Photo Collage Blanket

Top 5 Websites to Make Photo Collage Blanket

Photo Collage Blanket is a nice photo gift option. When you need to keep your best memory, you can make a photo collage blanket. How to design one according to your requirement and where to purchase the product? The article explains the way to make a fleece photo blanket and the best websites to design a high quality blanket for you.

Photo Collage Blanket

Part 1: How to make a photo collage blanket

When you are young and your children are small, you take photographs to keep the best memories. And one day they will grow up and have their own life, you can still use the photo collage blanket with full memory to envelop you in warmth. In order to make best photo collage blanket, you should pay special attention to the following trips.

1. Organize all the photos in a certain theme for the blanket. It should be the most important part to make a photo collage blanket. When you select blanket photos from large amount of photographs, you can determine the final result.

2. Design a breath taking Photo Collage. After you select the photos, you can use different photo collage app to achieve the best result. If you are not satisfied with the traditional photo collage, you can also add special photo collage frames.

3. Check both sides of the photo collage blanket. When you use Collage to make collage blankets, you can also take advantage of the backside of the blankets with favorite images.

4. Search for photo collage blanket Deals. Before you make a final decision for manufactory, you can find some deals or coupons first. Groupon and other websites provide different photo collage blanket coupon codes for the photo gifts.


Part 2: 5 websites to make photo collage blanket

In order to make the best blanket, another important part is to find the photo collage blanket manufactory. If you have a nearby Walmart Supermarket or Walgreens Photo Center, you drive down to the photo printing labs to custom the collage blanket. You can also use the following websites to make a photo collage blanket accordingly.

1. Walgreens

Just as mentioned, Photo Collage Blanket Walgreens is a photo gift service of Walgreens Photo. When you check the blanket category, you can find one type of Walgreens Photo collage Blanket as Collage Fleece Blanket.

1. Include up to 30 photos, customize the background color, and even add a message to your collage fleece blanket.

2. Blanket measures 50” x 60” and printed edge to edge with soft poly-fiber jersey fleece.

3. Machine wash cold and tumble dry, just do not bleach or dry clean.

4. The price for the only type of photo collage blanket Walgreens is US$79.99.

Besides the collage fleece blanket, you can find different photo blanket types in different materials. The convenience Walgreens service enables you to get the item within 3-5 business days.

Walgreens Photo

2. Collage

If you want more choice for photo collage blanket, Collage is one of the best choices. Photo Collage Blanket is one of the major services of Collage. You can upload up to 80 photos to Collage with four different fabrics and sizes in high quality.

1. The photo collage blanket is printed on fleece, or plush fleece. You can also choose sherpa fleece or woven.

2. The texture and fabric is fluffy, soft and snuggly, which is durable and machine washable.

3. Great as a couch throw, for picnics in the park or as a wall tapestry.

4. As for the price, Collage provides a competitive price for fleece fabric with 50” x 60” in US$70.97.

The standard shipping service takes 5 business days. You can order overnight or 2-day shipping service, which enable you to get the item within one or two days.


3. Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Photo Center also provides excellent photo printing service, including custom photo collage blankets. Compared to other photo printing labs, Wal-Mart photo provides over 99 photo collage designs available, including monogram. You can select the desired one easily.

1. Wal-Mart Photo provides two sizes for fleece, plush fleece and woven throw blankets.

2. All the above materials are machine washable, cold water, delicate cycle and tumble dry.

3. Multiple designs for monogram, modern, rustic and kids, you can pick up the desired themes according to your requirements.

4. The Fleece photo collage blankets start from US$44.96, Plush fleece US$49.96 and woven US$89.96.

When you use Wal-Mart service, you can also enjoy the pickup store service for free. There are multiple options to get the blanket ready for you within one or two days.

Walmart Photo

4. Bags of Love

Bags of Love designs a customized photo blanket with your photos. All the printed personalized photo collage blankets are made using thick, soft, polar fleece for maximum comfort and exceptional color print. What is more, you can design your own blanket with Bags of Love online easily.

1. Soft custom printed fleece blanket with hand-stitched and sewn.

2. The photo collage blankets are in high quality, durable and machine washable.

3. Choice of Black, White, Soft Pink, Ivory Cream, or Pale Blue for the back-side of the personalized blankets.

4. Buy 2 Add 1 free promotions for the Bags of Love Blanket costs from US$42.00 each.

Bags-of-Love also provides a fast shipping service, which let you get the photo collage blankets within 2 days. When you are satisfied with the terms of the service, you can place an order from the website.

Bags of Love

5. Snapfish

Snapfish provides a great quality for the photo collage blanket. Arctic Fleece Photo Blanket is the only type of blanket accommodates one or more images. It is sure to warm someone’s heart inside and out. It is always toasty when you are wrapped in Arctic Fleece photo collage blanket.

1. Soft, heavyweight fleece, machine washable, 100% polyster Arctic fleece.

2. Customizable front with well designed photo collage, and back is white to match any décor.

3. Machine wash cold and tumble dry, just do not bleach or dry clean.

4. You can choose from 50” x 60” with US$59.99 and 60” x 80” with US$79.99.

If you live in the USA or Canada, you can pick up your prints at CVS photo, Walgreens Photo or Walmart Photo. And you can also get photo collage blanket Australia, New Zealand or in European countries.

Snapfish Screenshot

Recommendation: Make Your Own Photo Collage at Home

Just imagine you need to get photomontage collage with your children or design the photo wall for your home, it should be difficult to discard any photo. But even Canvaspop only takes 36 photos for one canvas. What should you do to get a perfect photo collage with dozens of photos or even hundreds of photos?

It is recommended that you can get photo collage with a mosaic photo. All you have to do is using the photo collage maker to create mosaic photo, which is a unique imaging program that creates a montage of a single image from many micro-images. The splendid program will take your original image and make it out of hundreds of smaller pictures.

WidsMob Montage is such a powerful tool to create photo collage with hundreds of photos according to your requirement. Here are the features of the excellent photo collage maker.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Select the Background photo. Just select the primary image from the photo album. You can set the favorite image or the logo your company as the primary photo of the photomontage collage.

Tips: When you select the PNG files, you can create photomontage collage in any shape without background.

Select Montage Background

Step 2: Add tiles to make mosaic photos. You can select as many tile images as you want to create a stunning photomontage collage. Of course you can select one only to combine an image.

Add Tile to Photo Montage

Step 3: Adjust the parameters for photomontage collage. In order to create a stunning photo mosaic, you can adjust the following parameters before generate photomontage.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage

Step 4: Building the montage photo collage. Finally you can click the “Generate Mosaic” button. Preview the file before you save the files to your computer.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


When you want to get some photo collage blankets with your favorite photos, you can find the best method to personalize one according to your requirements. After that you can purchase one from the 5 mentioned website above. If you have any query about photo collage blanket, you can share more detailed information from the article.