Which is a Better Choice for Photo Output, JPG or JPEG? Here is the Answer

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Which is a better choice for photo output, JPG or JPEG, especially for the new standard JPEG 2000? What are the major differences between the file formats? JPG V.S. JPEG V.S. JPEG 2000, it is not easy to make a decision, you should learn more about the features of the photo formats and find the differences from the article.


Part 1: JPG V.S. JPEG, Here are the Differences

JPEG, a format for images with the full name Joint Photographic Experts Group, has the file extension JPG or JPEG. It is a standard for continuous-tone still image compression. JPEG was first introduced in 1986 and over time has become the most popular imaging format. JPEG mode supports up to 24-bit color and compresses images by using lossy compression, which makes it easier to store images. Both JPG and JPEG apply the lossy compression algorithm, which inevitably affects the quality of the image. Just in one word, there is no major difference between JPG and JPEG. But it is another story when you use JPEG 2000, it looks similar to JPEG, but they are two very different image formats. Instead of the lossy compression, JPEG 2000 uses a lossless compression technique, which provides better compression ratio, resulting in a higher quality image. When you need some photos with a better image quality, you can use JPEG 2000 as the optimal output format. Here are more detailed differences between JPG/JPEG and JPEG 2000 for your reference.


1. Image Resolution

Image resolution is a measure of image quality. It is also the most visible difference between JPG/JPEG and JPEG 2000. JPEG 2000 compresses data by lossless compression, preserving the maximum amount of image data, and therefore the images are higher in resolution and larger in size.

2. Code Compatibility

JPG/JPEG is currently the more popular image storage mode in the world, and its code is also more compatible. While the code of JPEG 2000 is newly developed and most of the programs are not fully compatible with JPEG 2000, which to some extent limits the development of JPEG 2000.

3. Compression Method

Both JPG and JPEG format uses lossy compression. JPEG 2000 uses a different lossless compression based on a discrete wavelet transform, which is adapted for motion imaging video compression with the Motion JPEG 2000 extension to have better quality.

Part 2: How to Switch Between JPG and JPEG (JPEG2000 Included)

Due to the different codes, not all applications can open images in different formats, JPEG can open images for most applications, but not all software can open JPEG 2000, therefore, the conversion of JPG and JPEG 2000 image formats, becomes very much needed. Whether you need to switch between JPG and JPEG/JPEG 2000, or need to convert JPG/JPEG to another file format, WidsMob ImageConvert is the versatile photo converter that supports JPEG, JPG, JPEG 2000, TIF, TIFF, BMP, RAW, HEIC, AVIF, and even the animated photos. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to resize the photos, rotate the images, rename the files, and even add the watermarks in batch.

1. Support AVIF, WebP, HEIC, JPEG, JPG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, and other files.

2. Convert JPG to JPEG, JPEG 2000, AVIF, WebP, and vice versa in batch.

3. Provide batch features to rename, rotate, flip, resize, watermark, and more.

4. Custom the presets to convert the JPEGs and JPGs with multiple settings.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Add button to import the desired JPG or JPEG files you want to convert. Moreover, you can simply drag-n-drop the photos for batch conversion.

Import Image for Upscale ImageConvert

Step 2(Option): Double click the desired photo, there are features to rename, resize, rotate & flip, and even add text/image watermark. Of course, you can simply choose the desired option from the Preset option to convert JPEG to JPG, or vice versa with desired parameters.

Edit the Photos ImageConvert

Step 3: Click the Batch Convert button in the bottom right to select the JPG as the output format. Moreover, you can also adjust the slider for quality to get the optimal file. Just click the Convert button to button to convert JPEG to JPG in batch.

JPEG to JPG Batch ImageConvert

Note: If you need to enlarge some JPG to JPEG2000 or other file formats, you can simply take advantage of the AI Super Resolution feature, which will enhance the photo size and quality with optimal quality.

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Part 3: FAQs about JPG V.S. JPEG

1What is the major difference between JPG and JPEG?
Both JPG and JPEG are the same file format, only written in different ways. Because the early technology is not developed, the format of the image can only write out three letters of abbreviation, that's why JPG is written as JPEG, but in the later technology has been developed, many computers can already display four letters of abbreviation.
2Why the JPEG is more popular than the high-quality JPEG2000?
Because of the code, most of the time, JPEG is compatible with most websites and apps. JPEG 2000 is limited to only a small number of software. It is one of the difficulties for the popularization of JPEG 2000. Moreover, it is more difficult to send and store because of the lossless compression. It takes longer to open or send large files.
3Which is better, JPEG or JPEG 2000?
When you don't care about image quality, JPEG is an excellent choice for storing and sending. However, if you want some photos with better quality, JPEG 2000 will be your initial choice. Besides JPG and JPEG, you can also choose AVIF, WebP, or others with more advanced features.


When you need to know the differences between JPG and JPEG, especially for JPEG 2000, you can find the answers from the article. Just choose the JPG/JPEG for the basic requirements. As for the high-quality photos, JPEG 2000 is a nice option. Whether you need to switch between the photo formats, or even convert them to another file format, WidsMob ImageConvert is the desired photo converter you should not miss.

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