3/4 Portrait Image Guide – How to Make Photos in 3/4 with Self-Explaining

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3/4 pictures are frequently used for portrait photography that is photographed in addition to a head and shoulder business headshot portrait. Different from the traditional ID Card photos, a full-length portrait, or selfie, a 3/4-length portrait that shows the upper 3/4 of the body. What should be the beneficiaries for the 3/4 photos, especially for portrait images? How do you take such a photo with the optimal camera settings and post-process software? Just learn more details about the related information from the article.

How to Make Photos in 3/4

Part 1: Why Should You Take a 3/4 Portrait Image

Most of the portraits are full-length, half-length, and 3/4-length images. A 3/4-length image, just as it is called, is an image that is somewhere between full-length and half-length. But it should be hard to define such an image. The mid-thigh to mid-calf could qualify as 3/4-length.

3 by 4 Business Portrait

What are the beneficiaries for 3/4 portrait images? As a balance between full-length and half-length images, distributing the viewer's attention evenly between the pose and the surroundings and intentionally wanting to lead the viewer away from the face, and is mainly used in commercial and modeling photos to neutralize the focus on the environment and the portrait itself. Moreover, 3/4-photography is frequently used for group photos, which focus on the team instead of the faces.

3 by 4 Group Photo

But there is a major drawback for the 3/4-image, which the legs can appear to get cut off near the knees. To avoid the problem, you can use more attractive backgrounds or create a more interesting path with the arms and hands. It is another method to keep others away from the faces in the photo.

Part 2: The Camera Settings for Taking 3/4 Portraits

When you need to take a 3/4-portrait shoot, here are some basic settings you should know to capture a stunning photo. Just adjust the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and other related settings accordingly.

Aperture Priority

If you were a beginner, you can choose the Aperture Priority mode for the optimal ISO and the best aperture based on the amount of ambient light. As for professional photographers or not satisfied with the Aperture Priority mode, you can choose the Manual mode.

Shutter Speed: 1/100 or Faster

Aperture: Between F/1.8 and F/4

Focus: Auto (AF)

White Balance: AWB

ISO: 100

Drive Mode: Single Shot

Since the 3/4-portrait image is related to the background, you should have a heavy background with a 3/4-length portrait, make sure to use a longer focal length. By sticking to apertures like F/1.8, F/2.8, or F/4, you can still capture blurry backgrounds without losing the focus of your subject. Of course, you have to pay attention to the lights of the environment to capture the optimal portrait image accordingly.

The typical 3/4-portrait pose is standing, but you can use a seated portrait for the photography. Just take advantage of the chairs of backgrounds to get the desired poses. Of course, you have to confirm the usage of the portrait images beforehand.

Part 3: How to Resize 3/4 Portrait Photos

If you have already taken a full-length portrait, how do you resize it to a 3/4 photo? Simple cropping might not always work, especially when you need to extract the portraits from a group photo. WidsMob ImageConvert is a photo editor that enables you to crop photos to 3/4 with presets, resize the photos, upscale the image resolution, and even set up presets for a series of editing features.

1. Cut out a 3/4-portrait image from a full-length portrait in one click.

2. Provide the resize feature to get portrait images for different sizes.

3. Upscale the image resolution if the cropped portrait image is blurry.

4. Custom multiple presets to adjust the 3/4 portrait images easily.

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Step 1: Install WidsMob ImageConverter and launch the program on your computer. Click the Import button and select the full-length portrait you want to resize in the pop-up dialog box. Moreover, you can simply drag-n-drop the files into the program.

Import Image for Upscale ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click the image to enter into the editing window. After that, you can select the Crop icon in the upper left corner to cut out a 3/4 photo from the full-length portrait. Just choose the Free mode and use a mouse to extract the desired part.

Crop 3 by 4 Photo ImageConvert

Step 3: Click the Save As button to save the cropped image. When you need to add a frame, resize it to another size, or apply some watermarks for your purpose only, you can simply import it to the program again for further editing according to your requirement.

Step 4: If you need to make the cropped 3/4-portrait photo higher in resolution, you can click the AI Super Resolution icon next to the Crop icon to upscale the resolution of the file. After that, you can click the Batch Convert button and choose the desired file format.

Export 3 by 4 Photo ImageConvert Win Download Mac Download


Whether you need to take a 3/4 photo, or simply resize one from a full-length portrait, here are the detailed processes you should know. Moreover, you can also find the optimal camera settings and poses for taking such a portrait image accordingly.