The Guide Tutorial to Record Audio Narration from Your Presentation with Ease

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When you need to record audio on PowerPoint, you can narrate a presentation or capture voice narrations for your PowerPoint slides. It is the ultimate guide you should know. If you cannot share the live presentations via social media sites, you can record audio and add a voiceover to PowerPoint. Just learn more about the two most efficient methods to record the audio files and add them from the article.

Record Audio Narration on Powerpoint

Part 1: How to Record Audio Narration for PowerPoint

Office PowerPoint is one of the most popular methods to create presentations around the world. Moreover, Microsoft has released the audio narration for your PowerPoint on both Windows and Mac. But the designs are complicated. After that, you can share the guide of recording narration for PowerPoint.

How to Record Audio Narration on PowerPoint for PC

Step 1: Open the Office PowerPoint and create a new presentation. Select the slide that you want to add narration. Go to the Insert tab, choose the Audio option in the Media section, and click the Record Audio option. Then the Record Sound dialog will appear.

Record Presentation PC

Step 2: Enter a name for the recording and click the Record button once you are ready. Before recording audio narration on PowerPoint, you should set the microphone and adjust the volume. Moreover, you’d better write down your narration.

Adjust Microphone Audio

Step 3: Once the narration recording for PowerPoint begins, the blue Stop button will activate. When you finish the narration, hit the Stop button. You can listen to the narration by hitting the Play button. If you are not satisfied with the audio, you can re-record audio narration.

Step 4: Click the OK button to confirm the recording. Then the Audio icon will show up on the slide. You can put the cursor on the icon and adjust the volume and play the narration. Go to the Audio Tools tab on the top menu bar and head to the Playback.

Sound Presentation Win

Step 5: Make sure to check the box next to Play Narrations and customize other options according to your habit. Follow the steps above to add audio narration to other slides on PowerPoint, and save the presentation before sharing the file to PowerPoint.

How to Record Audio Narration on PowerPoint for Mac

Step 1: Make sure that your presentation is complete and go to the desired slide. Go to the Insert tab on the top ribbon, head to the Audio section, and select Record Audio to trigger the Record Sound dialog.

Insert Audio Presentation Mac

Step 2: Click the Record button once you are ready to start recording audio narration on PowerPoint for Mac. When you want to stop recording, hit the Stop button and pre-listen to the voice narration.

Record Sound Mac

Step 3: If you are satisfied with it, type a name and click the Insert button. Switch to the Playback tab, and set up the narration playback. For instance, decide to play the narration Automatically or When Clicked.

Playback Audio Narration

Step 4: You can determine to play the audio Loop Until Stopped or Play Across Slides. Then, you can save the presentation after adding audio narration on PowerPoint.

Note: PowerPoint does not have a limitation on the length of narration recording. It will slow down your playback speed or playback the presentation if the audio narration is too long.

Part 2: A Versatile Method to Record Audio on PowerPoint

What is the best alternative to recording audio narration on PowerPoint? The built-in method to add audio narration to the presentation provides the basic features. WidsMob Capture is a versatile method to capture video, record audio, and take snapshots. Moreover, you can also tweak the audio settings, trim the desired audio clips and even add music files.

1. Record audio narration for PowerPoint in a single click.

2. Optimize audio quality while recording narration.

3. Support both built-in and external microphones.

4. Manage audio narration recordings and share with social media.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Record Audio Narration on PowerPoint

Step 1: Install audio recorder

Launch the audio narration recorder for PowerPoint after you install it on your computer. Then choose the Record Screen option to open the main interface. You can also go to the Preferences dialog and customize options, such as hotkeys, output location, and more.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Record audio narration for PowerPoint

Click the Record Area option and disable the feature. You can also turn off the Webcam feature. Press the Audio Recorder option and choose the built-in or external microphone, and adjust the volume. Click the REC button and begin recording audio narration for PowerPoint.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 3: Listen to the recorded audio narration

You can record it as long as you wish since the audio recorder does not have any limit. When you finish the narration recording, click the Stop button and save the audio recorder to your hard drive. To quickly access the audio recording, go to the Media Library window and listen to it.

Customize Capture

Step 4: Add audio narration to PowerPoint

Open your presentation in PowerPoint, and go to the Insert tab to click the Audio menu. Choose Audio on my PC on Windows or Audio from File on Mac. Then find the audio narration recording in the popup dialog and click the Insert button to add it to your presentation.

Media Library Capture

Note: PowerPoint supports audio files saved in WAV, MP3, and MIDI. By default, the audio recorder will save narration in M4A format, so you have to change the audio format in the Preferences dialog or convert the narration.

Win Download Mac Download


You know how to record audio narration for a PowerPoint on Windows and Mac OS X. It is not convenient for your audiences to view the presentation. Therefore, you’d better add narration to your slides. In addition to the built-in audio recording feature in PowerPoint, WidsMob Capture can capture both system sound and microphone voice for your PowerPoint with the original quality.