Top 10 Photo Gallery Apps for iPhone and Android

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We are accustomed to communicating with photos. You will need a powerful tool to help you organize, manage, search or view a collection of pictures on internal storage, cloud services, and SD cards. Thankfully, developers have released many photo gallery apps for Android and iOS devices. But what is a good photo gallery app? Firstly, it must have the capacity to organize and group photos. And it should help users to search for a specific image in the collection. We identified the top 5 photo gallery apps. Just spend a few minutes; you can learn these best photo gallery tools in this article.

Best Photo Gallery Apps

Top 1. Focus Picture Gallery

Focus Picture Gallery is one of the best photo gallery apps in the Play Store. Its key features include:

1. The tagging feature allows you to add multiple tags for each photo.

2. You can browse photos stored in both internal storage and SD card with a gesture.

3. It can encrypt a single photo with a 4-6 digits password.

4. This gallery app can organize and group photos according to EXIF data and tags automatically.


1. It integrated photo editing tools.

2. You can protect photos from peeping with a PIN code.


1. If you want to use overall features, you have to purchase in-app.

2. It does not support iOS.

Focus Picture Gallery

Top 2. FOTO Gallery

If you need a photo gallery app that runs fast and provides smooth experiences, you should try FOTO Gallery. Its basic features include:

1. It can organize hundreds of photos in less than a minute.

2. This app could sort albums and photos by date, name, and other data.

3. It can stream photos to Chromecast and let you enjoy photos on TV.

4. Users could search or filter specific photos by tags.


1. The interface is straightforward to navigate.

2. It is free of charge without ads.


1. This app lacks photo editing tools and cloud storage.

FOTO Gallery

Top 3. Gallery Vault- Hide Pictures

Many people do not like others to spy on personal photos. Gallery Vault is a photo gallery app to protect your photos on a smartphone. Its principal features include:

1. It could hide any photos and videos without damaging photo quality.

2. You can hide the Gallery Vault icon on your home screen to protect photos.

3. This app can encrypt photos in both memory and SD card.

4. You can use Gallery Vault to transfer photos between mobile phones and PCs.


1. It offers powerful features about photo security.

2. All features are free of charge.


1. It is not available to iOS devices.

Gallery Vault

Top 4. Flickr

Flickr is not only a photo gallery app but also a cloud service. Its key features include:

1. It offers 1TB free photo storage without any limitations.

2. Flickr app could backup photos from mobile to cloud server automatically.

3. It uses facial recognition technology to organize and group photos.

4. The built-in photo editor allows you to enhance and adjust your photos at any time.


1. This photo gallery app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

2. It has extensive features, including photo storage and photo editing.

3. Flickr also has a community for photo sharing.


1. It does not support uploading videos on iPhone.


Top 5. Crunch Gallery

Crunch Gallery is a popular photo gallery app among mobile phone users. Its basic features include:

1. It can expand your smartphone storage and backup photos and videos.

2. This app can compress photos without quality loss.

3. You can organize and manage photos on both internal storage and cloud storage.

4. And Crunch Gallery supports sharing photos on social media.


1. All features are free of charge.

2. It works on both iOS and Android devices.

3. The concise interface makes it easy to navigate.


1. The backup feature has photo size limitations.

Crunch Gallery

Top 6. A+ Gallery

This photo gallery integrates both local photos and pictures stored online. Its key features include:

1. You can view the thumbnails of your pictures organized by date and location.

2. It could co-work with cloud services like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and sync pictures automatically.

3. A+ Gallery also supports uploading pictures to the Facebook album.

4. You can manage, rename, delete, or backup pictures in the album.


1. It is a small app and runs fast.

2. You can browse pictures in different modes, like thumbnails or lists.

3. The interface is straightforward to navigate.


1. If you want to use overall features, you have to purchase in the app.

A+ Gallery

Top 7. Piktures Gallery

Sometimes, you may not want others to view your pictures on your smartphone. Piktures Gallery could meet your demands. Its basic features include:

1. This photo gallery app allows users to view pictures based on a location filter.

2. You can browser pictures on local storage or cloud accounts.

3. The built-in secret drive could save private pictures and videos with PIN codes and prevent others from viewing.

4. It also can sync and backup pictures from your smartphone to cloud accounts.


1. It has a wide range to browse modes, such as slideshow preview or location filter.

2. This photo gallery app provides several picture adjustment tools, such as brightness.

3. The encryption feature is useful.


1. The delay is longer than other best photo galleries.


Top 8. Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best cloud services for Android users. It is also a great photo gallery app. Its principal features include:

1. It offers unlimited storage for photos and videos.

2. This photo gallery app could analyze your photos and identify visual subjects automatically.

3. Google Photos also has a built-in photo editor with extensive tools.

4. You can share pictures with friends within Google Photos directly.


1. The unlimited storage is free of charge.

2. Supported by Google.

3. The interface and features are all well designed.


1. You can only backup pictures less than 16MB.

2. The picture recognition technology is not mature.

Google Photo New Collage

Top 9. F-Stop Media Gallery

Paid applications are more stable than freeware. F-Stop Media Gallery is one of the best examples. Its key features include:

1. You can browse or search pictures based on metadata.

2. It allows you to add tags to your images for organization and managing.

3. The built-in Smart Albums feature could sort your pictures according to EXIF, XMP, or IPTC information.

4. This photo gallery supports a variety of image formats, including GIF files.


1. It offers a wide range of features.

2. This app loads pictures faster.

3. You can easily find a picture among a collection with metadata.


1. It lacks some necessary features, such as cloud services support and photo editor.

2. If you want to use overall features, you have to pay for them.

F-Stop Media Gallery

Top 10. Photo Gallery HD & Editor

Photo Gallery HD & Editor is a photo gallery and editor. Its principal features include:

1. You can create albums and organize pictures on both internal storage and SD card.

2. It allows you to transfer, delete or share pictures within an album directly.

3. The built-in photo editor provides the most necessary photo editing tools, such as crop, flip, rotate, apply filters, and more.


1. It loads pictures very fast.

2. The auto-organizing feature is good.

3. This photo gallery is free to use.


1. You have to view ads to exchange free features.

2. It does not support syncing pictures to cloud services.

Photo Gallery HD & Editor

The Best Desktop Photo Gallery App on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

Many people prefer to view photos with a larger screen. And WidsMob Viewer is a choice to manage, organize and browse photos on PCs. This desktop photo gallery application can provide better user experiences.

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1. Photo Viewer runs faster and loads and switch photos at a higher speed. So you can browse pictures smoothly.

2. It can correct photos based on metadata, like rotate or flip pictures automatically.

3. You can view pictures with many modes, like full-screen mode, library mode, thumbnail mode, EXIF mode, or slideshow.

4. Photo Viewer supports extensive photo formats, including RAW files.

5. The built-in photo editor allows you to resize, apply effects, or adjust color parameters.

Fit to Screen Viewer


To manage a collection of photos on a smartphone, you need a good photo gallery app. In this article, we have identified and introduced the five best photo gallery tools. They all have unique benefits and advantages. Focus Picture Gallery could organize photos. FOTO Gallery can stream photos to TV. FOTO Gallery can keep your photos secure. Flickr offers 1TB free storage for photos and videos. And Crunch Gallery integrates impressive photo compression technology. And if you are looking for an excellent photo gallery app for computers, WidsMob Viewer is worth trying.

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