4 X 4 Photo Prints – 2 Easy Methods to Get the Desired Square Photo Prints

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Peter Wood

If you need to decorate your room with wooden photo collages, 4 x 4 photo prints are the most frequently used square ones. When you need to print the photos for a wooden frame, you’d better add a square frame to direct the visual center and present the whole photo. Here are 2 easy methods to get the desired square 4 x 4 photo prints, as well as the best tips.

4 X 4 Photo Prints

Part 1: How to DIY 4 x 4 Photo Prints with Frame at Home

WidsMob ImageConvert is the desired photo resizer to DIY a 4 x 4 photo print at home. It not only provides cropping features to cut out the square image but also adds frames to the photos with the desired color. It enables you to custom a preset with a series of filters. Moreover, you can also add text and image watermarks to the 4 x 4 photo prints.

1. Provide multiple scales presets, such as Free, square, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, etc.

2. Enhance and upscale the photos with the advanced AI Image Resolution.

3. Resize photos, rotate & flip images, and add text/image watermarks.

4. Add custom borders to the images with color, width, and transparency.

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Step 1: Launch WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer after installation. Click the Import button and select the desired photos you need to edit in the pop-up dialog box. Moreover, you can also import multiple photo prints for a batch process.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click any image to enter the editing window. Choose the Crop button located in the upper right corner and select the Square option from the drop-down list of the Ratio menu. You will have a square frame to make a 4 x 4-photo print before clicking the Save As button.

Crop Ratio Square ImageConvert

Step 3: Click the AI Super Resolution button, and select the image quality enhancement multiplier according to your needs on the pop-up page. It will upscale a 3000px by 3000px image to 12000px by 12000 with the details and the optimal quality.

AI Super Resolution Square ImageConvert

Step 4: Enable the Border button and enter the desired pixel in the width. After that, you can select the desired color from the color palette and adjust the color transparency. Moreover, you can also add a text watermark or an image watermark to the 4 by 4 photo print.

Add Frame to Square Photo ImageConvert

Step 5: Once you have done the process, you can click the Batch Convert button to save the photos. Select the destination folder for the output 4:4 photo print, choose the PNG or JPEG as the output file format, and adjust the photo quality before clicking the Convert button.

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Part 2: How to Order 4 x 4 Photo Prints from Walmart

When you need to order a 4 x 4 photo print, Walmart is the desired choice that provides the Pickup Today service. The Photo Center provides multiple printing services for Prints & enlargements, Cards, Wall arts, Blankets, and more services.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Walmart Photo, you can click the Photo Center to check the services for 4 x 4 photo prints. Of course, you can select the 4 x 4 option from the drop-down list from the Print menu.

Walmart Photo Order Prints

Step 2: Select the 4 x 4 button in the Size section and choose the paper type you need in the Paper section. Click the Create Now button to make a 4 X 4 photo print online within Walmart Photos.

Size Select Walmart

Step 3: Click the Add Photos button and select the photo storage location in the pop-up window. After that, click the Upload Photos button to select the photos or directly drag and drop them directly.

Add Photos Walmart

Step 4: Just have some basic editing for the photos. After that, you can add the number of copies of printed photos. Click the Add to Cart button to settle the payment for the 4:4 print orders from Walmart.

Basic Editing Walmart

Part 3: Best Tips to Make 4 x 4 Photo Prints at Home

1. Calibrate the Monitor

When you need the 4 x 4 printing to match the image on your screen, calibration is a key point that helps the printer prints out desired photos. Of course, you can have a better computer configuration or choose professional monitor calibration tools, such as Datacolor and X-Rite.

2. Pick the Suitable Paper

There are different kinds of papers on the market. It is important to choose the suitable one according to your requirement. If you are not very knowledgeable about this, you can choose to go and buy a sample pack from the market and try it out before making a decision.

3. Upscale Image Resolution

More pixels mean a better image quality that can reveal depth and detail in an image. When you need to print a 4-inch x 4-inch photo, you can upscale it to better quality and get a good print. Besides image enhancement, you can reduce the image noise and fix blurry beforehand.

4. Choose the Optimal Settings

Different printers and image editing software have an impact on the printing effect. You can adjust settings and have a good configuration file to carry out a good translation between the two. Of course, just avoid the appearance of different ideograms between the programs.


Whether you need to DIY a 4 x 4 photo print at home or order one from some online services, you can get the detailed process from the article. WidsMob ImageConvert is the desired choice to crop the photos, upscale the image resolution, and add frames to the square photo prints. Just free download the trial version to find out whether it works.

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