How to Make Stunning Slideshow – 15 Best Slideshow Makers You Should Not Miss

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What are the best slideshow makers to create slideshows? When it comes to presenting your images to friends and family, nothing beats a well-designed photo slideshow. Not only do you have total control over which photographs others see but you can also include comments, maps, and even music with the finest photo slideshow software. When you need to create a slideshow on different devices, choosing a slideshow maker and preparing the media files are the two most important factors. Just learn more about the review of slideshow makers and choose the desired one to create slideshows according to your requirements now.

How to Create Slideshow

Part 1: How to Create Slideshow on Windows and Mac

Method 1: WidsMob Collage

WidsMob Collage is a simple slideshow maker to create slideshows and collages with different elements, including typefaces, images, stickers, and more. There are dozens of themes and frames that allow you to customize corporate presentations. Moreover, you can use built-in editing capabilities to enhance the photographs and other materials.

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1. Choose from a variety of layouts ranging from two to ten images.

2. Individualize typefaces, stickers, frames, and other components.

3. Polish photographs and words with hundreds of filters and effects.

4. Share slideshows with social networking sites, such as Facebook.


1. Provide some basic picture filters only those that are not customizable.

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Method 2: Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker is a powerful photo slideshow maker that produces professional-looking slideshow in minutes, and even better projects as you get more familiar with its tools and capabilities. There is a handy montage wizard to get you started, and that may be all you need for the majority of slideshows you create.


1. Include effects, transitions, and filters that will elevate your slideshows.

2. Technical video effects to have more editorial control over your slideshow.

3. Provide over 160 stunning filters and over unique 100 animation effects.


1. There are dozens of photo features that may look complicated to some.

Movavi Slideshow Maker Wedding Slideshow

Method 3: PhotoStage Slideshow

PhotoStage Slideshow is one of the most affordable methods to create a slideshow. It lacks capabilities that are available elsewhere but provides more than enough for the majority of people to produce fantastic presentations. It includes more intricate transitions, like a heart-shaped fade into the desired photos with stunning effects.


1. Do modifications, such as cropping, rotating, and changing parameters.

2. Provide sharp and has an excellent color quality for the desired slideshows.

3. Support the most popular audio and video formats to create slideshows.


1. It doesn't provide filters for the desired photos.

2. Too basic presentation software for other people.

PhotoStage Slideshow

Method 4: CyberLink PhotoDirector

CyberLink PhotoDirector offers the ideal combination of capabilities, which are interested in creating professional-looking slideshows. It has basically a picture editor, with all the capabilities you'd expect from a full-featured photo editing application, but with the addition of a Create tab for creating some special slideshows.


1. Provide techniques to edit your photos, including dispersion effects.

2. Crop, layer, change the backdrop and apply other creative effects.

3. There are a variety of headers, overlays, and transitions included.


1. It is more expensive compared to the other slideshow makers.

CyberLink PhotoDirector

Method 5: PhotoStory Deluxe

If you are looking for a straightforward slideshow creator, PhotoStory Deluxe is an ideal choice. It not only exposes you to the majority of the functions, but also allows you to make some improvements and apply basic modifications to the photographs. Although the choices are limited, they're sufficient to make your slideshows appear rather professional.


1. Export the stunning slideshows in a variety of popular photos and videos.

2. Make a slideshow that showcases your holiday photos via a travel map tool.

3. Create animated slideshows from photos, videos, and music within clicks.


1.Price of the PhotoStory Deluxe Pro version is not cheap.

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Part 2: How to Create Slideshow Online

Method 6: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is no doubt the most user-friendly online slideshow creator for novices. Moreover, it is a strong rival in the Adobe Spark versus Premiere Pro battle. It has a plethora of free resources and a robust array of capabilities, such as the ability to add music and pictures to slideshows. It makes standout content from thousands of beautiful templates.


1. Include eight fundamental video kinds to create slideshows online.

2. The storyboard aids in the organization of an online slideshow.

3. Provide video clips, graphics, and text into many slideshow files.


1. Attach a watermark for each slideshow output.

Adobe Spark Wedding Slideshow

Method 7: Canva

Canva can simply build online slideshows with multiple functions much like a professional one. It has a vast library of templates and materials that may be utilized efficiently in a variety of creative tasks. It creates stunning slideshows for social media, such as posts, videos, cards, flyers, photo collages, and more.


1. No specific abilities are necessary to utilize this online slideshow creator.

2. Make and share online slideshows from numerous previously made slides.

3. Stand out with one-tap animations and music for Insta stories and collages.


1. You need to pay for the Pro version with advanced slideshow features.

Canva Montage Maker

Method 8: Visme

Visme is a free web application that enables you to create slideshows for both professional and personal purposes. It enables you to quickly apply a variety of objects, styles, and effects. This online service enables you to collaborate with your team on a project. General Dynamics and Accenture are among the firms that utilize them to create slideshows and infographics.


1. Adjust and customize texts, colors, backgrounds, and more elements.

2. Include graphs, charts, diagrams, data widgets, photos, and graphics.

3. Provide visual stories in the form of an engaging slideshow and others.


1. The budget plan of this slideshow maker software is limited.


Method 9: FlexClip

When you need to create picture and video slideshows, FlexClip is the ideal online toolkit. It includes a variety of useful features and settings. There are thousands of templates for corporate, promo, intro/outro, education, sport, real estate, birthday, slideshow, and more. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to polish the slideshow files.


1. Provide more than thousands of templates and millions of elements.

2. Offer high customization to tweak the photos, videos, and animated files.

3. Add animated text, logo, music files, color grading, and record voices.


1. The free version only allows you to download your slideshow in 480P.

FlexClip Slideshow

Method 10: SmartSHOW 3D

SmartSHOW 3D is originally designed to mix images and sounds to create breathtaking movies. Perhaps you're wondering why you'd need some music slideshows in the first place. It’s also an attractive method to showcase a family album, wedding photographs, a love tale, seasonal greeting cards, or a vacation narrative.


1. Include more than 350 animation effects plus the drag and drop feature.

2. Provide some amazing blend of audio files and images with mask layers.

3. Apply special effects, such as Motion, 3D-Effects, Nature, and Complex.


1. It works on Windows only with the basic editing features.

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Part 3: How to Create Slideshow on Android and iPhone

Method 11: PixGram

PixGram is one of the best slideshow makers available for creating simple slideshows, presentations, and montages on your smartphone. There is a free version that has almost all of the functionality you need, but you are limited to three-minute slideshows unless you upgrade to the premium version to get the full functionalities.


1. Intend to assist you in creating slideshows set to music before sharing.

2. Import photographs and movies into the app from your phone's gallery.

3. Adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, and vibrance.


1. You may encounter ads when you use the free version.

PixGram Slideshow App

Method 12: PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is an incredibly capable slideshow application for iOS devices. It has a plethora of options and can create collages and slideshows in 1080P and 4K on compatible iPhones and iPads. While you may download it for free, the free version is very restricted, and you’ll almost certainly need to pay to access most of the features.


1. Support photos, videos, Gifs, live photos, and more with different ratios.

2. Offers multiple great stickers, effects, and transitions for your slideshow.

3. Edit videos and take photos for collages, slideshows, and live wallpapers.


1. The paid version is quite expensive costing $6.99 per month.


Method 13: MoShow

MoShow is a simple-to-use slideshow generator that comes with a slew of free features. The app's layout is simple and intuitive, making it simple to share your experiences with friends, family, and via social media. It's as easy as selecting a style for your images and testing the results on your preferred display.


1. Preview numerous templates with different styles that you can pick from.

2. Loop and sync videos into animated GIFs and square Instagram designs.

3. Infuse photos with light and motion to make eye-catching videos.


1. In the free edition, video duration is restricted to 30 seconds.

MoShow Slideshow

Method 14: Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips is another basic slideshow creator app for Android and iOS devices. It enables you to instantly turn your photographs into one-of-a-kind photo slideshows. All you need to do is upload the desired photos and videos from your phone's gallery, apply some transition effects, and even choose a musical backdrop.


1. Simple UI with no advertisements to create slideshows easily.

2. Provide tools to create dynamic slideshows and audio mixing.

3. Enhance your videos with unique color filters, transitions, etc.


1. Lack certain features that are desirable to professional users.

Movavi Clips Slideshow

Method 15: Videoshop

Videoshop is a sophisticated slideshow creator and video editing application that enables you to turn your gorgeous photographs into professional-looking films. This application provides a large number of filters, transitions, and text options. Additionally, it has a number of sophisticated features, such as tilt-shift and color correction.


1. All effects can be merged into the original image by hand-drawing masks.

2. Contain a Music Library with almost 700,000 licensed music samples.

3. Apply sound effects, slow-motion effects, subtitling, and merging files.


1. Numerous sophisticated features are exclusive to the Premium edition.

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Part 4: FAQs about How to Create Slideshow

1How many photos should I choose to create a good slideshow?
A reasonable rule of thumb is 25-35 images for each song of average duration. It's advisable to choose a series of images and a tune to accompany them to break down, manage and create the slideshow project so that everything goes smoothly.
2What is the optimal image size for a slideshow?
For adequate picture quality while using the fewest amount of storage space, an 800x600px image would be enough. For higher-quality photos, a width of 1024 pixels will match the slideshow player's display size, especially when you need to create a slideshow online.
3How long should a photo slideshow be?
A maximum of 2-3 minutes is recommended. Due to the fact that there are fewer photographs, each one appears on the screen for an excessive amount of time, and the slideshow seems dragged out and uninteresting. Avoid either extreme by reducing the story or limiting the number of photographs.


When it comes to creating visually appealing slideshows from the images and video clips on your devices, you have a plethora of possibilities. Look for the best slideshow apps with the most robust features. When it comes to the professional ones, WidsMob Collage is one of the best options.

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