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Best 360 Browser Introduction

360 panorama images are increasingly popular. And many services started to support 360-degree photos. Flickr, for example, has released the feature to share 360-degree photos with friends. Social media, like Facebook, have supported 360 panorama pictures. Today, it is not a difficult thing to shoot a 360-panorama photo. 360 panorama camera apps could turn our smartphones to professional 360 panorama cameras immediately. However, the unique perspective makes browsing 360 photos a bigger problem, for 360 browsers should have the ability to show spherical panoramas. Therefore, this article will introduce some best 360 browsers.

360 Browser

WidsMob Viewer

WidsMob Viewer is an advanced panoramic image viewer and a 360 browser as well. So you can view 360 panoramas in Photo Viewer before share them social media. The attractive features of Photo Viewer include:

1. It is available on Mac, including the latest version of Mac OS.

2. It has the powerful algorithm to read and switch photos. You will be attracted by its fast and seamless viewing experience.

3. You can load a folder contained multiple 360 panoramas in bulk.

4. Photo Viewer could read most photo formats and RAW files.

5. Photo Viewer has the ability to show 360 panoramas in unbelievable high resolution. So users could enlarge the panoramas and enjoy the details in the photos.

6. This 360 browser allows users to browse panoramas images in multiple viewing modes, like full screen, library, thumbnail, EXIF and slideshow. And you can switch browsing mode easily.

7. It also provides some editing tools for panoramic view photos, such as rotation, crop, flip and convert, and adjustment options.

8. Photo Viewer will organize the panoramas according to data and name.

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Krpano Panorama Viewer

Krpano Viewer is a flexible 360 browser. The advantage of this 360 browser is cross systems. It does not only support Windows, Mac and Linux, but also has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

1. It is similar to Flash and HTML 5 viewer. The concise interface allows users to control panoramas.

2. It supports high quality 360 panoramas.

3. This 360 browser is a high customizable application. Users could set for everything.

4. There are many plugins to expand its features.

5. Krpano Viewer could read most photo formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD, and so on, and RAW files.

6. It also has the ability to create gigapixel images.

7. Finally, it is a free 360 browser.

Krpano Panorama Viewer


FSPViewer is another free 360 browser. It allows users to browse high-resolution 360 panoramas at full screen. The built-in advanced algorithms will let users enjoy their high quality 360 panoramas. Its principal features include:

1. FSPViewer is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

2. The best feature is it does not need to install. All you need to do is to download and open it.

3. Although it could only read RAW files, FSPViewer could process 360 panoramas at any size.

4. When users open the latest version of FSPViewer, it could read the ICC color profile embedded in 360 panoramas browser. And it has the ability to manage color. That eliminates the color problems of images created in Prophoto RGB color space.

5. Users could download a version without source code freely.


360 Pano Viewer Lite

360 Pano Viewer Lite is an interactive 360 browser. It allows users to interact with their 360 panoramas without plugins. Just learn more detail about the other basic features of 360 Pano Viewer Lite include:

1. It allows users to create and browse 360 panoramas.

2. 360 Pano Viewer Lite could read high quality panoramic photos.

3. Its interface is so concise that users do not need any guidance and special skills.

4. It is a totally free 360 browser. Users do not need to pay for any ongoing license and plugins.

5. Users could customize and modify its interface and layout.

6. It only supports Windows now.

360 Pano Viewer Lite

ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a 360 panoramas creator. And it has an embedded 360-panorama viewer. So users could browse 360 panoramas in ArcSoft Panorama Maker as well. Features of this 360 browser include:

1. ArcSoft Panorama Maker provides three solutions to browse 360 panoramas. The built-in 360-panorama viewer. Export 360 panoramas as MOV file and browse it in QuickTime. Or save panoramas in Flash and browse them on web page.

2. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

3. This 360 browser supports users to preview panoramas in full screen mode.

4. Users could switch between normal panoramas and 360 panoramas easily.

5. It has the ability to control 360 panoramas browsing with mouse curse.

Panorama Maker 6


Based on the introduction above, there are some solutions to play your 360 panoramas. krpano Panorama Viewer is a real cross platform 360 browser. FSPViewer is a simple solution for browsing 360 panoramas. Users do not need to install it. That makes FSPViewer an attractive choice. 360 Pano Viewer Lite and ArcSoft Panorama Maker allow users to interact with the panoramas when they browse them. And if you are looking for the easy-to-use solution, WidsMob Viewer will be the best choice.

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