How to Make Slideshow Videos with Music on Windows and Mac [3 Efficient Methods]

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Photo slideshow with music is the ideal method to collect all of your memories, showcase your portfolio, or even demonstrate your affection for someone. To make slideshow with music that you can share it with social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more, what are the best slideshow makers you should choose? Regardless of the cause, understanding how to make a slideshow video with music will assist you in creating stunning works of art that you'll want to share. Grab your pen and list the tips you will get by reading this article.

Make Slideshow Videos with Music

Part 1: How to Make a Slideshow Video with Music on Windows

For making a stunning slideshow, it's a good choice to use some background music to break up the monotony. It is something to keep in mind for creating slideshows with music on Windows 10. The benefit of including background music in a slideshow is to guarantee that you get the most out of it. Just learn more details about how to make slideshow with music with Windows Media Center as below.

Step 1. Click the Start button on your Windows, followed by All Programs from the drop-down menu and open the Windows Media Center application. It enables you to make a slideshow with music for free.

Step 2. Ready to create a photo slideshow with slideshow. Once the screen appears, go down to Pictures + Videos and then Pictures Library. You'll see the Slideshows option to select, followed by Create Slideshow.

Step 3. Import the desired images. Once your photos have been successfully added, click the Save button in the top column, enter a title for the images, and then hit the Return button.

Step 4. After you import your pictures, there are instructions for adding music, photographs, and giving your slideshow a name. After that, click the Create button to bring your slideshow video with music to life.

Windows Media Center Slideshow with Music

Part 2: How to Make Slideshow Videos with Music Online

Aside from the built-in application, there is another option to make a slideshow online. If you want to make a unique file, it is advised that you use LightMV to create a slideshow with music. It features an intuitive and straightforward user interface that enables you to create a slideshow online or an iPhone slideshow. Additionally, the videos you exported do not have any watermarks. Here is the easy approach for using this tool.

Step 1. On your web browser, navigate to the official website of LightMV. Following that select your preferred template and click the Select button to make the slideshow with music accordingly.

Step 2. After that, select the plus (+) sign icon on the interface to upload a photo or video that you want to have in your slideshow. Just arrange the order for photos to get the desired files.

Step 3. Tweak your video by adding filters or text. Of course, you can also add the background music, and then click the Produce button to make a video slideshow with music.

Step 4. After processing, you can just click the Download option to save the slideshow video with music to your computer or the Share button to share the video with your friends online.

LightMV Slideshow with Music

Part 3: How to Make a Slideshow Video with Music via iMovie

Creating a slideshow with music to share them with your friends and family is always a great idea. Fortunately, you can completely free create a slideshow on your Mac with iMovie. iMovie is pre-installed app on Masc. It enables you to create slideshow movies using your pictures, videos, and music in a simple yet professional manner. If you don't already have iMovie installed on your Mac, just visit iTunes and download it for free.

Step 1. After running iMovie on your Mac, click the Project button, followed by the Create New button. Select the Movie button to create a slideshow from images, videos, and music.

Step 2. Navigate to the My Media tab and select the Import icon to import your photos, videos, and music into iMovie. You may import media files from any folder on your Mac in this manner.

Note: However, if you've organized all your films, images, and audio tracks in the Photos app, you may import them simply by switching to Photos from the Libraries menu on the left.

Step 3. Arrange all of these images and movies in the timeline and make any necessary edits. Just use the Magic Wand tool to automatically increase the photo's quality, do color correction, or apply a filter to the image.

Step 4. Transitions and effects will assist you in creating a more professional-looking slideshow with music. Simply drag and drop a transition between two photos in the timeline to apply it to the slideshow.

Step 5. Supplement your demonstration with some well-known statements and phrases. Simply navigate to the Titles tab, drag one of the title templates on the timeline, and then type your own text in the preview box.

Step 6. Start the slideshow and verify the outcome in the preview box. If all goes well, you may now export the slideshow with music or save your work to the social media websites.

iMovie Create Slideshow with Music

Part 4: Best Method to View Slideshow

How about the slideshow viewer for Mac? To view the media files within the SD card of your digital camera, WidsMob Viewer Pro should be the desired slideshow viewer and maker for Mac. It supports most photo and video formats, like HEIC, RAW, PNG, MP4, MOV, etc.

1. Create and view a photo slideshow for all the photos within one folder.

2. Select the desired files into a Favorite folder to make a slideshow file.

3. Detect and manage your photos and photo folders on your machine.

4. Integrate a photo editor with basic photo editing functionalities.

View Slideshow Mode Viewer Pro Win Download Mac Download


Now you have the idea about the art of making slideshow videos with music, it’s time to put those ideas and knowledge to the test. Download and try the applications mentioned above and create your best photo slideshow with the help of your creativity.