures of high quality.


1. This paid photo editor is only available to iOS.

Color Blast! HD

3. Color Splash Effect

Color Splash Effect is the best Color Splash alternative for Android devices. Its principal features include:

1. Take a photo using the built-in Pip Camera tool.

2. Blur the entire picture and clear any part to highlight it.

3. Gray out the whole image except a single subject for highlighting.

4. Contain dozens of photo effects, frames, and filters.

5. Create photo collages with the templates and layouts.


1. This Color Splash alternative app has a wide range of features.

2. And the photo editor is free to download in Play Store.


1. The output quality is not very good.

Color Splash Effect

4. Color Touch Effects

Color Touch Effects is another free way to make dramatic pictures on Android phones. Its basic features include:

1. Import a picture from a photo gallery, camera, or Facebook and turn it to gray or sepia.

2. Paint the color back with finger gestures.

3. Splash a different color on the picture or a specific subject.

4. Customize the configurations and opacity of the brush tool.

5. Add captions to your pictures.


1. It offers more features and custom options than Color Splash.

2. This photo editor is free of charge.


1. It is large and uses more sources when editing photos.

Color Touch Effects

5. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the most popular photo editors. And color splash is one of the effects that you can get from this photo editor. As the Color Splash alternative, its features include:

1. Once tapping on the Splash tool, your picture will change to a gray tune.

2. Paint the subject with Smart Color to get the original color back.

3. Or tint the subject with another color by the Free Color tool.

4. The Eraser could help you undo at any time.

5. Save and share the result to your photo gallery or social account.


1. This photo editor is compatible with both iOS and Android.

2. It is free to use.

3. And people can get plenty of photo editing tools in this all-in-one photo editor.


1. It is a little complicated for beginners since it integrates too many features.

Aviary Photo Editor

Part 3: Color Splash Alternative on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

If you want to find Color Splash alternative on Windows or Mac, you can use WidsMob Retoucher to retouch and beautify photos. If you want to get rid of hassle filters, then WidsMob Retoucher is the best color photo editor software you can find. You can adjust color opacity, apply color rendition profile, change the color mode, and do other changes with simple selections and sliders. What’s more, you can monitor every small change with a real-time preview window instantly.

Key Features of the Lightweight Color Photo Editor

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Easy Steps to Change Color and Apply Various Color Profiles

Step 1: Run color photo editor

Free download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your Mac computer. Launch the color photo editor. Click Import to add photos to WidsMob Retoucher. Well, you can drag and drop them to its main interface too.


Step 2: Enter the photo coloring page

Choose Next on the lower right corner to move on. There are 5 different photo-editing sections in the right panel. If you want to access the color channel editor, you can choose the second icon from right to left at the bottom.

Enter Photo Coloring Page

Step 3: Colorize your photo

Find Color Filter on the top of the color effect photo editor. Later, you can click the white rectangular icon beside. A new window pops up with 5 photo color editing sections. Just choose the one you like to colorize your photo. What’s more, you can adjust the color opacity by percentage freely.

Colorize Your Photo

Step 4: Apply color rendition and color mode (optional)

Choose the Film Pack icon. You can see 3 sections named Color Rendition Profile, Color Modes and Film Grain. Get a real-time preview window while editing. Well, you can zoom in on the picture to view the detailed information with the B/A slider at the bottom.

Apply Photo Editing Effects

Step 5: Export your colorized photo

After all, customizations, choose Save on the lower right corner. Set JPEG or TIFF as the output photo format. Furthermore, you can move the quality slider below to adjust the output photo quality from the least to the best. Finally, choose Save to finish the process.

Well, if you import a selfie or portrait photo, you can also use the built-in portrait retouching filters. All in all, WidsMob Retoucher is a smart choice for beginners. You can apply color effects with the color photo editor quickly and easily.

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According to the introductions above, you can know what the Color Splash app is. When you want to separate a subject or character in a photo, you can consider color splash as a simple way. And several great tools could help you to produce dramatic images, like Color Splash. And we identified more photo editors similar to it in the second part. Color Effects is a free alternative for iPhone. Color Blast! HD can create high-quality output. Color Splash Effect is a free alternative for Android devices, and Color Touch Effects provides more custom options. Photo Editor by Aviary is a versatile photo editor integrated with a color splash feature. If you want to use a Color Splash alternative on Windows or Mac computer, you can choose WidsMob Retoucher.

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