Birthday Photo Collage

How to Create Birthday Photo Collage Online

If you are still confused with the presents for your friends’ birthday, birthday photo collage can be a nice choice. Whether you need to design birthday photo collage poster or video, the article shows the best ideas about how to create your own photo collage for birthday online.

Birthday Photo Collage

Part 1: Birthday Photo Collage Photo

When you want to send your best wishes for your friend’s birthday, you can create a birthday photo collage poster on Facebook. What are the best birthday photo collage makers online? Just find how to design photo collage for birthday as below.


Canva has dozens of well-designed birthday photo collage templates. You can make birthdays more memorable by showcasing your favorite party photos with a ready-made birthday photo collage template you can easily add pictures to. Just take the Blue Orange Baby birthday photo collage for example.

1. Click the photo collage to enter the editing page. You can access to the Blue orange baby birthday photo collage.

2. Click the Green button to edit the template. Both the four pictures and texts are editable.

3. Change the photos, texts, color and add more elements to design an outstanding photo collage for birthday.

Actually Canva provides hundreds of elements and thousands of images to design a stunning photo collage poster for birthday. You can also share it to Facebook or other social network with your family.

YouTube Banner Maker Canva


BeFunky is another excellent photo collage online maker. You can access to multiple templates for birthday photo collage, family photo collage and even Christmas photo collage. You can also custom your own birthday photo collage templates according to the resources provided by BeFunky. Just learn more detail about the process here.

1. When you enter Befunky, you can click the Greeting Cards to access the birthday photo collage templates.

2. And then you can find Birthday under Greeting Cards. Choose the desired template from BeFunky.

3. Custom the color overlay, blend mode, opacity and other parameters to design your own photo collage.

4. When you finish the birthday collage, you can share to social media or save to your computer.

BeFunky offers limited birthday photo collages. You need to subscribe the plus version in order to use most of the templates. If you need to design more photo collage templates, it is a good option.

Befunky Birthday Photo Collage

Part 2: Birthday Photo Collage Video

If Birthday photo collage poster cannot express your best wishes, birthday photo collage video is another option. Instead of presenting different images, you can also videos, or even add your own voice in the collage file. Most of the social networks support video formats, you can send them to Facebook or Twitter without problem.


Picovico is a professional video online maker. What’s special about Picovico? It provides different video templates that help you create video as profession. You can access to many birthday photo collage videos, and then custom the video files with the multiple resources to your desired file.

1. Once you login the program, you can select the Birthday photo collage video from the style list.

2. Add some photos and text slides into the collage, you can upload from your device or Facebook Album directly.

3. Upload the music or audio file to the program. Of course, you can find some default options from the video online maker.

4. Save to 360p standard quality. And then you can send the video to your friends via a link of the Birthday photo collage video.

Actually it is an outstanding idea to make videos as birthday gift. Of course, you can also use Valentine photo collage video and other festival videos to computer or social media.



When you search for birthday photo collage video from Slidely, you can find multiple videos shared by other users. Just choose the favorite photo collage video, and then you can custom your own video based on the original file shared in Slidely.

1. Click your favorite birthday photo collage to enter the pop up editing window of Slidely.

2. Enter quotes, hashtags or free text to send your best wishes to your friends from the Remix! Menu.

3. Apply different effects to the photo collage to get the optimal result.

4. Share the custom birthday photo collage to Slidely or Facebook.

Now you can share the photo collage video to your friend privately. Slidely is one of the best ways to create, discover and share photo and video collection in beautiful and creative way.


Part 3: Top Birthday Photo You Can Choose for Photo Collage

When making birthday photo collage, you need to choose great birthday photo to add to the photo collage, here we will list some top choice for your reference when creating your own birthday photo collage.

1. Flowers

There is nothing better than flowers to express good wishes. It is also a good idea to include flowers in your birthday photo collage. You can shoot your friend’s favorite flower and use it as the theme of the birthday photo collage.

Birthday Flowers

2. Balloons

Balloons are another essential factor of birthday. And balloons are a good way to decorate happy birthday photo collage. You can use some photo editor to create several colorful balloons and type your best wishes on the photo. Download high quality balloon photos online is another way to create birthday photo collage with balloon pictures.

Birthday Balloons

3. Drinks

Good friends prefer to drink together. If beer or wine could express your friendship, you can use drinks as the theme of your birthday photo collage. Take a photo including beer or wine or download such photos online and write down what you want to say to your friends.

Birthday Drinks

4. Gifts

Birthday is not only the time to receive wishes, but also a chance to receive gifts from others. If you have packaged the birthday gift to your friend, you can shoot a photo with the gift. Type some simple words on the photo but not include the details of the gift. When you friend receive your happy birthday photo collage, he must feel curious about the gift. That makes your birthday photo collage impressive.

Birthday Gifts

5. Include yourself

The last best way to make an impressive birthday photo collage is to include you in the photo. You can take some properties related to birthday, like flowers, balloons, or gifts in the photo collage. And then write your blessing down.

Birthday with Friends

Part 4: Top Birthday Cake Photo You Should Consider for Photo Collage

Birthday cake would be one of the important factor to a Birthday and it can be a great part of your birthday photo collage, you can pick up the great Birthday cake photo ideas from the the following part.

1. The best birthday cake photo full of fruits

People that like fruits will love the best birthday cake photo. A birthday cake usually contains high calorie and high sugar. It is a good idea to decorate the birthday cake with a lot of fruits. Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. A birthday cake full of fruits is healthier. On the other hand, you can use the colorful fruits instead of dye. Such a healthy birthday cake and colorful photo are impressive.

fruits birthday cake

2. The best cartoon birthday cake photo

If you are designing a birthday cake for your little girl, it is a good idea to add some elements related to fairy tales, like Mermaid or sleeping Beauty. Although it is difficult to sculpture cartoon characters with cream, you can try candy or other edible materials.

cartoon birthday cake

3. The best candy birthday cake photo

This birthday cake photo seems complicated; while it is easy to make. After baking a three-layer cake, you can use chocolate to make a package and put on the top of the birthday cake. Then all you need to do is to attach the candies on the cake. As this best birthday cake photo shows, this cake is really sweet.

candy birthday cake

4. The most beautiful birthday cake image with flowers

Can you imagine all the flowers decorated on the birthday cake are made by sugar and cream? These flowers are too beautiful to eat. The designer must spend a lot of time and patience to decorate this birthday cake. If you have time, you can try to bake such beautiful birthday cake and make a surprise.

flower birthday cake

5. The best Macaroons birthday cake image

Some people prefer French Macaroons or other cakes to traditional birthday cakes. Then you can consider using his or her favorite food to make a unique birthday cake. In this best birthday cake photo, the designer use different colors of French Macaroons and candies to create a birthday cake.

Macaroons birthday cake


Of course, there are other photo and video collage creators to make your own birthday photo collage for your friends. In the way, you can always get a desired photo collage according to your requirement. If you want to share more detail about your idea, you can add your comments.

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