Tips for Using Photos on Google Photos and Top 11 Google Photo Alternatives

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Compared to the 5GB restriction of Apple’s iCloud, Google Photos offers unlimited storage for Android photos and videos. And you can access and manage Android pictures on Windows or Mac with ease. Is that all Google Photos can do for you? Just read the article to learn more about the helpful tips about Google Photos.

How to Use Google Photos

Part 1: How to Use Google Photos

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1. Automatic Upload Android Photos

There are multiple solutions for cloud storage services. Google Photos offers unlimited storage for Android photos and automatically uploads every photo you take to Google Photos. If you have already enabled the Automatic upload feature, you can take a high-quality selfie, use HDR mode or download cute wallpapers. And you can always retrieve them from Google Photos when you delete Android photos or videos by mistake.

2. Label Faces and Group Similar One

Once you upload the Android photos, Google Photos can automatically group the photos by location and date. And if you can enter the label for the recognized face, Google Photos can use advanced image recognition to group the Android pictures for the same person. Google Photos can extract the stuff from the images as a search text, such as the food, cars, animals, and more. You need to type what you want to find from Google Photos.

Label Faces and Group Similar One

3. Manage the Backup Android Photos

Google Photos provides some editing features to manage the backup photos. You can also use Google Photos to crop, add a filter, adjust photos in the browser, and automatically remove the image or video from your Android phone. And you can also delete the pictures, zoom in / zoom out to enjoy the best preview, or select multiple photos with a single tap. Google Photos also empower you to show images on a TV with a Chromecast.

Google Photos Management

4. Montage & Collage & Animation

Google Photos also provides multiple small tools to create short video clips with photos and videos, put music and pictures into a digital scrapbook, convert them to GIF files or so-called Animation, combine them as photo collages. The small tools have the functions. You cannot do any further customization for these tools according to your requirements. You still have to use the best photo editing tools for Android instead of Google Photos.

Google Photos Collage

5. Share Android Photos with Ease

When you use the Shared Albums of Google Photos, you can share photos with friends using just a link. Besides sharing Android photos with Google Photos, you can also share them with Android Beam, Google Drive, Instagram, Message, Facebook, Hangouts, Gmail, Bluetooth, and other applications. Of course, you can automatically sync the photos from different photo applications to Google Photos as well. Google Photos should be the best place to manage photos.

Google Photos

The above are some key features of Google Photos. You can also use Google Photos to save the deleted Android photos, change the backup size, or sync settings to get the desired result. All in one word, Google Photos is not a hosting service for syncing photos. You can also use the powerful features of Google Photos to manage the multimedia files accordingly.

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Part 2: Top 11 Google Photo Alternatives

Google Photos is a method for photo management. If you have a special requirement such as teamwork, photo community, or auto filters, you can check the Google Photos alternatives.

1. WidsMob Viewer Pro: Best Google Photos Alternative for Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

WidsMob Viewer Pro is the best photo management on Windows and Mac. It enables you to process photos with 8 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits, and even 48 bits. Even if you need to open multiple pictures from an SD card of your digital camera, you don't have to open images one by one since the photo manager lets you open photos within the folder and sub-folder by opening a single one.

Moreover, it also enables you to adjust photos in sharpness, exposure, temperature, saturation, tint, and contrast, batch convert images, create a slideshow and even add multiple effects.

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This viewer even offers excellent viewing features:

1. Open Multiple Images

To open multiple images in thumbnails, or even view photos within different folders, you can click the Thumbnail button. It enables you to manage the folders within the media library, including transfer the photos between different folders.

Open TIFFs in Thumbnail mode of WidsMob Viewer Pro

2. View Images in Full Screen

The Full Screen mode is the default viewing mode to open images. It enables you to zoom in/zoom out for viewing photos in full screen, rotate/flip images, sort by different methods, crop files, apply different filters, remove files, and transfer photos.

View TIFF files in Full Screen of WidsMob Viewer Pro

3. Check the EXIF of Image

If you save the shoots from the digital camera, you can also find the metadata within the image viewer. Click the View option and choose the Show Info option, there is a popup window for the EXIF, which includes the size, camera info, and shoots details.

Check the EXIF of TIFF in WidsMob Viewer Pro

4. Select the Favorite Images

When you need to choose some favorite images from a large number of photos, you can click the Star button at the bottom left of the Full Screen mode to add photos into the Add to Favorites folder. Then you can batch process the images, export to desktop, or share to social media sites.

Add TIFFs to Favorite Folder of WidsMob Viewer Pro

5. View Images Automatically

The Slideshow mode enables you to playback the photos within the same folder, or the selected images to preview as a slideshow. It will play the photos automatically without any mouse click.

Preview TIFFs as Slideshow in WidsMob Viewer Pro Win Download Mac Download

WidsMob Viewer Pro is not only an image viewer but also an intelligent photo converter as well. You can use batch function to rename, resize or convert photos without repeating.

After that, you can share photos to Facebook and Twitter, or save as JPEG, PNG, Microsoft BMP or JPEG-2000 formats. In addition, you can adjust image quality during saving.

2. Dropbox: Best Google Photos Alternative for Business

When you mention cloud storage for photos and videos, Dropbox is the most popular option. For teamwork with colleagues or business purposes, Dropbox is the best Google Photo alternative to manage photos. Similar to Google photo backup, Dropbox can automatically upload photos from any device. What is more, it can rename them to a simple data filename. Another great feature for business purposes is adding comments to the files. You can manage photos by keeping some records for the pictures. The last excellent feature for business is the editing features with Microsoft Office Files online.


3. Flickr: Best Google Photos Alternative for Photographers

As mention in the best photo management application for photographers, Flickr is the best alternative for Google Photos. As an all-in-one photo management app, you can automatically upload features and some fundamental editing features for the photos before uploading. Flickr is a large photo community for professional photographers. Instead of saving a file to private cloud storage as Google Photo backup. The fans and the world are sharing the masterpiece. And you can also keep track of images shared by your friends and other users.


4. Amazon Photos: Best Google Photo Alternative for Multimedia

If you have the Kindle Fire tablets, you can use Amazon photos Drive to access these photos for the whole family. Compared to Google Photos, Amazon Photos only provides 5 GB of free cloud storage space. But music streaming, free shipping, eBook lending, and a video stream service should be a favorite for sharing multimedia within your family. Amazon Prime membership with unlimited space with US$99.00 is recommended to back up a large number of files as cheaply as possible.

Amazon Photos

5. Tidy: Best Google Photo Alternative for Organizing

Tidy has a solution to organize the photos in your smartphone. It combines auto-sorting filters, gesture control to sort mobile pictures into photo albums. As the photo management alternative for Google Photos, you can also group photos by time, location, or file path. By the way, you can organize similar photos into convenient locations or event-based albums. After that, you can select an individual one to achieve it by swiping right or send them to an album by swiping left.

Tidy Gallery Win Download Mac Download

6. Piktures: Best Google Photos Alternative for Sorting

Piktures is a Google Photo alternative for Android only. The program uses a slick three-pane interface to navigate the Android photos. Check the currently selected album with the center pain. Swipe the pictures to bring up a tiled list of your albums that sort as fit. If you still cannot locate the desired photo, you can also sort through your image by location of the side menu. Another feature compared to Google Photo search is the Calendar view by the data taken. Except sorting features, you can also use slideshow mode, photo resizing, or video/GIF Player.


7. QuickPic: Best Google Photos Alternative for Viewing

QuickPic is an excellent image viewer as an ideal alternative to Google Photos on your Android. You can preview your photo collection of photos either in gallery, grid, list, or explorer modes. The Moments feature can automatically group photos by time and location. As Google Photos and other photo management apps, you can sort, rename, copy and move pictures within your local storage. You can also set the photo privacy levels. It is one of the most popular replacements for Google Photo with features mix and ease of use.


8. PhotoSync: Best Google Photo Alternative for Syncing

Just as the name of the application, PhotoSync is the best Google Photo alternative for syncing photos. It is helpful to sync photos between mobile and desktop over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a personal hotspot. Desktop versions transfer can be achieved through a browser interface or download the desktop version for Windows or Mac. You can transfer RAW photos complete with metadata with PhotoSync without any problem.


9. Clone Buster: Best Google Photo Alternative for Duplicated Photo

When you use Google Photo upload or take several photos for the same stuff, you have to remove duplicated photos. The Google Photos alternative can back up photos, hunt down and find duplicated images on your device. You can get rid of duplicated photos or extra ones from your device easily with Clone Buster. It is a great application to optimize your cell phone and free up spacing by removing duplicate image files created and hidden by many apps.

Clone Buster

10. F-Stop Media Gallery: Best Google Photos Alternative for Tagging

Once uploading the photos, it is difficult to find them out later. As the best Google Photos alternative for tagging, F-Stop Media Gallery allows you to find the right image amongst thousands. You can write the tags to the image so other programs such as Lightroom and Google Photos can read them. Except for the tagging feature, you can also enjoy a fast preview experience and a beautiful interface.

F-Stop Media Gallery

11. Carousel: Best Google Photos Alternative for Combining Photos

Different from Google Photos and above photo management applications, Carousel depends on Dropbox. You can sign in to the program with a Dropbox account to combine your photos and videos of each event. Carousel integrates all the pictures in Dropbox accounts into one timeline view. Instead of saving pictures privately as Google Photos share, you can share photos and videos on your iPhone with your family at the first moment, and vice versa.

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