70s Photo Filters – Here are 6 Best Lightroom Plugins to Bring Vintage Photos

Last Updated on November 14, 2022 by Peter Wood

How do you apply a retro aesthetic effect to your photos, especially for the 70s photo filters? There are multiple Lightroom plugins to apply the desired filters from Etsy. If you have already subscribed to Lightroom, you can purchase the plugins and apply the 70 filters within one click. When you need to tweak the different color parameters, here is a professional photo editor with advanced AI algorithms you can try.

70s Photo Filters

Part 1: 70s Photo Filters with Retro Aesthetic Effects for Lightroom

Retro – 70s Photo Filters for Travel

Retro is a specialized retro filter as a filter version of the 70s photo to create a unique grainy and filmic look. When you need to add a vintage filter to images from your travels, it will bring the image texture to a higher level. Moreover, you can get the authentic, carefree 70s vintage feel with the Lightroom preset in one click.

Retro 70s Filter

Groovy – 70s Photo Filters for Gentle and Soft

Groovy is a film-style 70s filter with mostly yellow and white tones. Through the use of unique yellow shadows and white highlights to emphasize the unique sense of tenderness in photos. It is a rare warm color filter belonging to the 70s photo and can express the story of the film. It should be a widely used Lightroom preset for most photos.

Groovy 70s Filter

Kodachrome – 70s Photo Filters for Analog Film

Kodachrome is more than a photo filter, but is also a classic vintage camera. It has been a huge hit in the film world as a result of its unique texture and presentation. As for the retirement of Kodak, the unique presentation did not go away. It has the most popular of the 70s filter versions uses color reduction to edit the images, fix the exposure, and give more texture.

Kodachrome 70s Filter

Vibes – 70s Photo Filters for Palm Spring

Vibes is also known as the vibration of energy, which is a popular 70s photo filter to change everything about vibration. The presets will transform your photos with enhanced oranges and faded blue hues, which is also known as the orange and teal vibe. When you need to apply some retro filters for the photos for summer, it should be a nice choice.

Vibes 70s Filter

Vintage Tropical – 70s Filters for Retro Touch

Just like the name of the 70s filter, Vintage Tropical brings a more warm, vivid, and summery look with a retro vintage style. It enables you to edit a picture with a specific and unique look. When you need to apply some bright colors to the old photos, it should be the desired Lightroom preset for fashion, lifestyle, and portrait photographs.

Vintage Tropical 70s Filter

Psychedelic – 70s Photo Filters for Dark Photos

It is a unique psychedelic style based on the influence of the era so that the picture appears hazy, and in the late 1960s formed a unique psychedelic style, Psychedelic photo style characteristics of the 70s photo filter, but also very much loved, which can add some unique eye-catching effects to the photos, increase the haze and psychedelic sense of the photo.

Psychedelic 70s Filter

Part 2: How to Apply 70s Photo Filters with Advanced AI Algorithms

What should you do if you are not satisfied with the Lightroom presets for 70s photo filters? When you need to adjust the color parameters, apply the filters directly, or enhance the quality, WidsMob AI Retoucher is a versatile way to apply different photo filters with both AI technologies and manual settings. Moreover, there are more AI filters to turn photos into paintings or cartoons with just one click.

1. Provide multiple enhancements, color adjustment, and noise reduction.

2. Apply similar 70s photo filters for psychedelic, Koda, Vibes, and more.

3. Add grains, analog film styles, and even turn photos into black and white.

4. Customize the 70s photos with both AI technologies and manual settings.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Retoucher, start the program and click the Import button, and in the pop-up dialog box, select the images you need to edit or drag your photos here. Select the image and click the Edit button to enter the image-editing window.

Import Photo Retoucher

Step 2: Just like the 70s photo filters for Retro and Groovy, you only need to adjust the tones, temperatures, hints, and RGB of the photo. Click the Adjust menu on the left, you can enhance the temperature and saturation, and reduce the Red and Blue to custom a similar photo filter.

Apply Similar Effect Retouher

Note: Different from the Lightroom presets, you can control the effects according to the different photos easily. Moreover, you can use the presets and adjust the parameters to get the optimal effect.

Step 3: Click the Filters button and choose the different presets, such as the Psychedelic button or the Kodak T-Max 3200 button to apply the 70s photo filters in one click. It also provides the Old Photo button to get the vintage or retro effect easily.

Filter Old Photos Retoucher Psychedelic Filter Retoucher Kodak Analog Film Retoucher

Step 4: When you turn on the Before and After mode, you can preview the comparison directly. If you are satisfied with the photos, you can simply click the Save As button to save the photos to your computer or share them to Ins or other social media sites.

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When you need to find some 70s photo filters for Instagram, you can buy some Lightroom presets or Photoshop Actions from Etsy or other websites. After that, you can apply the effect within one click. Of course, WidsMob AI Retoucher is a better choice, as you can get multiple presets as well as advanced manual settings. Just free download the program and explore the desired filter accordingly.