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Top 3 Slideshow Viewers to Play and View Photo Slideshow with Ease

In order to showcase the large collection of photos for the recent journey, a slideshow viewer is always a nice option. Of course, if you need to create some stunning photo slideshow files, you can save it as MP4, MOV or other video formats, which you can use any media viewer as a slideshow viewer without problem.

But what should you do if you just need to showcase the photos and view them automatically without extra editing? Is there a slideshow viewer that provides the simple method to view the photo automatically? Just learn more details from the article now.

Slideshow Viewer

Part 1: Best methods to view slideshow on Windows

In order to have a convenient way to manage and view photos and pictures on hard drives, Microsoft has introduced a slideshow viewer into the latest Windows 10. It should be difficult to view slideshows on the old operation systems.

Method 1: How to view photo slideshow on Windows 10

Windows Photos is a useful slideshow viewer on Windows 10, which offers extensive features related to pictures, such as view, manage and edit photos with ease. Just learn more about the slideshow viewing features as below.

Step 1: Create a new folder if you did not have a photo library folder. Then copy and paste all photos you want to view as a slideshow.

Step 2: Right click on an image, select “Open With” on the context menu and select Photos.

Step 3: Press the “More” menu with a three-dot icon at upper right corner and select the “Slideshow” option from the list.

Step 4: Then the Photos app will switch to the full screen mode and the photos in the folder will start playing one by one automatically.

Note: Unfortunately, the slideshow viewer does not allow you to modify the slideshow display. Moreover, it supports images in BMP, JPET, PNG, ICO, GIF, RAW, PANO and TIFF. If the folder contains other image formats, Photos cannot read them.

Photos App Slideshow

Method 2: How to view photo slideshow on Windows 7

If you are using an old PC, you may not have Windows Photos app since it is only available to Windows 10. You can take the Windows Explorer for the Windows operation system as the pre-installed slideshow viewer.

Step 1: Create and name a new folder on your Windows. Place the photos you want to watch in a slideshow into the new folder.

Step 2: Select one picture with your mouse and locate the top ribbon. Click the downward icon at top right corner to display the toolbox.

Step 3: Go to the “Manage” tab under the “Picture Tools” area. Then select “Slideshow” in the “View” section.

Step 4: The photos will show up in the full screen mode. You can press the left key of your mouse to switch to the next picture.

Step 6: When the slideshow viewing is done, press the “Esc” key to quit the slideshow viewer.

Windows Photo Viewer

Part 2: Best Method to View Slideshow on Mac

How about the slideshow viewer for Mac? In order to view the media files within the SD card of your digital camera, WidsMob Viewer Pro should be the desired slideshow viewer and maker for Mac. It supports most of the photo and video formats, such as the HEIC, RAW, PNG, MP4, MOV and more others with ease.

1. Create and view photo slideshow for all the photos within one folder.

2. Select the desired files into a Favorite folder to make a slideshow file.

3. Detect and manage your photos and photo folders on your machine.

4. Integrate a photo editor with basic photo editing functionalities.

Download for Mac Version

How to View Photo Slideshows on Mac for All Photos

Step 1: Install the slideshow viewer for Mac

Once you have installed the slideshow viewer, you can drag-n-drop one image into the program. It is able to open all the photos and videos within the same folder. You can also double click one image to open the program.

Launch Media Viewer

Step 2: View photos in slideshow for all photos

Head to “View” menu and select the “Slideshow” to initiate viewing the photo slideshow on Mac for the photos in the same folder. Whenever you want to get rid of the slideshow mode, press Esc or click the x icon to exit.

View Slideshow Folder Viewer Pro

How to View Photo Slideshows on Mac for Selected Photos

Step 1: Selected the desired photos

In order to select the desired photos for a slideshow, you can click the Star icon in the lower left corner for each image, which will add the selected photo into the Favorite folder with ease.

Selected Photos Viewer Pro

Step 2: Check photos in Favorite folder

Once you have selected all the photos, you can click the My Favorite folder to check the desired one, you can remove the unwanted ones or add more to the Favorite folder for a batch process.

My Favorite Folder Viewer Pro

Step 3: Create and view slideshow on Mac

After that, you can click the Playback icon in the lower center to play the selected photos as a slideshow. Moreover, you can manage the slideshow when you enter the slideshow-viewing mode.

View Slideshow Mode Viewer Pro

Note: The slideshow viewer utilizes hardware acceleration technology to improve the performance. So, even if the slideshow contains hundreds of photos, you can still get the smooth experiences.

Download for Mac Version


The article shares the methods about how to view slideshows on Windows and Mac. As for the Windows operation system, you can learn more about the different slideshow viewers directly within the built-in apps. WidsMob Viewer Pro is an excellent slideshow-viewing tool with multiple methods. You can choose the desired one according to your requirement.

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