User-friendly Libraw Viewer to Read, Edit and Convert RAW Files

Last Updated on November 29, 2021 by Peter Wood

According to Wikipedia, LibRaw is a free and open-source software library that aims to read RAW files. LibRaw is based on the source code of the dcraw utility and intended for embedding in RAW converters and more. You can use LibRaw to read all camera image file formats on Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD.

You can get all LibRaw releases in and The latest LibRaw 201910 snapshot is the upgrade version. You can also get many LibRaw Python codes for reading RAW from digital cameras. It is inconvenient to create a LibRaw project to get a library based on the LibRaw Dcraw code.

If you want to read and edit RAW files, you can get a LibRaw alternative here. This article will introduce you to a more user-friendly RAW viewer. You can get many powerful features for reading, editing, managing, and converting RAW data. Just continue reading to get more details.

Libraw Viewer Review

Part 1: Which LibRaw Viewer to Choose for Reading RAW Files

In the main interface of LibRaw, you can see a collaborative link of FastRawViewer. FastRawViewer is a RAW viewer that can show you all RAW details. It focuses more on RAW-based tools, such as RAW histogram, RAW statics, and more. If you only want to browse RAW images with editing tools, you can use WidsMob Viewer Pro as the FastRawViewer LibRaw alternative. You can get well-organized RAW browsing and managing tools with an intuitive interface. Here’re the main features you can get from the RAW viewer alternative to LibRaw.

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1. Enjoy RAW photos and videos based on folders with 5x faster speed.

2. Open over 50 RAW formats and JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, MP4, M4V, MOV, and other image and video formats.

3. View multimedia files of the camcorder with thumbnail mode, library mode, favorite mode, slideshow mode, and EXIF mode.

4. Manage and edit RAW files by converting, resizing, renaming, cropping, rotating, and more.

5. Safe, clean, and easy to use. No spyware or malware.

The folder-based image and video browsing features are powerful. You can browse all stored media files in one window without extra clicking or operating. You can open both photos and videos within the same folder by using the LibRaw viewer software directly. Thanks to the support of formats, you can open media files captured by almost all RAW format cameras, including Canon EOS, Fuji, Panasonic, Casio, Kodak, Leaf, etc. Once you connect the camcorder to your computer, you can view and manage all RAW images and videos with different preview modes.

Moreover, you can get many excellent functions to manage your RAW files while browsing. For instance, you can resize, convert and rename RAW files in batch within the LibRaw RAW viewer. It is also supported to adjust image parameters and apply preset effects. Moreover, you can take advantage of RAW photo browsing modes to manage your media gallery in minutes. For instance, you can pick up the target files into a new folder by clicking its favorite button. Later, you can open or batch-edit RAW files flexibly.

Part 2: How to Open Images in All RAW Formats with RAW Viewer Software

WidsMob Viewer Pro has the same price as FastImageViewer. If you focus more on the photo viewing experience, using WidsMob is a time-saving way. The software is compatible with almost all LibRaw supported cameras. Thus, you can use WidsMob to read, edit and manage RAW files with the following steps.

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Step 1: Free download, install, and launch WidsMob Viewer Pro. You can add or delete folders in the Library pane, which is on the left side of the LibRaw RAW viewer. Click + to import the folder that contains RAW files you want to read. Or you can choose Open from the File drop-down list instead.

Open Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: You will be in library mode by default. All photos and videos display in thumbnails. You can double-click any file to enter into full-screen mode and preview details.

Full Screen View

Step 3: If you want to find a specific RAW file from hundreds of similar items, you can click the Play option near the bottom. The RAW viewer will enter into slideshow mode after your customization. Well, you can press Esc or click X to exit the process whenever you want.

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Step 4: To view the metadata of your RAW file, you can choose Show Info from the View list on the top toolbar. Later, you can browse the RAW EXIF data of all imported files. To exit the RAW EXIF mode, you can select Hide Info from the View list.

Show Photo Detailed Information

Step 5: WidsMob can be your RAW converter software as well. Unfold the Edit list. You can choose Batch Rename, Batch Resize, and Batch Convert from the Batch submenu. For instance, if you batch convert RAW files, you can specify the output format, quality, and folder within the popup window. Then click Convert to export your RAW within the LibRaw viewer.

Batch Convert on Viewer
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There are also many other features you can explore. The user interface is friendly to all users. Thus, you will not spend time figuring out a function or finding the advanced settings. As the above LibRaw alternative tutorial, you can handle all captured and recorded RAW files from your digital cameras. Your computer will not slow down, overheat, freeze or suffer from other not working issues. Because the hardware acceleration algorithm can help you process RAW files at 5x speed faster than other RAW viewers. If you are not completely satisfied with LibRaw releases, or you want to try something new, you can free download WidsMob Viewer Pro and have a try right now.