LimeWire Download – 7 Best Methods to Download Online Music Like LimeWire

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Can you still download music with LimeWire? No. As you know that LimeWire has already been shut down since October of 2010. Even if you downloaded the program previously, such as LimeWire 5.5, you can still connect to Gnutella network and download the music files. What should be the best peer-to-peer LimeWire alternatives to download music files online? Just learn more about the 7 best methods from the article now.

LimeWire Download

Part 1: Simple Tips about LimeWire Music Downloading

1Can You Still Download LimeWire Online?

LimeWire LLC has been officially shut down in 2010. But you can find the LimeWire programs available, such as Just as mentioned above, you might not download music with LimeWire anymore. Instead, you should choose some alternatives.

2Is It Legal to Download Music with LimeWire?
3Is LimeWire Safe to Use?

LimeWire is fast and safe and already installed on millions of computers. It is 100% free but the songs might be illegal. However, LimeWire warns against downloading files with a .exe, . sys, or .com extension because they could contain viruses or spyware.

Part 2: Top 7 LimeWire Alternatives to Download Music

Top 1: FrostWire

FrostWire is one of the best sites like LimeWire to download online music. As an open-source framework, it was released in 2004. You can upload all your media files in one place and manage or access them anywhere.

Key Features

  1. Add and upload all music files to one FrostWire account.
  2. Provide thousands of songs for download for free of charge.
  3. Manage the songs within the music collection in a few clicks.
  4. Review each music file to help you make a better choice.
  5. Provide a built-in audio player to stream your music in your car.
FrostWire Download Music

Top 2: eMusic

If you are looking for an alternative to LimeWire music downloader, eMusic is a great destination. It allows you to download and discover music of a variety of genres from its large music database.

Key Features

  1. Store a large amount of music files on the cloud service.
  2. All cloud storage and music are free to use and download.
  3. Create music mixes with the smart playlist feature.
  4. Allow you to sync your playlists and entire collection.
  5. Review, listen to samples, and buy tracks/albums.
eMusic Download Manager

Top 3: Shareaza

Shareaza is another peer-to-peer website similar to LimeWire. It allows you to download music and any type found on several popular P2P network. You can find what you need based on your taste.

Key Features

  1. Instantly connected to thousands of file suggestions by search.
  2. The new collections display the music files uploaded recently.
  3. Provide dozens of packages of songs, albums and more contents.
  4. All music files on the platform can be downloaded in one click.
  5. The website will display you relative files in search result.
Shareaza Music Download

Top 4: Kazaa

Kazaa is a LimeWire alternative operated by Sharman Networks. Therefore, it is stable and used widely as a peer file-sharing platform. It was developed to exchange music and songs, backup to secure your files.

Key Features

  1. Kazaa uses the FastTrack protocol licensed by Joltid Ltd.
  2. This website includes a large collection of music and videos.
  3. Most contents on the platform are free to download.
  4. This service has been around for years and worked stable.
  5. All music files and videos on the service is legal and licensed.
Kazaa Music Download

Top 5: SoulSeek

SoulSeek is a must-try option as peer-to-peer online music sharing service. Compared to other websites like LimeWire, it is much more like a social media platform to talk with someone with the same interests.

Key Features

  1. Exchange songs, videos, movies, images, documents, etc.
  2. There is a support of the huge community behind.
  3. Real-time messaging talks with others for information sharing.
  4. There are no annoying advertisements within the platform.
  5. In addition to music, it allows you to exchange almost all file types.
SoulSeek Music Download

Top 6: Vuze

If you are looking for a simple alternative to LimeWire, Vuze might not work as you expected. It collects a lot of songs, album and music videos in one place, so everyone can download the proper music in clicks.

Key Features

  1. Download music files and others from the website for free.
  2. There are oceans of file types including music files.
  3. Provide different entertainment options, file sharing, and more.
  4. Work with Windows, Mac, Android, and most of Linux.
  5. Offer a free media player to ensure all downloaded files work.
Vuze Music Download

Top 7: BeeMP3

Compared to LimeWire downloading, BeeMP3 is more like a music search engine but not a peer-to-peer platform. You can search for and download any audio files on the platform in MP3 through the Internet.

Key Features

  1. Search for MP3 music files by keyword, artists, and more.
  2. All songs on the website are free to download to your computer.
  3. It does not host any music but collect them through the net.
  4. It has 800,000 songs in the search engine.
  5. The website updates music every day.
BeeMP3 Music Download

Part 3: Best LimeWire Alternative to Capture Music

Method 1: How to Capture Music with Musify Music Downloader

Even if you can dozens of the music downloaders as LimeWire, but you might not get the desired popular music files, which is not available for most of the websites. Musify Music Downloader is an all-in-one music downloader to download music files online. It enables you to reduce the noise of the music and enhance the audio quality. Moreover, you can also adjust the audio quality, audio codec, and more others.

  1. Download music from YouTube, Facebook, and more.
  2. Enhance audio quality while downloading music online.
  3. Save music downloading in MP3, WAV, and more others.
  4. Pre-listen to music recordings with the built-in media player.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have already installed the music downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the Download option to get the music files from any website or program.

Download YouTube MP3 Musify

Step 2: Enable the Paste URL option to download the music files from the online streaming sites. Disable the Microphone option to remove any noise from your computer before clicking the Download button.

Musify Download YouTube Spotify MP3

Step 3: When you get the desired music as LimeWire, click the Stop button and you will be taken to the Preview window. Then click the Save button to save the audio recording to your computer.

Set MP3 M4A WAV Format Musify Win Download Mac Download

Method 2: How to Download Music with Cleverget

Cleverget can help you to download music and music video freely without limitations.

Step 1: Download and install Cleverget.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: Enter the LimeWire website and search the music you want to download.

Download LimeWire Music

Step 3: Login to your LimeWire account, if you don't have one you can borrow from others or buy a shared one online.

Step 4: Go to the music album that you want to download and the downloadable music will be detected automatically, then you can choose to download a version that you want.

Win Download Mac Download


Based on sharing above, you can learn top 7 best websites like LimeWire. You can exchange music files with people all over the world. Some of them also provides media player to help you enjoy music smoothly. When you want to download the desired music files, Screen Recorder is the best LimeWire alternatives to get the desired songs.

Win Download Mac Download

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