Night Mode of iPhone

How to Set Night Mode of iPhone

What can you do to protect your eyes for a nighttime reading? Thanks to the new launching of iOS 9.3, you can access to the new feature as night mode of iPhone. When you enter the Night Shift, iPhone provides a warmer color to reduce eyestrain when viewing iPhone in the dark. The article explains the way to set night mode for a nice reading experience on bed.

Night Mode of iPhone

Part 1. What is Night Mode

Night Mode (also known as Night Shift) is a mode to turn the bright blue to a warmer hue with yellow and red of your device in the darkness. According to the descriptions provided by Apple, the exposure to bright blue in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it hard to fall asleep.

When you turn on night mode of iPhone, more yellow color makes the screen looks less glaring in the evening. The night mode is a good method to reduce the eyestrain and easily to fall asleep after reading.

Part 2. Enable Night Mode of iPhone

Previously you can only lower brightness of iPhone in the darkness, which might still affect your sleep. And now you only set night mode to enjoy a nice reading time in the evening. There are two methods to enable night shift of your iPhone, just follow the steps to achieve the great experience of night shift.

Turn on Night Mode of iPhone

If you have already upgraded to iOS 9.3 or above version, you can open the Settings icon, and then select Display & Brightness, just tap Night Shift to turn on the mode.

1. Launch Settings > Display & Brightness

2. Adjust the Auto-Brightness parameters

3. Turn on Night Shift of iPhone

The specific wavelength of the Night mode helps regulate your sleep cycle by adding a warm looking image. Just turn on the night mode if you have to read in the evening or a darkness environment.

Enable Night Mode of iPhone

Invert Colors of Night Mode

1. Launch Settings > Display & Brightness

2. Adjust the Auto-Brightness parameters

3. Turn on Night Shift of iPhone

4. Select Schedule and set the times

5. Enable the Manually Enable Until Tomorrow

6. Adjust color temperature slider to find the suitable Night Mode.

Invert Colors of Night Mode

But if you are using the following device, the night mode is not available even if you update to iOS 9.3 or above versions.

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5C.
  • iPad 2, iPad 3rd/4th Gen, as well as the iPad Mini.
  • iPod Touch 5G.

It should be a nice experience to turn on the night mode of iPhone for nighttime reading. It is just a little trick of iPhone, but it should be a great help for life style and health.

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