Record Streaming Audio – How to Capture Music and Training Online with Ease

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How do you record streaming audio to your computer, such as music, radio and even the training files? When you save the audio files offline, you can listen to the files whenever you want without limitation, especially when the Internet network is not good enough. The article shares 4 different methods to capture streaming audio files to capture a desired file with ease. Just learn more details from the article now.

Record Streaming Audio

Part 1: The Professional Method to Record Streaming Audio

WidsMob Capture is a professional screen recorder to capture streaming audio, microphone audio, and system audio. It enables you to record video, add webcam files, and even take snapshots. Moreover, you can also further edit the video or add an annotation to the recording.

1. Record streaming audio from online streaming sites with original quality.

2. Adjust audio sample rate, audio volume, and other parameters with ease.

3. Preview and listen to the audio recording with the built-in media player.

4. There is no limitation on the length of audio recording, audio size, and more.

5. Share the captured audio recording to social media or save it to the hard drive.

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How to Record Streaming Audio as Desired

Step 1: Download and install the streaming audio recorder, launch the program on your computer. Select the Record Screen from the home interface. Click the Screen Area icon and turn it to X if you need to record streaming audio-only.

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Step 2: You can enable the Audio option and select the different audio channels you want to record. If you capture the online streaming files, you should disable the audio from a microphone or channels to get the files without any noise.

Record Audio File Capture

Step 3: Open a web browser, and access the streaming audio page. Click the REC button once the streaming audio starts playing. It enables you to record the online streaming with high quality. Just manage the recording process with the toolbar on your computer.

Recording Capture

Step 4: After recording the streaming audio, click the Stop button to save the audio file to your hard drive. Go to the Media Library screen. And you can upload the streaming audio recording to social media or share the video with your friends via email.

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Part 2: How to Record Streaming Audio for Free

It has some drawbacks to the free streaming audio recorder, such as poor audio quality. You can share two free streaming audio recorders below regardless of the recordings.

Method 1: How to Record Streaming Audio with VLC

VLC Media Player is an open-source media player to provide extensive bonus features include record streaming audio. It cannot optimize the audio quality and only works for public sources.

Step 1: Download and install the VLC Media Player and launch the program on your computer. Go to the Media menu and choose the Open Network Stream option to trigger the open media dialog.

Step 2: Copy and paste the address of the streaming audio you wish to record into the box and hit the Play button. Press the Pause button once the player window pops out.

Step 3: Head to the View menu and check the Advanced Controls option with several icons appearing at the bottom. You can start playing the audio file and hit the Record button to record streaming audio.

Step 4: When finishing the audio, click the Stop icon. And the VLC media player will save it as an MP3 file. After that, you can also save the audio file to your computer or share it on social media sites.

VLC Capture Control

Method 2: How to Record Streaming Audio with Audacity

Audacity is a dedicated and versatile audio editor to record streaming audio. It saves your favorite music on tracks, edits the audio files, and even shares the recording files to online streaming sites.

Step 1: When you find a streaming audio file that you want to listen to offline in a browser, open Audacity. Hit the red Record button on the upper left side and start playing the streaming audio.

Step 2: During the recording process, you can see the wave appears on the track. There are two volume bars on the upper left side. Make sure the Microphone volume is closed.

Step 3: You can capture your voice and adjust the system sound volume to the desired position. Wait for the streaming audio to finish and click the Stop icon. Now, listen to the audio file on the track and edit it.


Part 3: How to Record Streaming Audio Online

Web apps are another approach to record streaming audio. It enables you to record the audio file without installing any software. Just take advantage of some online voice recorder to get the desired music and audio without restriction.

Step 1: When you go to 123APPS, you can choose the Voice Recorder option to record the online streaming audio. It will record audio files from all different channels, including the microphone and the system sound on your computer as desired.

Step 2: After that, you can stream audio on your computer. Click the Red microphone button to record the desired file. It automatically detects silent fragments at the beginning and the end of your recording and deletes them for your convenience.

Step 3: Of course, you can also select the audio channels from the Settings icon. And after recording, you can crop the recorded streaming audio to the section you need. After that, you can save the recording to your computer or share it on social media sites.

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The article shares 4 different methods to record streaming audio on PC or MacBook. Streaming audio can listen online. You cannot enjoy it offline. YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms have no download option with copyright regulations. But you can still get them to your hard drive with an online screen recorder, such as WidsMob Capture. It is easy to use and produces high-quality output audio files with ease.

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